ChatGPT Teacher Tutorial: AI for your ESL class!

Hello, welcome back to my channel Charlie's
Lessons and in this video, we're taking a look at chat GPT and I'm going to show you how you can
use this artificial intelligence in your classroom so, to get set up on chat GPT you just need
to visit and either make an account or log in if you've already made one, I've
already made one I use my Google account to do that when you arrive at the main website you've
just got some explanations on how the website works and then at the bottom you have a search
bar and this are what you're going to tell the artificial intelligence what to write let me do an
example for you give me a brief history of England there we go it's done and if we just have a look
at that this is this is pretty much perfect okay England was a major Global power okay good
this looks great now how can we use this in your classroom let's take a look at four ideas that I
have the first way I can use this in the classroom is to compare formal and informal English so
what I've done I've just put in a request to describe a typical Winter's Day in France
I'm going to click here and it's beginning to produce what I would consider a formal text
now I'm going to ask it to make it more informal so immediately I can already see some examples
of formal and informal English so what I would do is I'd ask my students to look for those
um just between me and you though um we can already see sorry that's my cat we can already see
here for example in the initial version we've got generally, the weather is cold and often damp and  in the more informal version, 
we've got the weather is chilly so I would consider chili definitely
to be an example of more informal English and in the second text we go overall it's a good day to
bundle up and enjoy a hot cup of coffee or cocoa so again, you can draw your student’s attention
to the use of a phrasal verb which is usually considered informal in English depending on what
you ask the AI to write about well obviously you'll produce more or less informal or formal
language but I think immediately this would be a good activity for students to do in class so
the second idea that I've tried in class using artificial intelligence is comparing the level of
text so all we need to do again is ask the AI to produce a text for us so for example let's ask it
to talk about describing the problems that social media is producing in society okay so what we
should be seeing here first is the higher level text okay so here I've got my almost essay like
answer to the prompt that I put in so what I'm going to do is I'm going to use a text Checker so
one that I like to use is called road to grammar so, what I'm going to do is I'm just going to
take this text copy it and I'm going to post it into this road to text analysis
tool and we're going to submit it and the level it's giving me is roughly a B2 so an IELTS level
five to six now remember this is not absolutely accurate uh but it does give us an indication
of the level of any text I'm going to go back to chat GPT the way I ask it to reduce the level is
please rewrite this so a child could understand it and so, what we're going to do as in the previous
activity is I'm going to take this text and compare it with the initial one so what I'll do
here is I'll just firstly pop this into the road to grammar text analysis tool and the previous
one was a mid B2 so let's see what this produces okay so immediately I can see that we've got an
A2 level so it did really well the AI in reducing the level of the text and so what we can do now
with our students again is to take these two texts and put them next to each other and get
the students to look at some examples of more higher level language compared to lower level
language so just reading here another problem with social media is the spread of misinformation
and fake news because anyone can post anything on social media it's difficult to verify the
accuracy of information that is shared on these platforms and if we go to the lower level text, we
can see here that another problem is that people can post false information on social media which
can be hard to know if it is true or not hard to know if it is true or not compared to difficult to
verify the accuracy so again we've got two phrases there where the students can see a big difference
between the level the third idea that I've used in class using this website is to do a vocabulary
prediction activity so what I'll do is we'll come up together with the class with a prompt for the
AI to follow and what we're going to do is we're going to try and predict some of the vocabulary
that's going to appear in its answer the example I used is to describe a typical Summer's Day in  England so before I press 
enter, I got the students to predict some of the vocabulary that might
appear in this answer so words like sun Sunshine picnics pubs Countryside okay so words that they
would assume or words that they would associate with a Summer's Day in England and then what we
do is we press go you can see I can see picnics as sunny barbecues nothing
about going to the pub though hmm I don't trust this anymore in this example we
were focusing perhaps on vocabulary related to the summer or related to holidays it depends on what
prompt you use you could have a focus perhaps on vocabulary related to transport or vocabulary
related to animals for example you could say describe a typical visit to the zoo so the fourth
idea that I had for using this uh chat GPT in the classroom was to prepare written exam answers to
exam questions so in this example I'm taking a look at the Cambridge first certificate exam which
is a B2 level and what I'm going to do is I'm going to look for an exam question so what I've
done is I've visited and I've gone to their B2 section and here there is a post
on essay questions which is a compulsory question in the writing paper for the B2 exam okay so just
downloaded this now and I can see here that I've got to write an essay about healthy living there
is a discussion topic here saying whether the government should provide more facilities for
people to stay fit and healthy and if I agree and I've got to also include these three points
at the end write an essay about healthy living and it started here now remember when I checked
the level of the text for a previous entry it was more or less a B2 level so the essay is finished
now there's one problem here I think it's too long because the essay question needs to be between 140
and 190 words let's see if I can ask this rewrite the essay but within 190 words so there we go I
asked the AI to reduce it to within 190 words and I've got a much smaller essay which will be more
appropriate for this B2 exam question so the way I use this in class was when I asked the AI to
write the initial essay I included the correct point so if we go back to the questions I had
to talk about sports centres Psychopaths and my own idea now one of the ways students can
fail this part of the exam is not to follow follow the question or not to include these points
so, what I did was I produced some other model answers using this AI software but when I wrote
The Prompt I included some points that were not in the question and not in the exam question and
I got the students to read those individually and tell me whether this model answer would fail
or pass thank you for watching this video on chat GPT I'm sure there are lots of other ways
you can use this new software in the classroom so, if you have some ideas yourself leave a
comment below I'll see you in the next video [Music]

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