Complete Guide to be a PRO in COD Mobile – Tips & Tricks!

reduce the THIRD PERSON SENSITIVITY   value a bit below those two. 
Let's make this one at 50. Great. Now let's get to the basic settings. 
Warning: if you're not planning in becoming   a pro player and you're here just to waste your 
time because you're bored, your girlfriend left   you and not even your dog loves you anymore… 
do not copy this settings. If you indeed wanna   become a better player you have to play with 
at least 3 fingers, 4 fingers would be perfect,   then you can go ahead and copy everything you see 
on the screen.

Hope I made myself clear on this.  Here I could go through every single one of the 
settings but I won't. And not because I'm lazy   but because you can simply copy everything you see 
on the screen and you'll be just fine. And will   save you a few couple of minutes of your precious 
time of staring at the screen and wondering:   what on earth is this dude even talking 
about? So go ahead, copy what you see! The only thing I wanna mention here is the SYNC 
ADS FOV TO SCOPE ZOOM. This is a total preference   and I prefer mine to be OFF for now.

what to expect with this setting on and off. Further down you can select TAP CROUCH WHILE 
SPRINTING and select those 2 left icons. On the AUDIO AND GRAPHICS you must always select 
the maximum frame rate that is allowed on your   device and gradually increase the graphic quality. 
If your device starts lagging then just go for   medium or low graphics. The other settings below 
this category you can set them as your prefer. Under BR SETTINGS option I also could say a 
lot but I won't. All I will say is that if   you copy this settings will save you a 
lot of time picking up the wrong modes,   switching mods between weapons 
because they got in the wrong place,   and will avoid filling up your 
bag with unnecessary resources. If you pay attention on MODS, every category 
of weapons have a total of 3 mods selected.   That means, if you go to loot a crate of just 
simply take any loot from the ground and you   only have an AR and an SMG, it will only pick 
up these mods and save you a ton of time trying   to search on your bag for useless mods in order 
to throw them out.

Yes I know its mind blowing   but a lot of pro players, even some streamers 
are not fully aware of this so… you welcome. Under VEHICLE SETTINGS is up to you 
how you wanna set those things up.   The only thing I recommend is to 
turn on MANNUAL OBSTACLE AVOIDANCE. Now if you play on a phone here's what I recommend 
you. This is my HUD I was using while playing   on a mobile phone.

Is a 4 fingers claw and 
it can do 90% of what I can do on my iPad.   You can slide and jump while shooting, you can 
dropshot which is very important and much more.   You won't be able to do this without playing 
4 fingers. And if you wanna watch a handcam of   mine using this buttons you'll also find 
a link to that video on the description. The GYROSCOPE is a must have option. Let me 
tell you something: If you play on a phone   and don't use GYROSCOPE, you can delete the game 
my friend. You'll have so much accuracy within 3   days of using this setting that you won't believe 
your eyes.

Let me show you how to turn this on:   go to SETTINGS, BR MODE, BASIC and scroll down. 
If you're a ninja player select the ON option,   if you're not a ninja player 
and don't want your screen to   be shaking all the time then select WHILE ADS.
40 or even higher if you please. This will help   you to launch the ninja class exact where you 
want without missing your shots all the time.  If you scroll further down you to GYROSCOPE 
FIRE SENSITIVITY you can also adjust the   Standard and Red Dot sensitivity to 
40 or higher and this is the effect: Congratulations you made it to the 
end. The only thing you need now its   a good gunsmith which you'll find it 
on my Discord server. And my Discord   server is also on the video description. 
Press that link and once you're inside,   select Narco's Gunsmith and you'll find every 
single one of them.

Every time I change something   on a weapon will be posted there. Thanks for 
watching, smash that like and see you next time..


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