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tonight Canadians Dare To Dream as soccer's World Cup kicks off I'm just hoping that Canada pulled a big surprise Alfonso Davies is a big reason for high hopes we want to make it as memorable as possible we're looking forward to it my exclusive interview with Canada's Superstar looking for new leadership Canada's greens turned to the pass I'm not going to be staying around in a ever sinking ship let's go public investigates last minute price hikes at car dealerships disappointed would be putting it mildly this is the national Lansing the eyes of the world turned to the nation of Qatar today as the FIFA World Cup got underway an estimated 1.2 million visitors are expected during the four-week tournament one of the challenges for a country about the size of Cape Breton Island and this tournament isn't just about the soccer many human rights activists continue to call out the decision to have it there in the first place today qatar's National Team helped kick things off Thomas dagler shows us that for many fans excitement is building here it is both a Tournament of Dreams for soccer fans and a human rights nightmare for critics the men's World Cup staged for the first time in the blazing sun of the Middle East I'm really really really really excited excited for us for everybody yes on day one no fan has lost hope yet Every Nation dares to believe obviously we'd all love to say that we could win it yes this time even Canadians can wish I'm just hoping that Canada pull a big surprise any team to just to be here is achievement for the first time in 36 years the maple leaf is flying to represent a qualified nation baram farhang and Bauman bayot flew in from Toronto but they sure thought twice about their visit we're hoping that this pushed the government of Qatar to be more inclusive everyone is speaking up maybe that would do something all around tournament sites migrant workers are still toiling in the sun laborers endured brutal sometimes deadly conditions to build all this sparkling infrastructure doha's new Metro its new airport seven new stadiums all on the backs of Migrant workers this is a mega event like no other as I say it's a nation-building project for Qatar as much as it is anything else with more than a million visitors Bound for Doha some are staying on cruise ships docked in the port others flying in from Dubai on Match days or how about a stay in a glorified shipping container presented as a cabin two hundred dollars U.S a night we'll get you one of these those who've already checked in have no complaints so far we looked at the uh the hotels and they were super expensive it is amazing we have neighbors from all over the countries for a month Qatar welcomes the world after years of controversy there's no stopping it now Thomas dagler CBC News Doha and Canada plays its first match on Wednesday and all eyes will be on Superstar Alfonso Davies before he traveled to Doha we spoke about Canada's long-awaited World Cup return step on the pitch you know in a World Cup you know it's every every kid's dream every football is dream you can capture a full conversation that's coming up in about 25 minutes kids in Ontario will be in classrooms tomorrow after the provincial government reached a tentative deal with education support workers this is a positive outcome for all the parties but the biggest beneficiary of this deal is our kids who are going to have some stability Ontario's education Minister didn't provide details about the agreement reached with the Canadian Union of public employees the union had negotiated a wage increase earlier this week and was fighting for guaranteed Staffing levels which it says the government has not agreed to workers were preparing to go on strike tomorrow for the second time this month there's mixed reaction tonight to the U.N climate summit's final deal while it's a landmark agreement in some respects some critics say it doesn't go far enough International climate correspondent Susan ormiston is in charmel Sheikh and takes us through the long night of tense negotiations it just took so long inside the final cop meeting diplomats and delegates from nearly 200 countries were spent trying to come to a consensus it's five in the morning most of these delegates have been negotiating for the better part of three days they're exhausted but they're still looking at text trying to get this agreement across the line wrangling a deal at these climate talks nearly failed tensions were Rising ministers were leaving and disagreements behind closed doors broke into the open at this point we are very worried by the state of the negotiations and what is being presented by the presidency but finally they got there I now invite the cop to adopt the decision entitled funding arrangements for responding to loss and damage committing to an historic deal a fund to help poor countries ravaged by a severe climate paid for by countries with high emissions and acknowledgment of responsibility a serious relief after almost 30 years when this idea of reparation of paying back the debt of climate justice of you know a fund an emergency fund to support a communities countries that may be hit by disasters a big win for developing countries