Blake Griffin Superfly 2

hey! what's up, hows everyone it's been a while I review a shoes so I decided to review my old shoes instead and one it came in my mind is this Superfly 2 another brand of jordan shoes here it is ops! guess who is the first person who used this shoes? or the flag bearer of this shoes it's Blake Griffin superfly 2 came out year 2013 NBA AllStar he is the first one to modeled this shoes there are 3 colorways of this shoes before there is Blue and yellow and last the gym red/black Superfly 2 then after that Blake griffin using this one and after a while another superfly came out and it's called Superfly 2 PO and it is modern shoes compare to this one let review this shoes what is good and bad with superfly 2, if you look at it there is a close comparison to all jordan shoes especially to jordan 28 and jordan 11 i say jordan 11 cause check the eyelets very close to jordan 11 and the design of jordan 28 is pretty close it's a nice design this superfly2 they used Hyper-fused Hyper-fused is three synthetic materials are combined and pressed together used by heat to make it one look, the posture of the shoe doesn't changed cause most shoes change in time and the forefront bend and it loss form other shoes bend like this like the forefront or when you look at the back it's crocked but this one is not cause it was made by the used of hyper-fused method it's hard the upper part body, but it's light weight thats one of the new technology they used in this shoes 2nd is what they call Flight Plate, it's in the forefront half of the shoe has a two patch, looks like a foam and it's the part that absorb the shock or when you run it's works as a support on your feet for you not to get hurt and your getting a little bit of momentum cause it's soft the it has a pylon mid sole that's why it's soft and light weight and then the rubber out sole here's the Herringbone look at the thread, the traction going to the center bellow another herringbone here you'll see inside this diamond the jordan logo the performance of this shoes when i used it in playing basketball it' ok I got no problem with it I played in hardwood it grips the floor this is sticky the rubber outsole you wont slip then it has foam at the back for support and one of the good thing with this shoes i'll show the other one the tongue is connected to the entire shoe it's connected, here you go this is hype-fused i'm talking about pressed together to make it one material hard synthetic look like plastic hard and then the tongue it wraps your foot not other shoes, the tongue is separate, when pulled , all the part of the tongue is coming out it was made separate but this one is not, it wraps the side and the bottom of your foot all are inter connected so your whole foot is on wrap that is the good thing about this shoes the stuff i don't like, it is noisy when I run it has squeaking sound maybe because how they made the thread , it has a tiny thread(traction) and my little toe hurts in this part and the big toe also cause it has narrow forefront that's one thing i don't like with this shoes but this is what i do I took out the insole and i bought a thinner insole that what i use one more thing is the Jump man logo if you can see it right now look, it fades, i don't know why the people behind the design of this shoes why they put the jumpman logo here it is made of rubber and it's on the tongue when you tie your shoelace it rubs the logo and the color is coming off it turns to white let's talk about the price i bought it long time ago and it is pricey it's like $180 tax is not included i bought it cause i like the design, i'll try it you can use it for fashion but if your looking for performance shoes for basketball i don't recommend this cause for sure when your done playing basketball you'll have a swollen toe so there you go, hope everyone like the video about Superfly 2 next time will review more shoes of Jordan and there is a shoes i really like or my dream shoes let see if i can get it cause it's not that easy to acquire that shoes, guys don't forget to subscribe like and comment and click or hit the bell till next time guys see you

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