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[Music] tonight three years after Ukrainian plane was shot down over Iran renewed demands for justice after two years I'm here with the pain which is still fresh grief outrage and calls for the Canadian government to do more protesters storm Brazil's capital refusing to accept the country's democratically elected president it's trumpism all over again from teen heartthrob to documentary director figured somewhere always have an impact on my life I mean that shows a global phenomenon Jason Priestly reflects on early stardom and how it shaped his career this is the national with Ian hennimensing across the country and around the world tonight there are renewed calls for accountability exactly three years after a plane with many passengers heading to Canada was shot down over Iran 176 people died in that crash their loved ones still seeking action from Iran today they came together to mourn and remember and hear directly from the Prime Minister about what Canada is doing as Lisa Shing shows us it was an emotional gathering with a unified message Justice is needed Mommy a list of names of those who died the pain of their loss still hard to bear and it's now very hard just living with some photos and memories Javad solimani and his wife elnaz were both PhD students she was on her way back to Canada after a visit home after three years I'm here with the pain which is still fresh in January 2020 Iran's Islamic revolutionary guard Corps shot down Ukraine International Airlines flight 752 all 176 people on board died on this anniversary across the country events honoring the victims whose loved ones have been fighting for accountability ever since many hope Mass protests in Iran now against the regime could one day bring an independent trial at the graves of his wife and daughter Hamed ismailian renewed his vow we have no other option from day one we just focused on finding the truth and Seeking Justice and we are not going to give up the victims families want Canada to list the irgc as a terrorist organization Ottawa says that could harm innocent people ahead of a ceremony in Toronto please for justice went right to the prime minister we need your action at the end of December Canada along with the UK Ukraine and Sweden started a process to hold the Iranian regime legally responsible for their actions to enter into binding arbitration it has six months to comply and if it doesn't they can take the regime to the international court of justice while Financial reparations aren't a guarantee the process could give new insight into what happened we need closure in order to heal and Iran's refusal to be held accountable is denying you that will freeze assets we will seize their assets we will Canada will never be a safe harbor for Rd officials steps forward but coming too slowly for many who have been waiting for years without answers Lisa Shing CBC News Toronto and as we mentioned the victims of ps752 were remembered around the world today at rallies also protesting Iran's Crackdown on its own citizens pushing for regime change social media video shows one of them was held near the site of the crash itself inside Iran photos of those killed were put on display the scene shared online with the message we will never forget or forgive [Music] Sydney Australia and other of the dozens of cities where rallies were held there people formed the outline of a plane in tribute yeah and in London about 3 000 people turned out in the pouring rain to protest Iran's government and stand in solidarity with all those demanding women's rights and political change Justin Trudeau has condemned supporters of the former Brazilian president jair bolsonaro after they stormed Brazil's Congress refusing to accept election results and calling for his return to power as Susan ormiston explains this is an eerie echo of the events in Washington two years ago thousands loyal to the defeated president jair bolsonaro swarmed Congress roamed the presidential Palace and broke into the Supreme Court shouting Freedom waving flags demanding a military takeover while posing for pictures in the heart of Brazil's government the three powers Plaza and seemingly met Little Resistance overwhelming Security even some military police cooperation according to local news reporting it took hours for security to mount defense firing tear gas on a Sunday the government buildings were largely deserted it could have been much worse at least 170 have now been arrested and president Luis enacio Lula de Silva sworn in just a week ago called the Riders fanatical fascists he criticized police fired the head of Capital Security and vowed the vandals would be found and punished blamed bolsonaro for sowing the seeds of doubt that the fiercely contested election in October was valid his supporters refused to accept his loss and are inspired by the January 6th type tactics in Washington says this political scientist it's trumpism all over again I mean the the pro bolsonaro movement in Brazil has emulated has mimicked pretty much every single step Trump supporters have taken the United States President Biden traveling to Mexico City called The attacks outrageous and said the U.S continues to support Brazil's democracy bolsonaro left Brazil for Florida last week reportedly to avoid criminal investigations tonight he said he repudiates Lula's accusations but the vandalism and Invasion Sunday