Brazil fans EXPLODE! ūüáßūüá∑ (Street PARTY – FIFA World Cup 2022)

everybody today is game day here in Copacabana 
you can see people everywhere selling their   Brazil stuff brigado but first things first we 
must give our undying respect and our love and   admiration to Team Canada officially 
eliminated from World Cup yesterday the lumber Monday Ivana and I are gonna party 
as we announce our fan ship towards Brazil   our first team has been eliminated and so 
now we are 100 team Brazil team Brazil so   our goal today is probably to stay along 
the boardwalk here and I guess go beach bar   to beach bar and drink some shoppies drink 
some cervations drink some caiparinas Maybe   a cheer on Brazil versus Switzerland my prediction 
would be my prediction would be three zero I think   Brazil is going to lay a SmackDown today Brazil is 
coming to play the fans are out the sun is out and   I'm saying Brazil I'm saying three zero for Brazil 
okay next stop Sam servasia let's go by the way what a place to be what an absolute Joy all 
right next up uh Brazil Switzerland let's go tonight we're cheering for Thunder this guy went 
Kaboom and everybody's our turn yeah that's so   cool I think it's gonna rain the wetter the better 
no problem by the way we couldn't get in the bar   because all the bars here are sold out yeah 
they're all full we're kind of sneaking a view   of this uh big screen here yeah they're not the 
only ones we're just on the street yeah look at   this we got some Street beers and I think we got 
some rain coming oh [ __ ] come on let's go Brazil there's much this much it's coming it's coming 
soon and the wind is also picking up guys every time there's Thunder we all start 
cheering it's really great I've never   tuned for Thunder before it's really good 
it's pretty great here we go here goes almost almost eventually the floodgates 
are going to open and Brazil's gonna   score more than a few guns great news 
the guy in front of us has got a radio so we're getting the radio feed 
of the game with the view with the   atmosphere whoa Michael belongs 
and it just started pouring rain foreign rain okay that bar was too full we got 
to go here we had to go next door   so we're both fully soaking wet bye bye bye Brazil don't fall don't fall slippery 
don't worry oh [ __ ] it's important no no no shoot shoot I think every 
poteko in Rio is fully booked   all right it's officially half time zero zero 
score Ivana and I have obviously decided to   abandon the beach I'm soaking wet literally 
soaking I will admit that my Underpants are wet   core we are soaked that being said it's not 
raining so bad anymore we're gonna look for   uh boteko somewhere up here up here because 
down at the beach the bars don't even have a   proper roof it's like an umbrella or a tent 
so if the rain's coming on an angle half of   the bar is wet so join us as we go search for a 
Boteco somewhere away from Copacabana beach and   hopefully settle in and dry up for the second 
half and hopefully get a Brazilian goal or two   or three zero zero now right zero zero oh 
all right let's go search for a place to uh   drink beer honestly so I'm worried that 
a lot of voltecos are going to be totally tow line one oh my gosh I'll tell you 
what Rio is World Cup crazy this Boteco   is literally shoulder to shoulder and 
even the standing room is full even   the standing room is full all right 
the search continues check this out   guys we got a street corner here with four 
bowtechos each Boteco has a big screen TV   or at least a few big screen TVs and each Boteco 
is full of yellow and blue and green Brazil fans   literally on every street corner and not a 
table in sight we might have to do standing   room somewhere we might just have to stand I think 
this one's got space maybe we'll go here and see   if we can just squeeze in and get a glass of beer 
and just try to be a part be a part of the victory   the victory all right let's go second half is 
about to start let's get over here if we can oh okay all right we found this place out of 
the ring second half just started by Brazil we're in close quarters here oh my God thank you even in the rain oh my god oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh listen guys the will there's a way so with great 
struggle I just managed to secure one camperina thank you oh 64 minutes it's been coming down very bad oh let's make that little pig here we go here we go here we go foreign just comparing Canada's football with 
Brazil's football Canada seems to come   out hot and get worse and worse as the game 
goes on whereas Brazil seems to improve and   get better and better as the game goes 
on now we are in Rio and I will say this   Brazil's football is a lot like waves on the 
beach it just keeps coming you can count on it on it away and eventually they score a goal or two or   three it's non-stop Brazil gets better 
and better as the game goes on which is all right there you have it yet another victory 
for Brazil in this world cup now one thing I   wanted to mention was obviously that Boteco was 
full of people sitting and enjoying their food   enjoying their drinks they were planning ahead 
and they were enjoying the game and then the   rain came down and people like Ivana and I sort 
of forced our way into the Boteco standing room   almost got hit by a car but um what I wanted to 
mention was the people in there were so friendly   to us yeah because there was an opportunity 
there for them to be upset with us crowding in   uh making the bar more crowded blocking 
the TV making the drinks come much slower   Brazilian people very friendly very warm people 
they seem to understand that this week they'll be   in the Boteco and they'll be crowding next week 
I'll be in the Bose and they'll be crowding so   very very friendly people um with all that 
being said go Brazil next game on Friday I   believe we did notice that uh Neymar was not 
out there yeah I feel like if he was injured   the news would have broke through the Portuguese 
language and came in my English feed on my Google   so I don't think he's injured but didn't 
see Neymar we're starting to open again   oh yeah good point all the 
stores are closed in Brazil yeah   when Brazil is playing a game they understand 
nobody's shopping so they close the stores yeah there you have it guys all right thanks for 
watching our video we'll see you in the next   one I think it's Friday yes should be 
very exciting we're going to a party   facing Cameroon I don't know I have to 
check by anyway good game guys later

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