Can you spot the ODD ONE OUT? Germany vs France 0-2 (Euro 2016 semi-final highlights)

welcome to a brand-new games the odd one out Germany versus Franz Ron one who is the odd one out try taiga Noah or Superman time for three Oh the odd one out was schweinsteiger he's the only one who shouldn't be putting his hand in the air to try and save the day Oh Bronto who is the odd one out joking of the edition on the Italian referee hi Paul sweet pie the odd one out buzz you came love he is the only one who didn't want a French to win ha ha ha that's because we busy Italians into last round yeah very good run sorry who is the odd one out it's near eight workers Oh Olivier zero time for three cou bad odd one out was a turtle is he's the only one who can reach speeds over three

miles an hour that is too funny run for who is the odd one out me the Brazil defending World Cup 2014 or Antoine Griezmann time for sleep too bad the unborn out was Antoine Griezmann he's the only one that hasn't gone missing in a major semi [ __ ] what this question should never have made it in move on quickly and the final round who is the odd one out friend bartimer or Germany hi oh hey I give you a little clue it's a bunch of Euro 2016 final the odd one out Voss Germany oh that was easier and so reason because Germany are the only team that deserves to be in the final ah it's money money anyway I hope you enjoy a brand new game let's face it it's the biggest contribution I'd made to a game in the last three weeks okay so then goodnight did Franz deserve to win I think so Oh

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