but other players left dissatisfied Mr Timmerman we're from Canada the European Union echoed by Canada urged tougher efforts to curb CO2 emissions we don't speed up the reduction of our emissions there's no amount of money on this planet that can pay for all the loss and all the damages that will be there and a push to phase down oil and gas was blocked many don't want this topic to be raised I'm thinking about Saudi Arabia I'm thinking about Iran I'm thinking about Russia so cop 27 officially ended Sunday with mixed success just as the baking sun was waking up over the Red Sea Susan ormiston CBC News charmel Sheikh Egypt there are questions tonight about the future of Canada's green party longtime leader Elizabeth May is back at the helm along with a co-leader after party members voted Saturday night though in very low numbers David Thornton looks at what might be in store for a party that is weathered controversy and confusion The Once and Future leader of the Green Party Elizabeth me Canada's greets turning to the past to try and find their future former leader Elizabeth May making a comeback at age 68.

We're fighting for our grandchildren we don't give up we don't take breaks we work till we ensure that the planet is secure May's election may look like deja vu but this party Insider says change comes in different forms sometimes it's stabilizing with something we're familiar so that person can help us turn that leaf since May stepped down in 2019 the greens have been plagued by infighting financial trouble and sustained allegations of systemic discrimination May ran as part of a two-person team so did her opposition her running mate recognizes the challenges ahead we know that there's much to do to cultivate trust to rebuild trust internally but those who had High Hopes under former leader enemy Paul aren't optimistic I'm not going to be staying around in a ever sinking ship in order to battle for things that I think are very important the greens are already in a tough spot struggling for space in a crowded political field according to this poll Watcher other parties like liberals like the new Democrats have also taken ownership of the environment file and that has made the greens less of a factor than they might have been before May begs to differ when the Secretary General of the United Nations says the world is on a highway to climate hell we're the only relevant party it is certainly the only Federal political party that will attempt to lead with two leaders if it can get the necessary approval from its members David thurt in CBC News Ottawa tonight the snow in New York state keeps piling up with a few more centimeters coming down in some places earlier in the day people rushed to dig out as the snow subsided the storm began pummeling the state on Friday Western New York which has been hit the hardest recorded a total of 196 centimeters that's almost six and a half feet in one area lots of flights were canceled but there is an urgency to restore travel because U.S Thanksgiving is later this week at least five people are dead after a shooting at a gay nightclub in Colorado two other people who were inside are being hailed as Heroes for subduing the shooter in a matter of minutes here's Paul Hunter with what we know at this hour the scene now so grotesquely familiar to so many Americans sorrow after yet another Mass killing this time it happened just before midnight at a gay and lesbian nightclub about an hour south of Denver authorities aren't yet calling it a hate crime but that's the strong suspicion inside the club a man opened fire with what's described as a powerful long rifle in a place the lgbtq community had considered a safe haven as I was dancing on the dance floor I heard shots fired all I can think about is everything my life just everything friends family loved ones what I can't stop thinking about is the visuals of the evening of of of the bodies of the blood of the broken glass of the the Carnage and the wreckage we are actively processing the scene at Club Club Q police say Club patrons prevented this from being much worse confronting the shooter and holding him down until police arrived and arrested him as they now try to learn more including emotive police can hardly find words to describe what happened I'm so terribly saddened and heartbroken for many Americans it echoes the horrific Mass killing at the Pulse Nightclub in Florida in 2016 that left 49 dead and 53 others injured this one comes as threats and violence targeting the lgbtq community in America have lately ticked up said U.S President Joe Biden the U.S cannot and must not tolerate hate but even as the Country Now deals with this latest Mass killing history here underlines there will be more Paul Hunter CBC News Washington prime minister Justin Trudeau is denying reports he was briefed on extensive Chinese election interference and I get briefed up regularly from our intelligence and security officials I have no information on any federal candidates receiving money from China according to Global News Trudeau learned of at least 11 candidates in the 2019 federal election who received funding from China Trudeau says he's ordered security officials to hand over whatever they know to the Parliamentary committee looking