Black Adam – Trailer Ufficiale 2

My son sacrificed his life
to save me. These powers… are not a gift but a curse. Born out of anger. Fire! This loose cannon
needs to be stopped… before innocent people get
hurt. It has been dormant for 5,000 years. You find a cell that can hold him,
we'll take care of the rest. The team? -I don't have a passport.
-We don't need a passport. We are the Justice Society. Black Adams. We are here to negotiate
the terms of your peaceful surrender. I am not peaceful. And I don't want to give up. Here we are. I don't kneel before anyone. You are not here to seek justice. You have come to take revenge. I never said I was a hero. You think you're not worthy… but fate makes no mistakes. You have two possibilities. You can be the destroyer of this world…..or its savior..

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