building a new city in the skylines (streamed 12/20/2021)

hi hello hello hello you know i just wanted to see what the email 
would look like in chat you know usual i   how are you i hope your day 
is going pretty well i'm overwhelmed overwhelmed and tired overwhelmed and tired 
is how i feel today i want to   hey thank you like why is 
this thing not going away how are you though today dad he's going 
pretty well today is another chill base day   i'm tired too i i honestly think that 
today is like mondays are just not my thing   i'm not really good with mondays mondays have 
never been you know good for my schedule of life   and i've always been like why am i so 
tired i don't understand makes no sense mondays aren't really fun they really aren't   it kind of should be like illegal you know 
like really illegal kind of rude kind of sus   oh you said on the phone and driving home 
stay safe the roads are wild these days   fun drive safe you stayed up late with scared i i 
stayed up until three a.m working on an assignment   i had so much stuff i had to do yesterday 
literally after like after our meeting i was   like i have to like work on so much i wanted to 
be like the one to chill i just wanted to chill   and i had to stay up and do work now i'm tired 
you're gonna be home like in five minutes oh   they'll say safe say stay safe never know with 
these roads you know what i am i went to sam's   club today to get gas from my car and let me 
tell you gas was 299 but everywhere else it's   like 354 and i'm like no that's ridiculous so 
i went to sam's club instead of get to get gas   oh my gosh it's crazy the roads were so jam-packed 
that it was ridiculous on how busy it was and als   also i kind of forgot that it was um christmas 
this week too i'm like why is it so busy outside   why are people like so in a rush so when i heard 
it for doing all these different things i'm like   oh wait i forgot it's gonna be christmas this week 
people are literally shopping for like crazy stuff   20 minutes of trying to get my gas 
okay maybe i'll be all good all good   oh you got your disney onesie nice how 
do you like it is it good is it good um what do you oh on the 20th of next month oh i got an email 
like what is going on hey daft death welcome in   how are you doing today i hope your day is 
going pretty well yeah that is really cheap   299 at sam's club which is great because my 
parents have a sam's club membership so i use   their card every time i want to get gas from the 
car but everywhere else like in my era area is   like 354 or something like that so it was like 
50 cents cheaper i mean it did cost me like 41   to like for gas but still but still 2.99 can't 
get that anywhere else in my area oh it's 325   in southland that's ridiculous i don't unders like 
honestly i really hate driving driving's overrated oh it's ridiculous i'm back with good wi-fi 
yay how was your trip i hope it was good   you have city taxes so yeah and like that's like 
the icky part taxes city taxes are ridiculous like   when i tell you i live like maybe like four or five minutes away from the 
gas station to sam's club i am not kidding it   took me 20 minutes to get gas because every single 
lane was so damn packed i thought there was gonna   be like 50 car accidents i nearly got hit by a 
car not really but like i nearly got hit i got   into almost got into a car accident that's how 
people were driving it was ridiculous ridiculous oh it was good very relaxing very good very 
good we love a good relaxing time of relaxing   i haven't gone on vacation in like two years 
how long i feel like it's been two years or so   it's just been a long time i 
need to go on vacation again um you got an ad for gas ironic you know 
what's funny meg i feel like whatever we   say in chat it's like oh you like 
mattresses here's an ad for a mattress firm it's crazy because i literally got an 
ad um on my email or   i am not buying a tempur pedic king tempress 
tempur-pedic king mattress for 3 000 no thank you i think i i i feel like the inna is literally 
listening to every single conversation   and i'm like what you say 
you want you say something   yesterday and then it appears the next 
day on your screen like what is this i hope it's like 75 off coupon 
for ubereats 75 off for ubereats i would like 75 off for ubereats please please 
and thank you put that into the void yes   75 off for ubereats you find it funny hey is thank you for the tier 
1 stuff for 13 months i appreciate it so much   sorry not sorry interesting uh kayla how are you 
