Black Adam Trailer 2022: Shazam 2 and Justice League Easter Eggs Breakdown

Black adam what have your powers ever given to you nothing but heartache and there are villains. heroes don't kill people well i do that's up to you behind you did he just catch a rocket Welcome back everyone we totally smell what the 
rock is cooking there's a brand new black adam   trailer so we'll break it all down they give us a 
little bit of the story so i'll talk about what's   going on and all the connections to all the other 
dc movies that are going on right now that are   especially connected to the justice league line 
of continuity if you're brand new to the channel   be sure to subscribe to get all the videos so 
starting at the beginning of the footage that   i'll work our way through shot by shot they open 
on the shot of what looks like hawkman ship but   it could belong to this other group though they 
have this mysterious tech based group that a lot   of people are confused thinking that it might 
be argus but because hawkman talks about there   being two different groups in the city they're 
heroes there are villains and when you see the   villains they show these tech based characters 
here i'm assuming these are connected to the   forces of sabac at some point sabacc is a demon 
based shazam villain that has powers that works   similar to the way that shazam and black adam's 
powers work like they have a power word they draw   power from gods or demons sabach is a demon that 
gives people power inside this special facility   you see this villain group putting this ancient 
conduct figure into stasis i think this character   is meant to be connected to the sabach villain 
like he is giving people power the same way that   black adam got power from the wizard shazam and 
the other wizards of the council you get this   voiceover from dr fate's character questioning 
black adam what have your powers ever given you   basically throwing everything in his face that he 
did 5 000 plus years ago that got him locked up in   that magical prison by the wizard shazam that's 
meant to be a reference to him being trapped   because of what happened with the seven deadly 
sins the big prologue during the shazam movie   pierce brosnan playing our version of doctor 
fate and the justice society inside the dc eu   obviously the justice society very different from 
the justice league this movie's meant to establish   them they'll probably get some kind of spin-off 
movie at some point i believe the way they're   explaining them in the movie is that something 
crazy happened to their team in ancient history   like they're meant to be an older team the way 
they portray them in the comics and dr fate and   hawkman are the only ones who have survived to 
present day so the team is kind of in shambles   when the movie picks up and the newer younger 
members like cyclone and adam smasher wind up   helping reform a new version of the team in 
present day we see a little bit of dr fate   using his powers wearing the helmet of naboo the 
thing is is he can take the helmet off but he's   basically a prisoner to the power of the helmet in 
the power of this avatar of order the whole thing   with the dr fake character is he's an avatar of 
the gods of order there's the gods of chaos they   get into a lot of that mythology during the young 
justice series they also did a live-action version   of dr fate during the small veil series a billion 
years ago usually they portray the powers of the   helmet the wielder of dr fate's powers as a curse 
not a blessing so he's kind of telling black adam   in this scene that it's been like that with his 
powers too they've kind of been more of a curse   than a blessing the whole idea is they spend this 
trailer trying to convince him that he should help   kondok he should help the world not destroy it 
remember they're trying to use the rock with this   movie as an anti-hero but obviously eventually 
they have to do black adam versus shazam so   there's lots of quote unquote disagreements that 
he has with other traditional superheroes like we   can't wait to see him fight superman at some point 
because superman is weak against magic so just be   a really interesting fight he narrates a little 
bit of his backstory five thousand plus years   ago in conduct he said he was born into slavery 
he did have a family but they wound up dying at   the hands of these really terrible slave masters 
when he says his son died to save him that's a bit   of a twist on the comic book origin if you read 
the newer versions of the origin story which the   shazam movie borrowed from they did some of black 
adam's origin story during that but instead of   doing it during the shazam movie they just said 
that there was too much going on that's why they   separated the black adam stuff in that story to 
this separate movie but in the trailer when he   says his son died to save him it sounds like the 
slave master is getting ready to kill him and his   son does something to intervene and winds up dying 
instead then he says he died and was reborn of god   so it sounds like he gets the power of shazam 
somehow when he's in the process of dying like   his son dies while he is in the process of dying 
and the power passes to him then they show him   in modern day this is obviously after he's been 
released from his magical tomb that the wizard   put him in by sarah shahi's character all these 
men with guns inside the tomb that are trying   to get sarah shahi's character seem like they're 
connected to the sabach villain or they might be   another minor villain group the whole idea is 
that in present day kondok has fallen to ruin   and there's just another warlord ruling over 
the area it sounds like that's connected to the   sabac villain character but there could be just a 
bunch of other groups taking advantage of the area   as you can see his power looks very similar to 
shazam's power his costume looks very similar   to shazam's costume because they get their power 
from the same person from the same place now in   the comics originally the black adam acronym means 
something different from the shazam acronym it's   the same basic principle it's just that they draw 
power from different places the powers themselves   work very similar though they have the same power 
word they say shazam they activate their powers or   they deactivate them but because there's this 
big shared history between the characters the   rock of eternity and the wizard shazam there'll 