into the allegations but insist he was never briefed on them at a security conference in Halifax a former president of Ukraine told the audience the only way to achieve peace in Ukraine is total Victory against Russia don't trust Putin Putin understand only one thing strength Petro poroshenko said in early ceasefire with Vladimir Putin would only be used by Russia to recruit more forces for renewed attacks on Ukraine the Ukraine war and the protests in Iran were top issues at this year's Halifax International Security Forum but global leaders weren't the only ones taking an interest staff at the event included recent arrivals from Ukraine and Iran Maury Brewster got their perspective on some Foreign Affairs that hit very close to home this weekend Sahar golizedek a 19 year old visiting Iranian student shared a tearful hug with one of her Inspirations Massi alinajat is a leading voice in the global protests against the Iranian regime she's one of the heroes for myself because not only she is a lady that she's against the regime and she's doing her best for informing other people golizeda works part-time at the hotel where alinaj delivered fiery remarks to a panel at the Halifax International Security forum they met as Iran handed out more death sentences to anti-government demonstrators and as the war in Ukraine briefly spilled over the Border onto NATO territory in Poland events that normally form the basis of abstract debate here among diplomats soldiers and politicians it's more personal this year when I just come to the table to take an order not everybody know of course that I'm from Ukraine so I started to ask questions in Ukrainian and they're oh my God you're from Ukraine more than a dozen Ukrainian refugees are working at the hotel pouring drinks waiting tables and making up rooms for the top security defense and political figures first you say thank you because every everyone they made a lot of for Ukrainian like any help it's very important and she checked in Ukraine's Deputy Prime Minister came face to face with a woman from Odessa we cried and she was from the the same city where where I'm coming from so so I know um I know how did she felt the ukrainians are confident they'll return home someday although the consensus among top officials here is that it's going to be a long War Murray Brewster CBC News Halifax BC's brand new premier is indicating a tougher approach to public safety issues amid an ongoing overdose crisis and many random assaults David Evie sketched out a plan to address crime mental health and addiction issues Susanna Da Silva has the details and the reaction just two days after being sworn in big promises from BC's new premier and I told you that I'd hit the ground running we are we are working hard newly announced measures include new teams to deal with emergency mental health calls and to monitor repeat offenders plus a directive that prosecutors argue against bail in some of those cases and leaving open the possibility of forcing people into treatment how much of that are we willing to give up in return for security the former head of the BC civil liberties Association used to fight on behalf of residents of the downtown east side he even wrote a handbook on people's rights while being arrested we continue to use that handbook today so I find it quite ironic that David EBY is going to move forward as opposing all these essentially you know Byzantine carceral systems that will throw people into again having the right stripped of them but Vancouver's police chief welcomed EB's plans I think this plan has a lot of potential we have a new mayor in the city of Vancouver who is also very interested in public safety issues so I I think it's good timing actually part of the timing is last month's Choice from voters for big Municipal changes something for EB to consider that was premier of The Province he is he's the premier for all of British Columbians and of course it's that constituency now which is much larger that is the key to winning another election so he's he's on the other side of the fence but I don't think he's lost empathy the specifics and benchmarks around many of the promises were not laid out and EB says those will take time this is not a change that's going to happen overnight but my goal is we've got uh two years before the next election to show progress one of many tests for the province's new premier Susanna de Silva CBC News Vancouver tonight their new complaints about car dealerships and the last minute fees they're springing on customers to either pay up or the sale is off as Erica Johnson explains in the school public investigation it's all happening thanks to a loophole every time Randy Lowry goes for a drive he worries his car is 17 years old and breaking down he settles on a new Kia Telluride signs an agreement and puts down a thousand dollar deposit four months later his car arrives so he heads down to the dealership and speaks to the sales manager and about the first words out of his mouth were there's been a price adjustment to which I said well no there hasn't because we have a we have a contract the dealer had added another 2 400 bucks to the bill a market adjustment fee disappointed would be putting it mildly across the country customers