doing today i hope your day is going pretty well   um we were just starting the stream actually we 
were gonna play city skylines because i'm kind   of addicted to this game lately and um it's been 
fun but i hope you're explaining it well today   oh we had some good stuff going on haley how 
are you we're here to watch you build a city   i have the game don't worry i have the game 
open i was just chatting for a little bit   i haven't done much basically you super excited 
to see you play really honestly kayla if you want   to play you should play it it's so good i want 
to show you my other city that i actually have   i've been playing for a while i'm gonna save that 
one um i haven't played a month by monday too i   see i have a problem where when i want to play 
something i'll play it and like think to myself   do i want to buy all the dlc that i don't have 
i say no and then i immediately do it afterwards you don't know this game this will be fun 
yeah so if you've played a game like simcity   it's kind of like it but a little bit more complex 
um we don't have a command for that daf sorry   um let me see it's on steam and 
i think also on xbox as well   let me load into my save that i have 
which one is it i think it's just one um but city skylines is a a city simulation 
building game where you literally can build   a city from from the ground up and make it 
your own you can name roads you can name   people you can name houses the whole thing 
it's literally like the sims but more complex   it's kind of fun i also have a bunch of mods in my 
game by the way oh yeah the basement city's guns   never played it i recommend playing it again 
because a lot of stuff has come out recently   they're also making a new dlc for airports as 
well so it's pretty cool uh let me scroll down oh yeah this game is really fun also what 
the heck i think i broke my game oh no elizabeth hi how are you doing today   yeah we're playing modded city skylines because 
i don't like playing vanilla i don't play vanilla   on sims i don't play vanilla on minecraft i 
rather bought it i think i broke my game never   heard of it so i'm pumped yeah give me a second 
friends i'm going to do alt f4 and close my game   and reopen it yeah i'm doing really good today i 
hope everyone's monday is going pretty great today   i would love to know all about you all 
since you're all here and chit chatting   um you got it for christmas last year but i only 
i've only ever played a few hours again yeah i   feel like it's a game that i don't play often but 
i play you know every once in a while if i want to   i want to feel fancy and cause destruction oh 
the other cool thing about this too is that you   can definitely destroy your city like tsunamis 
hurricanes tornadoes like the whole nine yards   alien abductions it's chaotic if you want 
to make it chaotic but i think it's worth it   my computer hates it when i try to play this 
game it's not it's poorly optimized is how i   would describe this game i say it's better on 
pc because you have a little bit more control   you got this game a couple weeks ago and i 
already have 20 hours it's a problem i know   same i have a problem with playing video games a 
lot like recently i've been kind of playing league   of legends i have a problem with uh playing that 
game a lot the legends now hey elena welcome in   uh yeah i usually play a lot of the sims 4.

I do 
a lot of building in the sims 2 3 and 4 but my   main game is sims 4 that you'll see on stream 
most times of the week i stream every single   day except when except sundays but 10 a.m central 
time on wednesdays oh i hope you feel better honey   we got the simsy pj's earlier a 
day earlier exciting are they comfy um let's oh my name my name is spring sims 
what is going on with my game   i hate this i am so sorry i don't know what's 
going on the one time i want to play city skylines   doesn't want to work for the people kind of rude 
there now it wants to close the wear these days yes hey ravenclaw welcome in how 
are you doing today okay resume but rainbow welcoming i'm doing 
really good today how are you   hope you're doing well today i've been 
very chill and you know what this morning   i basically didn't go to bed until 3 a.m so 
i've been like a little bit loopy i paid the   last bit of my student balance because i went 
back to school to get a certificate in digital   marketing i'm now done so i paid the last of 
that today and let me tell you gas was 299   299 but everywhere else in my area 350. 