go beyond acceptable protest Susan ormiston CBC News Toronto and Ottawa has updated its travel advisory for Brazil tonight urging Canadians to avoid government buildings in Brasilia and areas where demonstrations and other Mass Gatherings are taking place noting that even peaceful protests can quickly turn violent Russia claims it struck hundreds of Ukrainian troops in the city of chromatorsk a major blow against Ukraine in the war if it's true Russia's Ministry of Defense claimed its strikes killed more than 600 Ukrainian troops on the ground reporting confirmed strikes in crematorisk Ukraine but they missed the buildings and local residents say no troops were there anyway Russia has been looking for news of a success ever since a Ukrainian strike obliterated a building housing dozens perhaps hundreds of Russian troops on New Year's Day funerals for the dead were held today a unilateral Russian ceasefire ordered by Vladimir Putin over Orthodox Christmas never happened battles in Ukraine's East as Fierce as ever dear God our town used to be so beautiful says this resident of back moot before shelling sent the camera crew running for cover foreign and there's a new complication temperatures have plunged as low as -20 at night a challenge for civilians but unlikely to freeze the fighting President Joe Biden is at the U.S Mexico border tonight he's getting a first-hand look at the humanitarian and political crisis playing out there with a surge of migrants trying to cross into the U.S but as Katie Simpson tells us there is no easy fix when you think of a photo op at the border wall Joe Biden might not be the first U.S president you think of but there he was in an effort to project an image of a situation under control all of his events in El Paso had a similar feel Biden met with border agents at a processing facility and he spent time with workers at a welcoming Center asking staff what additional resources they need he left without visiting the front lines of this crisis the streets where migrants are sleeping as the shelter and support systems are stretched Beyond capacity it's a real drastic situation it's a real it's a real crisis I don't know what's going to happen they're not going to disappear so you need to have some sort of a solution for them that's humane broke a record in the last fiscal year for the number of illegal entries through Mexico with border agents encountering well over 2 million people crossing it's a crisis on a humanitarian level a policy level and for Biden it's a political crisis too if the president could cause the chaos in the Border neither to be here it just so happens he's two years at about 20 billion dollars too late challenge that we're facing even members of his own party are frustrated I would have loved to have seen the administration lean in on immigration from day one because you know you'd you'd have to ask them that today I'd like to last week Biden did announce the expansion of a program to immediately turn around some migrants while also pledging to accept thirty thousand Asylum Seekers per month as long as they apply to enter the country legally some people have already been expelled but it's not necessarily acting as the deterrent Biden wants it doesn't matter where they deport me this man from Venezuela says I will return for the well-being of my children I want the president of the United States to give me the opportunity to be there Katie any sense of how Biden's critics will react to this well Republicans are going to argue that his policies are soft while advocates for migrants say the new rule is unfair and that it is similar to trump-era anti-immigrant policies Biden wants Congress to pass laws to reform the immigration system but good luck getting anything through Congress after what the world just witnessed with the speaker's vote immigration will be a contentious topic this week at the North American leaders Summit Biden will meet with Mexico's president and prime minister Justin Trudeau in Mexico City there is little hope of any sort of Concrete Solutions Ian thank you Katie the NFL's Buffalo Bills returned to the field today for their first game since Demar Hamlin's frightening collapse last Monday his heart stopped and had to be restarted as Susanna de Silva shows us today Hamlin himself was watching his team return to action as carrying the flag Josh from the home of the Buffalo Bills you want thousands of people to tell you they love you you're about to see it a message to a hospital room in Cincinnati where Demar Hamlin tweeted a picture to let everyone know he was watching today we celebrate tomorrow's recovery with a moment at Midfield number three patches on their jerseys and a chance to recognize medical staff prior to the game Tamara Hamlin and his recovery from a cardiac arrest last week was on everyone's mind not only here wearing the same jersey number as Demar Hamlin but throughout the NFL and Beyond his foundation now working with another charity to distribute the close to 8.5 million dollars raised since his injury part of a wave of support Hamlin is giving thanks for tweeting thankful for everyone who has reached out and prayed this will make me stronger on the road to recovery keep praying for me he remains in critical condition but has been reaching out to his team it's been a huge lift really for the guys to get their minds off of that off of Demar a little bit just a little bit enough to