Best Settings for TikTok To Get Followers Likes & Viral Your Videos 2022

Hello, this is Faisal Shabbir. How are you all? Want to viral on TikTok? video is being, it is not going viral, the channel is not growing So today's video is for you There are only two types of people who succeed on tiktok First those who make bad and dirty videos and got viral Others who respectably make good and meaningful contents, got viral and their channels grow So which method you want to take in these good method or bad one It depends on you, in this video, I'm going to tell you some tips or facts to get viral on TikTok that how do you create your account? where will you find trending video? what time should you upload the video? And during upload what should you add and what should you avoid? Before you know it, Subscribe to the channel and click on bell icon Intro So your first TikTok account that is not growing I recommended to leave it if possible, delete it and create a new account After creating an account you have to go to Setting and click on "three lines" click on "setting and privacy" and next "click on manage account" Here you find the option of "switch to business account" I already select this That's why I have show here "switch to personal account" but you can click on "switch to business account" then step back and go to privacy, where you have to come down and do the setting The download should be always on, so that anyone who wants to download your video can easily do this If you don't allow viewers to download your videos, they may not visit your profile next time Therefore, you always on downloads Select only me on following list, set stech and duel on everyone Set liked videos on only me These settings you can follow on privacy, then back here choose the option of "content preferences After clicking on it you have to set two languages Native and international both language you add, back and now select the option of "Accessibility" and here you find the option of "animated thumbnail" On this option because anyone who visits your profile can see your video in motion then go back here's on the last you find the option of "TikTok amplifer" You must on this option If this option is not appears so don't worry But it has huge advantage, TikTok use your video as an ads whenever they want Maybe TikTok holders will use your video and your account get likes, your profile will skyrocket.

Therefore you always on the option of TikTok amplify So these were basic advance setting Go back an click on "Edit Profile" Here fill all the field as no one remains empty Enter name, user name, address also written something in bio, if you have YouTube channel then enter its links hare If you works professional then must enter Email here And next the very important thing is category, click on it You should choose the category similar to the topic that you are working on.

If you find same category that's good, but if not then choose similar one Like my this channel is about Mobile Apps tips and Tricks, so i choose the category of 'software and app' This way you can must choose your category And then add a good dp to your profile. That's it your account is ready Now comes the turn on content, remember that content is everything How did you create your contents and How the video went viral? Please refrain from making dirty and pointless video Let me give you some examples ZunairKambho is showing the beauty of Pakistan Viral, respect and sustenance is also being earned Its very good way to see Asadsanaullah who earn respect through telling events of sufis He is advising you and teaching you how to live Earning both worlds And let see me I have two (Islamic and tips) on TikTok and my video is also going viral And Allah has given your love and huge respect So, you also guys have to do the same thing, whatever skill you have, whatever work you do, then you have to do it, don't do anything stupid If you are a teacher, do teaching, if you know how to make tutorials, then make small tutorials and upload them Then you definitely go viral and earn respect too Now suppose you don't understand how to make a video then create your account on Twitter After creating an account, click on the search icon Here you will get top 20 active trends of your Country Suck up 2 to 3 topics of your choice out of them And make videos on them, believe me if you make an understandable video on them So your videos must viral Try to match the topic you have chosen for your channel All the videos should be the same and the timing should be almost the same, It should not be that a video is of one minute, or of ten, or of five Try that the same topics are mixed and timing is also the same It could be less or more but if you want to go viral and set your account then you have to follow an order Consider the 2 to 3 tips of going viral on TikTok Put something specific in your video that you are talking about in last May people watch your video and reach the end and your video's watch time will be completed If 60 out of 100 people watch your video till end, your watch time will be completed, the algorithm is set And your video go to "For You" Whatever the topic of your video, you should mention it in the covers, tags and also in description The clearer the topic, the faster the algorithm will understand And higher your chances of going viral If you want to make your videos viral, you have to keep your account active That's how? you ten to twelve people every day Comments and like up to 10 to 20 videos Within different times of the day and you have make two to three videos as much as you can every day By this way your account will active from every sides And your videos got viral And upload the video and making account.

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