ridiculous city skylines we like that   uh not doing it yeah it's like what you do 
in city like what what's what's your issue   um and thank you you're doing pretty good 
trying at the freezing apartment honestly same   it is 35 degrees outside what is everyone's 
temperature by the way if you are new here   or just you know just hanging out i would love to 
know how cold or how hot it is in your area um but and thank you i honestly was like kind of 
bored of like the day-to-day like mundane   stuff because my my job is youtube and twitch i 
stream every single day and i upload on youtube   every other day after that and i felt like i 
just needed some like chaos in my life so i   thought you know let's just go back to school 
what's the words that could possibly happen   me crying all the time yes i did that 
but we got over it and now we're good 19 degrees celsius that sounds 
illegal alex 39 32 33 negative three oh my gosh that's crazy i don't know what mother nature is doing 
but the weather has been crazy these days   it's like 15 degrees right now in montreal 
stay warm everybody because this was crazy   75 so what you're saying is you're 
going to share the weather with me right   that would be great i need 
some warmth in my area 56 yeah currently says 39 for me right 
now fahrenheit but i think that um   it's it's a roller coaster honestly it 
really is 59 in california is it snowing yet what am i gonna do for christmas i'm basically 
just gonna be spending time with my family   actually i wasn't gonna swim on christmas day but 
i was like no i just want to stream christmas eve   but we're having a nice lovely time here 
we're going to plan out some stuff we're   going to watch the new matrix movie on 
christmas and i'm quite excited about it so   yeah being a tropical country 28 degrees 
celsius oof okay so i'm not gonna show you   my old city because that apparently was gonna 
break something so i'm starting a brand new city   i called it rockwood but i'm gonna change it to 
something different later but the whole objective   of this game is basically you can literally start 
your own city from scratch from the ground up   building roads like these houses are gonna start 
plopping in every now and then and of course my   game is modded so there are a few things that 
um are not in the base game that you'll see   but it's really cool i kind of like it it 
teaches a lot it teaches you a lot about like   micromanaging your game basically you can 
change the name of houses you can name   all the people who live inside them you can 
give them power water healthcare death care   all the stuff the matrix movie comes 
out on the 22nd so it's not out yet   but it will be soon on the 22nd which i'm really 
excited about i'm currently rewatching all the um   old matron movies at the moment so 
i can kind of give myself a get a   etch up you know i'm quite behind 
it hasn't snowed in colorado let's keep it that way i live in the midwest 
i live in illinois and the weather is very   inconsistent that is kind of illegal and i'm 
just like why you do me dirty like this illinois   what's wrong yeah death care so if people die in 
your city um the ambulance will basically come or   like the mortician people will come to your to the 
person's house who died and then put them in like   a cemetery to be cremated or whatever it might be 
um and give it gives you all the stats basically   how people how many people live in your city 
you know what age they are um also what is like   if you have availability for like high school or 
elementary school enough jobs enough residential   the whole shipping missouri isn't much better yeah 
it really isn't and it's just kind of wrong rpg   welcome ben and cinderella welcome back how are 
you or playing city skylines and if you want to   know more about this game um it's on steam it's 
basically available everywhere except your phone   or switch but i know it's on xbox and i know it's 
on steam that's all that i know at the moment but   for the most part it is pretty fun it is a little 
bit time consuming just because you're still kind   of kind of getting the hang of it so it can be 
a lot when you're trying to get things started   but it's fun though 75 degrees for three days oh 
my just the thought of snow being it would make   texans cry it cried or not cried don't cry it's 
no it snowed um in texas at one point i think   so long ago but i can't remember when 
that was actually gonna get a one mil so my whole objective of this is trying my best 
to make my city semi-functional and well no   really functional but also something that 
i can enjoy when i'm just chilling you know   my favorite about defunding schools is the 
fun of my bridge perfection and demolishing   and rebuilding bridges that's literally 
me i i have a bad habit of basically   demolishing houses to make my parks and roads 
look pretty it's kind of a bad habit of mine so   i feel you on that part i really do i know 
what i'm doing christmas eve christmas movies   you know what the the director of i think 
he's the director i don't know but the person   who made all like you know the marvel movies 
basically i think his name is kevin however he   themed iron man 3 as a christmas movie and i don't 
know how i feel about that oh it's on ps4 ah good   it's enough yeah so it has very city sim city vibe 
so if you play like sim city back in the eon olden   days it has like a similar vibe but it's a little 
bit more like upgraded i would say which i kind   of like the most about that they're all they all 
have their water and power we need to get sewage   so it doesn't back up let's see where is that 
water where is that water water pumping station   water pipes i'm gonna get the water treatment 
plant that way our water can be a little bit   treated and also efficient for us to have 
that way we should be okay with everything   i also want to get ourselves a recycling center 
because the other cool thing about this is that um   like if i can spell recycle the other cool 
thing about this is that you have the option   to set policies and themes to each and every 
district it's not in texas at the beginning   of this year that's what didn't california get 
snow at one point like it did i don't remember   but yeah you can set uh different themes and 
policies for each and every single district you   can also like organize it too but you know how 
like i have this section right here all blocked   off well this is their own separate district i 
can give it policies based on what i want i can   give it um power usage water usage i can ban pets 
in this area if i wanted to recycling smoking ban   education booths you name it they got they have 
them all they have it all which is kind of nice   you love simcity 4.

