Best NEW Fragrances For Men (2023 Tier List)

so the first two fragrances on this list highlight the importance of knowing the difference between an eau de toilette and an eau de parfa you see h24 eau de toilette a 2021 release from the house of Hermes I'm gonna put up at the top of my list friggin amazing however hermes's 2022 released the eau de parfum I would put in my bottom category something I'm just not gonna wear now in theory the only difference between an eau de toilette and eau de parfum is the concentration other toilettes typically five to fifteen percent of the fragrance oil or the parfums 15 to sometimes over 20 percent however in this case they tweaked with the formula originally this was an aromatic it had a really nice metallic note with white florals I thought it was a beautiful fragrance if I had to compare it with a He-Man character man at arms would be wearing this stuff not bad at all however with the h24 auto perform they went a little bit crazy with the Moss note yeah the He-Man character pulling this off Mossman one of my least favorite characters as a kid are you talking to me and I have to say I just don't want to be wearing and smelling like moss I mean seriously what was the point that character and I don't know about you but I don't want to be smelling like moss now to start things off let's be clear this whole tier ranking thing is straight up my subjective opinion I mean this fragrance right here Jean-Paul gautier's Scandal poor om is a really solid fragrance the top notes are Clary Sage mandarin orange in the middle we've got caramel and tonka bean at the base that of her and overall it was well received that being said I'm gonna put it in my second lowest category wait for Discounters because it reminds me of so many other fragrances I've got in my collection one of those being Jean-Paul Gate's 2019 release Le Bo so for me the pickup was redundant now if you love sweet fragrances if you love caramel and you don't have any fragrances in the lamal jean-pagate's whole collection then definitely grab Scandal it's then worth retail but for me I love it when a house introduces a fragrance that complements the fragrances already in their line and that's why bulgari's 2021 release bogary man Tara Essence is so high up here I'm putting it is damn good in fact if you're a fan of the well-received Gucci Guilty apps salute you're going to love this one very similar now the next two fragrances on today's list are from the house of Calvin Klein we've got defy EDT and defy EDP now the EDT has been described as generic uninspiring and I have to say yeah it is straight people pleaser this one smells like a hundred other fragrances on the market so if you're at a Discounter and that's where I'm going to put this into the Discounters and you're able to find this thing maybe give it a shot let's talk about the EDP on the other hand this one is very different much darker as you can tell I got a big bottle here because I thought I was going to love this unfortunately after I got this bottle after I wore it a couple times I realized it is pretty much a clone of a fragrance I already have in my wardrobe and that is Dolce gabbana's 2020 release que eau de parfum both of these are spicy aromatic blue fragrances however the CK stays true to the brand it does not last very long I get a lot more longevity out of Dolce and gabbana's Cave so for that reason Calvin Klein's defy eau de parfum is going to go right in there wait till Discounters at the same time this elevated the eau de parfum by K in my eyes and I'm going to put it right in the center worth full retail now at this point some of you guys are saying well Antonio that wasn't too smart buying a 200 mil bottle of a fragrance you can't return that you're not going to wear very often well gentlemen if you'd like the data fragrance before you commit you need to check out today's sponsor semperd now gents I've talked about scentbird for years because I love what these guys do scentbird makes it simple for you to discover for you to try for you to actually figure out what fragrances you like they do this by sending you a generous amount of the perfume in this file right here you've got enough for a solid month so that you can wear this day in day out for weeks at a time and figure out if this fragrance is right for you now over at the centered website you have hundreds of options but if that sounds overwhelming they've got a simple quiz right there that you can go through and they can point you in the right direction of the fragrances that you should try that being said if you see a particular fragrance that you want to try you want to start off with then grab it for 17 a month scentbird sends you a new fragrance every single month so that you can give it a shot and try it and send bird carries some of the most popular brands out there we're talking Prada Versace now if you're looking to wear fragrance that no other guy is wearing check out stag eau de parfum by the maker or maybe you want a unisex fragrance check out French leather eau de parfum or maybe you're really daring then check out iaso vert their boozy Patchouli or maybe you just want a no-brainer blue fragrance that's going to work for pretty much any occasion check out Dylan blue tons of options on the website so instead of going out there and buying a full bottle and finding out you know what everyone loves this except me guys you can try the fragrance for a month you can actually date it before committing that's what scentbird is all about and of course Jensen get the best deal on the web use that link in the description of today's video with the code real men 55 to save 55 off your first order was sempered next two fragrances on this list from one of my favorite houses Tom Ford and I have both the EDP and the parfum version Costa Azura so the parfum came out in 2022 the EDP in 2021.

