Everyone loves warm, sunny days at the beach, right? You don't need water balloons to cool off. Instead, these awesome beach hacks will let you put your feet up and work on that tan. What a lovely day. The sun is out, I feel good, my hair is great, time to relax by the pool. I hope people notice my amazing hair. Huh? Not on my watch! You need to wear a swim cap. Here. But my hair is so pretty! And this cap is…

Ugly. So… tight.  Quit messing around and put it on. Almost… almost.. I don't get paid enough for this. Fine. Let me help. Give me that. Watch. I'll just dip the cap in the water. That looks about right, now I'll just hold it over your lovely hair. And… let it go. So cold. Why would you… is it on? It's on!! That was so cool. Thanks! Just doing my job ma'am. Cannonball!!! Ughh… it's so bright.  I need to protect my eyes. Towel… nope. Sunglasses… what else… oh sunglasses. It's so hard to see them. Huh? These are just glasses. Where are the lenses? Awwww. Look at her… hmmm. Those are nice sunglasses. I think I have an idea. Oh hi. I thought your sunglasses were dirty. But, nope, they look good. I'll put them back. There you go. So close. What's that? That yoga mat could be useful. I only need a small piece. This seems like a fair trade. Cut the foam mate like this. Add two holes at either side. Thread the legs of the sunglasses through the holes. My own personal sunshade. Let's try this out.

I can see. This is much better. It's so warm. I need to cool down. Oh, soda. This will help. I'll only have a little sip. She'll never know. So good. Hmm. Only a small drop left. Shame to waste it. So refreshing. I'll put this back, the perfect crime. Time for a dip in the sea. Oh I do like to be beside the seaside… Yawn. That was a great sleep. I need a drink. Huh? Empty? Where's my soda? I bet she drank it. Where is she? I should have brought my rubber duckie.  I'll show her. I need to dig a hole. I wish I had a bucket and spade. This would be so much easier. I wonder if there is treasure down here…

This is great but I better dry off. Did you see me in the… hold on. Where did she go? Maybe she went for more soda. haha. Aaah. Got you! Aaaaargh. Please don't hurt me sand monster. Please. I hate the beach. Hmmm. He said he would be here. Where is he? Oh hi. Darling… I'm coming. Whooaaa. Timber!! Noooooo. I totally meant that. Honest. Uggh. Sand tastes so bad. Yuk. Maybe he didn't notice. That looked sore. But it was funny. That's it. I'm going home. But… come back. You left your sandal! Hmmm. It's broken… maybe I can fix it. Thread the strap through the hole. Then, take the soda can and remove the ring tab. Place it around the strap, then pull tight. As good as new. I can't believe he laughed at me. He's such a jerk. Great. I broke my sandal. This is the worst day ever. Found you at last.

I have something for you. Look. I fixed it. Let me put it on you.  This is so romantic. It's like a fairy tale. You look pretty. Even with sand in your hair. You say the loveliest things. Hey, is that a shark? One minute twenty… that's a new record for holding my breath. How do I look? Great. I'll just take some pictures for instagram. Give me something dramatic.

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