I have sim city four and i 
have not played that in a long time garbage where   is it at recycling ah that's rule sorting center 
ah here it is recycling center so let me put this   because i want to make this as our own little 
small little district so i'm thinking i want to   put the recycling thing in the van because i think 
that would make more sense at least for me on how   i want to plan out this small little district here 
let's do this real quick geez get our road here going to definitely spain and just take 
out your house there's no snow in iceland   you know okay is it okay what's 
the difference is it iceland and there's two things there's iceland and then 
the other thing like one has no one doesn't   and it's like flip-flop because i would i 
would think that iceland would have snow   but they don't greenland that's what it is i've 
heard of sim tower but i've never played it   yeah i mean greenland was like does greenland 
have snow because when i was in high school i   was always so heavily confused about what that 
even is i'm like so you're saying greenland has   snow but iceland doesn't that just sounds 
insane it's literally flat and like what   you've never seen snow you wouldn't like it i 
don't like it and i live in the midwest i've   lived here since i was nine years old i moved from 
virginia to illinois when i was like nine and i   want to leave however i don't want to pay an arm 
and a leg anywhere else so i'm not going to leave   okay let's put this recycling center 
here that way we have some some   i always remember uh there was like 100 help 
100 car pile up oh my lord yeah this game   with traffic can get a little bit uh how i 
would put it quite wild on the traffic situation uh long time ago i got sims 4 and simcity on 
christmas oh that's not or 50 off i mean hey   you can't beat 50 off i mean you can but still 
that's nice oh i also have this mod called move it   that i don't want to do that i don't 
want to move that i want to move   it allows me to move basically whatever i want 
however i went without having it being snapped   to like a grid eventually i'm gonna make 
like a mods list of all the mods that i use   in city skylines that way it'll be more accessible 
for you all if you want to grab it for yourself   uh the person who uh who named named it greenland 
did did it tell people what they would come   thinking it's not snowy so there's obviously names 
you know that's smart i kind of like that like it   doesn't snow here you should come here it's it's a 
really really nice place i think you would really   like it like oh really you think i would like it 
there yeah yeah yeah come on down to greenland   your one-stop shop for all your exciting needs to 
live like okay they get there and you're like wow   that's not exactly what i wanted but okay i guess 
so to demolish this one i need to get a different   pump but this pump right here i'm gonna put it 
near the highway that way people don't complain   i just wanted to experience it one time just to 
see i think you know if you experience it one time   um i mean if you live in like california 
there's a place called big bear a lot of like   mainly all i know is a bunch of youtubers 
go there all the time and that's how i know   about big bear and it snows up there i think 
it's in like north california i'm pretty sure   friends who live here his whole life has 
only seen snow two or three times oh my i feel like i feel like people should 
experience snow at least once in their life   if they like it oh cool but if they don't 
like then that's fine by me i don't know if   this is going or not is it going it flowing oh it 
doesn't have electricity that's why it's not going   stephen's modulus versus the lens 
equals all months yeah yeah yeah yeah   i was like why am i not getting used 
to witch because i don't have power   how often do you build a new city or how large 
your cities get usually i don't really build that   big cities i try not to because i would say i'm a 
person who likes to take it slow when easy and not   overwhelm myself with too many things so i try to 
make it you know simple easy less complicated but   there are times where i do want to build something 
like really really big i usually give up and start   over due to traffic i've been watching a bunch of 
like youtube videos there's this youtuber called   city planner plays his whole entire 
channel is literally just city skylines   now i would have to say he is a really good person 
to go to if you want to learn the ideas of these   guidance what it has to offer all that stuff 
but that's where i've been getting all my tips   yeah what's your question i would love to know um 
but this game is called city skylines available   on xbox ps4 also on steam i highly recommend 
if you've played like simcity before names   or the eclectic oop nope instruction yep i 
don't want any of these buildings these are ugly   i literally hate the trailers so is the regular in 
the mountains in mid california through washington   in the mountains almost all year which is 
insane that's wild that kind of reminds me of um   mount komorabi that we have in the sims 4. 