I had the EDP for a lot longer than I had the parfum and I have to say that the difference is Tiny maybe I'm picking up because I've read that this one has a deeper base with an Amber in it but I find that these are almost interchangeable when I'm going to wear them and how they smell to me now what's great is the eau de parfum I think you can even find out there on Discounters the parfum not so much but I would say that you should probably wait till it's on Discounters especially if you already have the EDP that being said if you're in a box store you smell it you're able to get a deal and of course it grabbed at any point but this one just being more expensive I would just spray a bit more on of the EDP than grab the parfum so the parfum I'm putting into that second lowest category discount or not because I don't like the fragrance it's amazing but I just feel it's redundant with the EDP which I will put in worth retail next up let's talk about Tom Ford's 2021 release ebene fume now the top notes here are going to be incense Palo Santo black pepper Violet Leaf in the middle we've got leather lavdana Kate oil Papyrus and Rose and at the base resins Ebony and quiet wood I'm going to be straight gents I like these type of fragrances and for that reason I'm gonna put it into damn good that being said don't blind buy this is definitely a challenging heavy scent the next two fragrances on this list 2022 releases we have ombre leather parfum and then we've got Noir extreme parfum I resisted grabbing these because I had the edps of both of them and I have to say I shouldn't have because both of these are better than the edps with the Noir extreme it is slight but there's just something deeper it's richer and with the Ombre letter I found the original EDP is not something I would ever grab almost unwearable because of how harsh it was they fixed that in the parfum this one is absolutely beautiful so both these fragrances are going into my top category friggin amazing now gents if you're enjoying today's video you want to see more like it do me a favor and smash the like button yes it lets the YouTube fragrance Gods know that hey this video is worth watching now share it they'll pass it around and when I see videos that get good views I Look to create more like it so I appreciate it when you let me know you like a video the next fragrance on this list Carolina herrera's 2022 release bad boy Cobalt parfum electric now this was a really interesting fragrance especially if you're familiar with all the other fragrances in the bad boy line this one went completely in a different direction I don't even understand how it's a flanker it just is so different now longevity is good projection is good I feel it's a little bit synthetic but if you like that if you want something that actually is unique nobody seems to be wearing or talking about this is a pretty good buy I've seen this compared to coach for men for me it's Bluer Than coach for men that being said it's probably just as versatile and for that reason I have to put it right here in the middle and say it's probably worth retail if you can get your nose on it and you like it now speaking of Coach you're probably going to see the new coach fragrance out there open road and I have to say it is a beautiful bottle and the notes are solid at the top we've got red apple lemon and the middle pepper Clary Sage lavender and at the base vetiver Cedar and Patchouli that being said once I put this on I realized I already have many fragrances like this in my collection F by Ferragamo it really doesn't stand out it's a nice fragrance but I would not recommend paying full retail find it at Discounters next two fragrances we're talking about are from the house of berber and this is the 2021 hero and 2022 hero EDP now the EDT is a woody aromatic spicy really simple fragrance that I have to say you know is good now it's not going to win awards for originality but if you were to give this to a guy it's not a bad scent for somebody that is new to fragrances top note is Bergamot middle notes Juniper in black pepper and at the base interesting we've got Atlas Cedar Virginian Cedar and Himalayan Cedar now I have to admit that base kind of cracks me up because really did they bring in three different types of cedar there in any case Cedar is something that is mass appealing you've got the Citrus at the top and uh the center is a little bit of sweetness it's a nice fragrance now the eau de parfum is completely different I like that they did this they didn't just strengthen the EDT they said you know what it wasn't really well received the EDT let's change this up and go in a different direction so this is an Amber Woody spicy fragrance and the top notes are going to be pine needles and Obama in the middle we've got benzoin and incense and at the base again Atlas Cedar Himalayan Cedar and Virginian Cedar now most people are sleeping on these fragrances and to be honest they're not going to be probably in anyone's top 10 categories of all time but in the last few years for the price I'd have to say that these are a great deal and they're solid entries solid fragrances so for both of these fragrances right here I'm gonna put right into the center worth full retail next up gents let's go over to the house of our money and let's talk about their 2021 release profundo lights along with aqua dijo the new eau de parfum released in 2022.

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