are being forced to pay additional fees or buy extras like extended warranties and service plans they told them that they have no choice but to accept these new conditions otherwise the car is going to go to another customer and I don't know what else you can call that other than extortion another dealership told this couple they had to pay an extra five thousand dollar fee if they wanted a car and the only excuse they had was everybody was that because of the shortage of vehicles everybody everybody was doing it a microchip shortage and other supply chain issues in the pandemic has meant a shortage of cars and a chance to jack up the bill for every 30 cars they have coming in they have a hundred customers that want the car thing is it's all happening thanks to a loophole provincial Regulators we spoke to said they could only investigate if Shoppers have seen an advertised price that doesn't include those extra costs unfortunately the legislation doesn't necessarily give us the authority to do anything about it Lowry ended up walking away from the deal and says he's too discouraged to keep shopping go public asked Kia Canada about his case the car manufacturer said it has no control over sales that franchises are independently owned and operated but said in this volatile Market dealerships are encouraged to uphold pricing whenever possible Erica Johnson CBC News Vancouver our go public stories come from you if you have a tip for the team to investigate send an email to go public at cbc.ca as the World Cup gets underway Canadians will be watching One Man closely Alfonso Davies a refugee to Canada he tells me about his journey to the top of the soccer World I walk up you know as every every kid's dream and the Blue Bombers Vie for a historic win we own this Austin Ontario man finds Fame by putting our emotions in motion I always say if there's a situation there is a gift for it we're back into it was about -10 with the wind chill in Regina but the cold was worth enduring at least for Toronto fans who saw an electrifying finish to a great cup Thriller the Argos have broken a five-year gray cup drought no three-peat for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers though Sam Sampson is there Sam that's right and it was such a dramatic game right until the last minute here at mosaic Stadium but as you mentioned those Toronto Argonauts are the CFL 2022 champions unseating the Champs the Argonauts clinching their first gray Cup in five years we we blocked out the media we blocked out everyone saying that we couldn't beat them uh I'm just proud of the the team and how he rallied and we ended up winning the game it was a team effort everybody did what they needed to do we believed all season long and then now look around the Argos inched their way onto the board bit by bit in the first quarter making small but significant gains on Winnipeg through the entire game until and one of the oldest trophies in Canada's history will go to one of its oldest franchises the Toronto Argonauts have won the 2022 breakup they clinched the wind with one point 24-23 Argos fans were definitely outnumbered but hopeful it would help like uh the East Division of the CFL as well and it's and as far as getting fan Support over to the games and stuff I think it would be awesome secret Argo facts now it was such a dramatic game right until the very end as I mentioned so here's how it went down right until the very end 2423 Winnipeg kicked a field goal to try to come out on top Toronto blocked that kick and that secured their place as a 2022 Champs and this win is huge I was speaking with the president of the friends of the Argonauts fan club earlier this week at the gray cup festivities and she was saying that this win could grow the fan base as you heard there in a city that has a lot of different choices for sports fans so that way that maybe the CFL fan base could grow as well huge win for Toronto as you mentioned too they haven't won a gray cup since 2017 and now they have seven rather a gray cup run of seven wins in a row so for the past seven times that they have been in a gray Cup Final they have won this is huge for the Toronto Argonauts yeah blue bomber fans pretty quiet walking out of Mosaic Stadium here tonight the Toronto Argonauts are the champions this year Sam Samson CBC News reporting live Regina all right and still to come Canadians are waiting to hear Soccer Star Alfonso Davies will play in Canada's first match at the World Cup he says he's raring to go I caught up with the soccer Phenom who tells me the road to the World Cup had a humble beginning changing changing diapers at the age of I think 9 10 wasn't easy my conversation with Alfonso Davies is next foreign [Music] in Munich really excited about this interview it's going to start in a moment but first Alfonso's story in 30 seconds [Applause] [Music] [Applause] at just 22 years old Alfonso Davies is already considered by many the greatest Canadian soccer player of all time Davies was just 15 years old when he began his professional career with the Vancouver White Caps and not long after he was putting on a show in Major League Soccer for Davies again the world took notice and a few months before his 18th birthday Davey signed with the story German