focus on their preparation for this game today the NFL will not make up the Bills versus Bengals game canceled after Hamlin's collapse the league decided if either make the AFC Championship the game will be played at a neutral site on the field the bills made some football Magic [Applause] returning the opening kickoff for a touchdown part of a victory over New England with number three Hamlin tweeting along the way it's been three years and three months huh since the last kickoff return so it's pretty cool I mean Mary's Joy of joy to my heart man just to know that you know he's still counting on us man he's still supporting us and that is going to be it an extra motivation they hope will carry them through the playoffs Susanna the Silva CBC News Vancouver as part of the promotion for his new book spare Prince Harry gave an interview to the CBS program 60 Minutes tonight speaking about why he is publicly outed so many of his family's personal moments why be so public why reveal conversations you've had with your father or with your brother you say you tried to do this privately and every single time I've tried to do it privately there have been briefings and leakings and planting of stories against me and my wife you know the family motto is never complained never explain but it's just a motto Harry opened up on a number of previously private topics including the day he found out his mother Diana had died and how he once believed she was still secretly alive and had faked her death to the Press Harry says that he genuinely hopes that one day he'll reconcile with his brother and his father both of whom he says he currently has no contact with California is bracing for more extreme weather just days after a series of deadly storms this latest system will deliver more rain snow and wind to the region I came outside and it was like a hurricane stuff was flying around in the air it just it was definitely scary this weekend residents in Sacramento were cleaning up after heavy winds toppled trees and power lines more than 300 thousand customers lost power the Windstorm follows a week of downpours across the state that triggered widespread flooding tonight marks 25 years since a massive ice storm plunged millions of Canadians along the St Lawrence Into Darkness it caused billions of dollars in damage dozens of deaths and triggered the largest domestic deployment of Canadian soldiers in history Sarah Levitt looked into how prepared we are for the next ice storm everything was down there June had a front row seat to the ice storm 25 years ago these transmission lines stretch out behind his house but in January 1998 they looked more like this outside during the night that was really really dark to this day the ice storm is considered one of the costliest natural disasters in Canadian history freezing rain and ice pellets fell for five days glazing trees and power lines with heavy ice cutting off power to more than 4 million people across parts of Quebec Ontario and New Brunswick at least 34 people died by January 8th the entire city of Montreal had to rely on power from a single transmission line the entire Island virtually came very close to being totally evacuated in the middle of winter in the middle of a major storm two billion dollars was invested in Quebec's electrical grid following the storm and municipalities are now required to have emergency plans in place but a recent report from Quebec's auditor general slams Hydro Quebec for the lack of maintenance on its aging infrastructure electrical distribution grids well almost right across North America or in a very bad State uh they're not holding up very well to severe weather it's going to get even worse due to climate change weather forecasting has improved allowing more time to prepare for what may be more frequent storms as the climate gets warmer we expect heavier precipitation during storms in general and so that might lead to increased kind of Extreme Ice storms in the future so that was a terrible 25 years ago Bo Duane went without power for 32 days the system is that that's so good okay that's old he's more prepared now to live through another 1998 but hopes he won't have to Sarah Levitz CBC News Saint Jose Quebec Alberta's environment Minister says the federal government needs to change the name of what it calls it's just transition bill it's supposed to indicate that workers will be treated fairly as economies move away from carbon but as David thurton shows us the Alberta Government sees it as a threat when talking about the government's plan for a green energy transition what might come to mind is this turning into this along with it the need to transition energy workers to equally good jobs but the Alberta Government says the federal plan sounds like a threat the problem with the just transition it's uh it's a polarizing term it's an international phrase and it means something to the International Community to climate Justice organization some International organizations and it means phasing out fossil fuels immediately keeping it in the ground even the federal minister in charge of the file says he's not a fan of the term just transition the term that I prefer to talk about is sustainable jobs but he says his bill is really about preparing workers for future jobs in mining and processing critical minerals carbon capture and storage and hydrogen and for the record does the liberal government want to phase out