BRUK OpenAI ChatGPT for å forbedre animasjonsferdighetene dine i After Effects

In this video, we're going to use AI to
animate for us in after Effects. And when I say I, I mean a new chat bot from
open AI. Also, I'm going to use the chat bot to
explain advanced expressions for me and how to apply it. Let's jump into it. First thing we do is open up the open AI a
dot com page. I already open it up and when we're here go
to API and then log into the site. I already logged in with my Google account. When you get into the page, you have a lot
of different options that you can explore. But today we're going to use the chat. So go up in the top and click.

Try it. When you use the chat, you have to
have some sort of questions or challenge it. You want this chat bot to resolve for you. After you ask the question, it's going to
give you an answer either in text or code, and if it gives you a code, it's also going
to explain how to use that code in this.

After effects I have here, I have a box
that's moving around vertically and horizontally and in every endpoint I want
this box to have like a bounce. And the bounce is to make the box more
alive. So I go back to the chat bot and ask it. Can you make an expression that will make my
box bounce like a ball in after Effects? And from the question I asked, it will
search the internet of all the information it has on making this box bounce like a ball
and it will write out an expression that is based on that.

And the nice thing you can
see is that it's starting to write an explanation on how I'm going to use it. It says already is you have to like push alt
or option to open the position value. And then when it comes to expression on how
it's actually working, you can see that it's like the amp frequency and the decay
variables that you have to use to actually change the animation of it. Next thing now is to copy this expression,
go back to after Effects and apply it to the position value. And when I assume in doubt, you can see the
box is like bouncing in every end position it comes to.

And if we want to change the
animation as suggested in the script, we can go and add some slider controls to
this box layer. And in this box layer we open the text box
where the expression is, and on this expression we we are going to change the amp
frequency and decay. But firstly add the slider control and on the
slider control we change the slider control to AMP and then duplicate it, call it
frequency, and then another one adds decay.

Then we go into expression again and mark
the number behind amp equals. And when you have marked that number, take
the pick whip tool and then drag it up to the slider under AMP. Then we do the same for frequency and the
same again for decay. But have in mind when you do it only mark
the numbers. So you have the slider control only where
the numbers are and when you pick, wave it. Make sure you choose the right pick, not the
parent link, but the pick up under the position. And when you drag it up, don't
drag it up to the decay name, but the slider below it and when everything is connected up
to the sliders, you can see the sliders are at zero.

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