franchise Bayern Munich sensational he is now a bona fide star with one of the biggest teams in the world a dream that started as a kid in Edmonton where his family settled as refugees after fleeing Civil War in Liberia we're Davies first fell in love with the game and set him on a path to become the face of Canadian soccer [Music] [Applause] [Music] thank you [Music] we have a lot to talk about in terms of what's going on now but but I want to go back just for a couple of moments and ask you first of all about just your love of soccer like when you think back to your childhood did you remember that moment where you thought I just love this game so much yeah growing up uh my my dad played you know in Edmonton for you know a couple years I mean it wasn't anything special but me watching him growing up it was it was amazing I just try to try to replicate what I'd see and I try to put in my game even at a young age playing football was just for me for fun it was just me being myself you know expressing myself being who I am and and just enjoying the game your parents their incredible story of being refugees coming to Canada having to work really long hours and and you put in a position as I understand it to to help take care of your siblings at home yeah growing up my parents uh they did each work two jobs each you know trans uh provide for the family I had a little brother and his little sister yeah I mean changing changing diapers at uh at the age of I think 9 10 wasn't easy you know I I myself I'm a kid as well so and once I step on the football pitch you know I forget about all that you know I just go out there have fun you know just enjoy in every moment that I have to play the playlist come on what is your goal as a player um and probably play with some of the pros and then at 14 years old the Vancouver Whitecaps come calling and they want you to move to from Edmonton to Vancouver to be part of their development program and from what I understand your mom was reluctant how did you convince her to let you go yeah one that Vancouver came knocked into the door at 14 you know it was it was a tough moment because you know my mom is very keen on education you know obviously I heard my father didn't get the education they always dreamed of and they wanted their kids to have you as well so she didn't want me to go to Vancouver and change you know become something that I'm that I'm not and you know I made a promise to her I miss that I'll be the same you know I'll focus on my studies and and then uh yeah she let me go you know I'm happy that she did a lot of people are happy that she did that was then and then you walk into Munich you walk into this training facility and all the pressures that all of a sudden you had to face at 18 years old what was that like coming here I knew that you know they had the world-class players on this team first have won World Cups multiple champions leagues for me coming in into this team at 18 was just me learning you know to learn from all these guys to learn you know how they became you know who they are and how they became so good you know I waited for my opportunity I worked as hard as possible and when I got my opportunity you know I showed what I what I could do and yeah and it's going pretty well right now looks like you feel like you're home yeah this is this is definitely my home you know I feel comfortable here everyone makes it comfortable being with each other is just uh is a good vibe not just on the pitch off the pitch as well you know to have a good connection with each players with the squad the squad you know what I'm saying look at the Vibes speaking of Good Vibes you become a social media phenomenon you've got more than 5 million followers on Instagram more than 6 million on tick tock it's extraordinary what you do on there what's your motivation I mean for me it's not really motivation now it's just you know me being a kid I guess me showing my my personality you know on social media you know showing I guess how I am you know off the pitch but other than that it's just authentic you know I just sit on my couch say something and then I post it you know that's how I'm feeling I guess I just speak my mind throw this thing on how old is my soul mate right now hey Google every day this guy calls my name at least 20 times a day yeah how can I help you the social media version of Alfonso Davies does seem like a fun guy and and I guess that's what you're really like but also on on Twitch I saw a clip where you you said you know what like you're living a great life it's great to be a professional football player but at the same time it's kind of lonely here you don't have a big group of friends yeah it's nice you know to be a professional to you know to play the sport I love each and every day you know after training I think when you go home you know most of the players they have you know families they have kids they have wives you know they have people around them for me I can't remember myself you know I have a couple friends I don't really get to see them often but uh yeah you know sometimes you get slowly when you're sitting at home and you're just you know thank you to yourself like what is there to do I mean I guess comes with a job you know we have a lot