the oil and gas industry no I mean because because at the end of the day everybody recognizes that it's going to take time to reduce uh and eventually eliminate the combustion of fossil fuels but even at that point there still are uses for for hydrocarbons that are not combustible this energy worker in the oil sense is skeptical most people in my industry don't trust our government here at this point we've seen over the years fall back on many promises not able to get projects approved but unions that represent energy workers say the Alberta Government is playing political games frankly I'm disappointed that our uh our Premier and our environment Minister have chosen to politicize this conversation the Liberals are expected to table their plan as early as February just months before Alberto's spring election Game of Thrones CBC News Ottawa Canada's transport Minister says he's committed to strengthening passenger rights after all of that holiday travel chaos making sure that the airlines have the onus on them to uh to compensate passengers when flights are canceled or delays or luggage are lost on Rosemary Barton live today the minister said the complaints process at the Canadian Transportation agency needs to be streamlined the backlog of complaints is well over thirty thousand and after three years of China's zero coveted restrictions the government has opened the country's border to travel here are some passengers in Hong Kong getting ready to visit the mainland some of them for the first time in years the Canadian accuser at the center of the criminal case against Bill Cosby is telling her story and revealing how she's overcoming her pain it was a very big burden to carry Andrea konstan's case was the only one that went to trial coming up how her healing journey is helping other survivors Plus as kids head back to class after the holidays you concern that some students are being left behind we rely on funding and we really wish we could do more tutoring can help kids catch up but there's not enough space for students in need and two bird watchers hit the road 800 kilometers into the trip when we got news back that the bird hadn't been seen for 24 hours a long journey for a chance encounter with a feathered friend we're back in two this was not an accidental shooting the health of an elementary school teacher in Virginia is improving she's now in stable condition after being allegedly shot by a six-year-old student police have said they believe this shooting was intentional after a difficult few years of remote learning during the pandemic the demand for tutors to help kids catch up in the classroom has been growing Deanna sumanag Johnson shows us why so far Supply is falling short 75 divided by three as well this Toronto after school program called Beyond 330 offers everything from snacks and sports to opportunity to socialize with friends but these students say the most valuable thing to get out of it might just be free tutoring well come to tutoring you can ask more questions than usually do in class when I couldn't come up with a poem they helped me rewrite it and fix my spellings experts agree individual or small group tutoring is one of the best ways to help kids catch up after the disruptions of the pandemic provinces like Ontario and Quebec made tutoring a key part of their learning recovery strategy Ontario allocating 175 million dollars on it but despite ambitious plans and major Investments the supply still isn't meeting the demand for tutors our numbers are just going through the roof the organization Michael canuel Leeds is a non-profit providing tutoring services to anglophones in Quebec this year we're anticipating uh up to 45 000 tutorial sessions so that's a quite an increase over what we're doing in 1920 prior to that which would have been around the 12 14 000 tutorial session range sounds like a lot but there's still a wait list and even parents lucky enough to land one of these tutors say more help is needed so you'd get half an hour every two weeks just because there's just not enough people to do it stop for now every two weeks is really not great Michael kenuel says that in Quebec finding qualified tutors who are typically trained teachers can be a challenge as even schools Can't Get Enough teachers back in Toronto the organization that runs the Beyond 330 program wishes its services were available across the city we rely on funding and we really wish we could do more and expand to other schools and other areas and for some more help is coming the country's largest school board announced new measures to help students outside of class online on-demand tutoring through private companies will be offered to all Toronto District School Board students this winter helping tackle those learning gaps before they snowball into something bigger Deanna sumanak Johnson CBC News Toronto still to come tonight on the national a revealing conversation with Jason Priestley about what it takes to reinvent yourself in Hollywood I was just sort of sitting around waiting for the phone to ring you know it was kind of like that and did it ring no the former teenage heartthrob opens up about life after 90210 his career behind the camera and his new hockey documentary and [Music] Andrew constan stood up to Bill Cosby now she's standing up for sexual assault survive it's the 60 plus Cosby women out there whose lives got shattered coming up inside her journey to help