probably be some sort of moment during the film   or some post-credit scene where they connect them 
i believe the next movie after shazam 2 fury of   the gods and after the black adam movie that will 
be your big crossover shazam vs black adam film   there was a funny video of the rock driving 
around in his golf cart just yelling curse words   just getting really excited about his trailer 
being released you have to imagine it's the   shazamly that black adam is dragging behind 
him on that card he will wreck them during   that movie when they have this indiana jones 
looking scene where sarah shahi releases him   from his prison you have these special rocks 
here there's a crown floating in the air that   they show i believe that's meant to be the crown 
of sabac just according to reports about the movie   something the villain group is trying to obtain 
that will make them more powerful i'm assuming   because black adam's prison is so near where 
this other main artifact that the villains want   is because the wizard shazam when he trapped 
black adam also put this crown here jaime hansu   is supposed to appear at some point during the 
film as a younger version of the wizard i think   they'll have a flashback to explain how he trapped 
him in this prison this is hawkman stanigarian   ship you see hawkman's symbol all over the place 
it's all made of nth metal and technology from the   thanagarians they were going to have hawk women 
in the movie at one point but the rock basically   said that another project another dc movie or tv 
show was going to use her they wound up using the   cyclone character instead for that most of you 
are at least a little familiar with hawkman's   character it's basically what you think it is he's 
a character who's resurrected but i don't know how   they're going to explain his backstory if it'll be 
the one that you've seen in live action before but   because there's all the stanigary technology that 
seems like it's from another planet it sounds like   they're going to incorporate the whole hawk world 
the world of thanagar stuff into the movie as well   obviously his whole thing is that he resurrects 
every time he dies and that is connected to   the power of the nth metal this is atom smasher 
they did a live action version during the flash   a bunch of years ago that you probably saw but 
this is a much younger version of the character   obviously he's not meant to be evil or anything 
like that his technology for changing his size   seems like it's really old-timey so he might just 
be a subsequent version of the character who's   taken up the mantle from the previous atom smasher 
we see some of the powers of the justice society   as they all jump out of hawkman's ship have this 
big battle with the villain group cyclone's powers   are exactly what you think she's shown up in the 
justice society comics before she's a relatively   minor character but it sounds like they try to 
give her a bit of an upgrade especially with   her costume during this movie hawkman and black 
adam have this big scene him trying to take him   to task about killing people even villains saying 
heroes don't do that they're trying to use this   as one of the big tag lines of the movie one of 
his big mottos like heroes don't kill people but   i kill people you see black adam try to save sarah 
shahi's character and this other person from these   thugs within the context of present day they're 
obviously meant to be a proxy for his family in   ancient times sarah shahi is playing the character 
who becomes his love interest in present day the   young kid i think might wind up being her brother 
if they're doing the comics in the comics there is   an arc where he does share some of his power with 
these characters the same way that shazam shares   his power with the rest of his family but because 
black adam is viewed as more of a villain more   of an anti-hero things kind of go off the rails 
when he does stuff like that dr fate talks about   witnessing the future using his power and seeing 
a couple different possibilities black adam either   pulls off his own version of the evil superman 
plot from the justice league snyder cut sequels   where he basically conquers the entire world and 
winds up killing or enslaving most of the other   heroes i've already done a billion videos about 
the justice league snyder cut sequels plot because   we found out what he was going to be doing for 
each of those sequels so i'll post that link down   in the description but then dr faith says the 
other possibility the other future that he saw   is black adam helping the world become better this 
is just another action scene with black adam going   up against some of the other villain characters 
from this sabbat group you see a city-wide escape   though with a statue that looks like it was 
a statute to him then they just have a couple   funny moments about how powerful he really is how 
much damage he can actually sow the big joke about   him catching the missile not really understanding 
what kind of weapon it is because he's so old he's   just come out of prison the way they explain his 
power level during this is that he's meant to be   the most powerful that he will ever become like 
there is no power up that he is seeking to obtain   so he's meant to be as powerful as superman 
during this potentially this is meant to be set   after the events of the justice league snyder 
cut movie this is a dc eu movie because it's   connected to shazam and he is connected to henry 
cavill superman obviously but what'll happen is   they're actually releasing shazam 2 right after 
the black adam movie during this same year so we   won't have to wait that long before we find out 
what's happening during shazam 2 and what's going   on with their big crossover if you did spot any 
easter eggs during the trailer that i didn't talk   about during the video or any big plot points just 
let me know in the comments i'm sure there's going   to be some questions about what's going on with 
this character as we get the next couple trailers   the movie's coming out in october so we 
will get another trailer later this summer   i'm working on my ms marvel episode 1 video 
right now too that should post tomorrow morning   while you wait for that everyone click here for my 
full obi-wan kenobi episode 4 video in easter eggs   and click here for my brand new thor love 
and thunder trailer video thank you so much   for watching everyone stay safe and 
i'll see you guys in the next one!

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