of positive things to talk about but I want to ask you one other Big Challenge and that was the myocarditis the enlargement of the heart that you got after you were infected with covet that must have been a scary time yeah that was very scary I was just doing my time at home my quarantine and I got a phone call from the doctor he was like yeah you have a marketitis you know I didn't know what it was you know he explained to me what it was and I was like okay so all right how long am I gonna be out I think that's that was a scary scary thing when he said we don't know so now I'm sitting there thinking to myself like you know my I was in shock you know I didn't believe I thought I could be sitting there for for one year of football not playing um yeah it was scary I mean yeah I'm happy that I was able to be back you know in the three months four months period and everything's looking good I'm healthy again so I'm happy so you missed some games including you missed the game where Canada qualified for the World Cup yeah but you watched it and we watched you watching it [Applause] the country has waited for a dream of this moment she's about to come true the whole country everybody on this pitch everybody in Canada this is about to come true boys did well man you guys did so well when I found out that I wasn't able to you know be with the team you know when they qualify you know it's a moment that would last forever in everybody's mind you know not just the players you know the whole country you know it was really emotional because we started this journey I don't know how long ago and we all told ourselves that we want to make it to the World Cup you know we know it wasn't going to be an easy Road and yeah I mean that time was was very emotional for everybody you know not just for me you know for the whole everybody on the on the pitch and also I'm sure some Canadian fans as well and now just to 22 years old you are one of the leaders of the team you know your teammates an entire country is going to be looking at you for leadership in what's going to be a tough qualifying round how are you feeling about that it's going to be a lot you know stepping on the pitch you know uh in the World Cup you know it's every every kid's dream every football is dream it's truly incredible um you know not just for me for the players that is on the team and also a whole country as well you know 36 years a long time and uh yeah our first one we want to make it as memorable as possible for most players it's their first and uh yeah we're all we're all looking forward to it I want to play a clip from the interview that you and I did four years ago sure and I asked you then about your motivation like kind of you know what motivated you as a young man playing football and here's a clip and we edited it back four years ago but I just want to play it for you now seeing where they come from and seeing where we are now I think that's one of the reasons I try to keep my head head level in and I'm also trying to you know stay humble for my mom you know she gave me the opportunity and I don't want to be you know begin a big head and then something happened and then she goes what happened you know I don't want to disappoint her so that was Alfonso Davies four years ago you were laughing when you saw yourself you know his size it's funny seeing yourself when you're so young yeah but in terms of your motivation four years ago to not disappoint your parents your mother in particular how would you describe that now I think I'm doing a good job um yeah they're proud of me you know they're they're happy they call me every day you know to check up and you know they told me how proudly of me you know it's nice to see because they sacrifice so much to give us a better life and and I want to give you know everything back to them you know they're my they're the reason why every every each and every day I get up to play the sport that I love and and do my best each and every day well you've given them a lot of reason to be proud you've given Canadians a lot of reason to be proud and we wish you luck at the World Cup thank you so much and to see more of Alfonso Davies and the Canada men's soccer team watch soccer North live immediately following all the Canadian games it's on CBC Gem and CBC Sports YouTube channel of course along with Alfonso Davies there are lots of other players on the roster and nearly a third come from one city the team from Canada would have been a team that it is without the lads from Brampton what makes Brampton such as soccer Powerhouse we go there to find out next after a 36-year drought Canada's World Cup return has fans excited back in 1986 the team didn't score a single goal but this time expectations are high and not just because of Alfonso Davies seven other top-notch players have something to do with it Nick purden shows us what they have in common I don't know keep moving keep moving keep moving listen to the coach work to keep the ball close my dream is to be a soccer player the best soccer player in the world now we're only a couple of days away from Canada's first game at the World Cup this is a big deal because Team Canada hasn't even qualified since 1986.

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