others overcome trauma the national takes you deeper into the story shaping your world next [Music] [Music] we are in Whistler British Columbia for the Whistler film festival and to talk to this guy Jason Priestley how are you I'm good how are you good really nice to meet you how do I describe you uh actor director former race car driver all right lots of reasons to talk to Jason which we're going to do in a second but first some of his career highlights in the 1990s Vancouver's Jason Priestley hung out in the coolest neighborhood on TV but coming up with an encore did not come easy Priestly raced cars he continued to act and built a career as a director his current project a documentary on one of hockey's most controversial characters the former owner of the Toronto Maples Harold Ballard a Stanley Cup winner who also served time in Penitentiary we started by challenging Priestly what does he remember about that famous zip code 90210 trivia got to be quick on this okay all right you got to get him right and be fast okay the name of the newspaper founded by Brandon Walsh and Steve Sanders oh my God that was called the Beverly beat yeah all right well done yeah you got it right okay good question two Peach Pit was a real restaurant what was the real restaurant called that was called The Apple Pan I have to check and see yes okay so one last question your favorite directing moment on 90210 my favorite directing moment wow okay uh okay my favorite directing moment uh in Luke Perry's uh last episode that he ever did you know Luke was you know falling to his knees in the reins we had rain Towers everywhere and Luke was falling to his knees you know looking up in the heavens and Chrono no you know I had a camera on a crane pulling away from him in the rain and you know Luke and I were just you know having the best time shooting all that stuff and you know what uh I I think back to those kind of moments now that he's gone you must miss him a lot [Music] it's been 22 years since 90210 yeah went off the air does it still have an impact on your life I think in some way it'll always have an impact on my life I mean that show is a global phenomenon uh you know at a time when when television shows were were still like appointment television and shows nowadays nowadays that are water cooler shows are very few and far between but back then um you know people people had viewing parties and certainly you know there was a certain generation that it was very impactful in their lives and I think it will it will always uh it will always impact my life I directed 15 episodes of that show by the time we were all said and done and I produced 64 episodes and I'd executive produced 64 episodes and uh you know I I knew from a very early stage that I I had an opportunity to go to the Aaron Spelling film school and and I wanted to learn how to direct and produce an executive produce television from from the guy who was the most successful television producer in history and I wanted to take advantage of that situation and um and so I did it's uh been a proved to be a very good choice on on my part I was watching an interview you did with George strombolopoulos probably about 10 years ago and there's a there's a clip in it when that show ended I I I just sort of I I I I didn't reset fast enough so I was so it was it was it was it was a difficult time for me because of that tell me more about that well the Run of Beverly Hills 90210 really took me from when I was 20 till I was 30 years old and then the the show or I mean I left the show in the ninth season the show went on for another year but so I was 29 years old and the entire run of my 20s I was you know I was going a thousand miles an hour and working constantly as a young man I've set certain goals for myself you know I wanna I you know I wanna I wanna be a working actor I want to be a successful actor I want to have Fame and Fortune and everything that goes with it right and and as I as I started attaining those goals and and all and I and I got to those places I wanted to get to I'd always been like super motivated and always you know always really driven and always knew where you know where I was going and what I was doing and why I was doing it and all of a sudden I was like like I do we have a reason to get out of bed and I didn't really want to get out of bed I was like well you know well you know like obviously I was just sort of sitting around and waiting for the phone to ring you know it was kind of like that and did it ring no oddly enough you know when I and I you know and I think that's sort of that I think that was kind of a problem for me too you know at the time I started to get uh I started to become you know bitter and jaded um about the business that I that I loved in the business that I that I had become very successful in I I started to which which I think is very common um uh for people in in in this business right you you know you attain a certain amount of success or even if you don't attain a certain amount of success it's easy to become um to become bitter and jaded and you know that's all a bunch of crap I mean I think if you asked a a teenager what they hope to achieve in life they might say Fame and Fortune well by the time you were 31 or 32 you'd had Fame for sure and presumably Fortune but you talk about resetting your goals so so what were the goals at 32 or 33.

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