Briga de torcida intertida Marginal Tietê

14 buses of the Goiás fans were totally destroyed by the Corinthians fans, including the inside, the attack was fast but sufficient to cause material and physical damage one of the drivers had his finger broken the confrontation between the fans was in the middle of the Marginal local track Tietê in the west side of São Paulo at two o'clock in the afternoon the time of great movement So let's go then our going to kill themselves at least 200 people were involved in the confusion that came to stop the Marginal Tietê invaded by them some walked with pieces of wood and stones i you were already the disgrace near the tem na actually what happened O Segundo the police was an ambush Corinthians fans prepared to intercept the buses of Goiás fans this well before the stadium where the game would take place when the buses started to be depredated Goiás fans went down And then the confusion started but everything was premeditated f hi planned the Corinthians fans were monitoring the

Goiás fans buses and the place where the confrontation took place Where they boarded the buses was a few kilometers before the Goiás fans buses this is where they would meet the riot police who would escort them to the Arena of Corinthians stadium inside the bus of Goiás fans the police found pieces of wood, firecrackers and even iron bars according to the delegate o Ah ok one of the Corinthians fans was already expected by the opposing fans that they predicting a possible confrontation They came with a bar piece of iron there were a lot of firecrackers too, they use the bomb to aim at other fans 18 people were taken to the police station, heard and released both Who hit and who was beaten but they will all answer for depredation and disturbance is very complicated, you see a guy lying on the floor and 10 guys hitting him with his crossbow iron bar

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