that one world at the very like the vacation   spot like a spot up there it never it always 
snows the snow doesn't go away at all and   luckily you don't really need season to have 
you know that snow up there which is cool i   like the snow because i was raised in the cold 
place in a cold place so i recognize that most   people don't have the experience yeah i'm the 
same way like i grew up in a very cold area   and i never really liked the cold i 
never really liked the heat either   so i was just like can i just live on 
the moon instead that would be very nice snow is uh pretty a watch it is it's 
nice to watch but um not great to shovel   i'd rather not shovel the snow i'd rather just uh 
watch it you know creep up every now and then see   what it looks like you know the usual i'm gonna 
cut doesn't have ew oh okay i think i have an idea why why why why no no no no no i didn't 
want to do that i'm gonna do this   there we go that's better so that looks 
way better it looks like an actual like   neighborhood you would go to you lived in 
canada your whole life and still hate snow food yeah yumble has some really great 
tips for traffic so if you're looking like   if you have trouble with like traffic 
issues in the game yumble is really good   there's also um another youtuber that i 
watch um yeah city planner plays yumbul   that's the other one biff is the other one i 
use i watch as well there we go that's what i   really like i like that cleanliness of this road 
i'm trying to make sure i don't connect the this   road to that road because this is gonna be like 
more of like a neighborhood type of thing so my   idea is i need a lot i need some this low demand 
for commercial medium demand for residential   and the medium dam for industrial have a lot of we 
have a lot to do okay so i'm going to pause this   and actually start planning out my roads that 
way if at least something going on you know yeah you can change the the name of the roads 
yes you definitely can indeed change the name of   the roads do whatever you want you also have 
the option i don't know if this is part of   this is a mod that i have but i have the option 
to go into like traffic manager basically and   um change adjust the roads like this 
road is called butler street and you   can see that butler street is very large 
and in charge it's um how i would put it   obnoxiously long and if i didn't want 
it to be this long i could just drag it   and make it very short and have butler should 
just be that straight straight right there back bit back i just wanted to have it like there to be nice oh 
i guess i just can't okay it's fine that's fine i'll make that butler straight 
and then this be a diff yeah how much is this game on origin 
it is not an origin it is on steam   this game has a lot of expansion packs 
however but um it is not an origin and also the sim world welcome in how are you 
doing today i hope your day is going pretty   well you're from venue originally if it was that 
warm there in december we'll go to we'll go to   the river we'll go to the wait wait what this is 
traffic fixing videos are there our therapy yes   it's automatically just melt away when i'm sick oh 
gosh you know if virginia like just had like okay   why is robert madison street that large okay yeah 
no i don't think so you're not doing that no no no you're not doing that either oh i 
think i know why winston straight   and then holly street there we 
go that's a little bit better   yeah you can change the name of the street 
however you want i'm gonna call this like little simsy straight yeah 
little simsy straight there we go uh i love snow but i hate when we get winter mixes   okay i i i hate winter but i also just don't 
like shoveling or the slush you know what there we go we've been named the sim kids the 
sims kids with little simsy straight being one   of the straights i love that for us um kayla 
has her own straight now in the game forever   our city the sim kids i love it so we have 
policies where recycling education boosts   free wi-fi and book fair though we have some 
good things happening for us i like that   hello oh i was in the sky but yeah you have the 
ability to do whatever you want in this game   if you could think of it it's happening you 
also can rename people in this game as well if   you didn't like the name of a certain person in 
this game you could change the name to whatever   you want even dogs you can change the name of 
the dogs which is kind of even funnier you also   can ban pets if you wanted to have no pets 
in your city that big yeah i love that name   you know we are the sim kids we do play the 
sims a lot and i think kayla calls you some   kids sometimes i'm pretty sure i don't 
know i forget i forget it's been a minute i want it like that you know i really like the sim kids district 
this is kind of nice i would live here honestly i really would i don't 
like it like that but i'm gonna   yeah it's fine uh or in a certain district 
yeah you have to go do you get to make your   dinner well all good all good foam thank you for 
being here and hanging out with us i appreciate   the company as always i will see you next time 
hopefully tomorrow i stream tomorrow i'm actually   going to be playing the sims 2 tomorrow actually 
so if you're not familiarized with the sims 2   you want to hang out with us tomorrow for some 
chaos i'll be here at 6 00 pm central time   playing some chaos in two can 
we do repeat names yeah you can   you can do repeat names is that being like that 
okay i don't like that building being that way   kind of icky the fawn residence now i'm gonna call 
this a pancake residence pancakes residence um you figure out another this looks dark 
and droopy i call this the goth residence   oh your sims 2 streams are my favorites oh 
really i'm so glad i enjoy playing the sims   2 a lot i haven't played it on stream in a long 
time it's just life reasons and everything but   in sims 4 having way too much news and 
i'm like let's just get this out the way   let's stream the sims and then we'll be good but 
um yeah i i miss the sims 2.

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