battlefield bad company 2 remastered i know 
that sounds a little too good to be true but   it's basically here in battlefield 2042 and we're 
gonna play some today if you load up battlefield   2042 you can scroll on over to portal and it's 
just right here classic bad company 2 rush is what   we're doing today today's video is sponsored by ea 
so big thanks to them for sponsoring us and with   that being said let's jump into some bad company 
to rush i think today will do this but they also   recently added bad company 2 versus battlefield 
3 team deathmatch on 2042 maps i haven't played   that yet and i definitely want to check it out 
oh we got valparaiso am i saying that right   as it currently stands in battlefield 2042 portal 
you can play either valparaiso or erica harper   like some of the most iconic maps from bad company 
too if you're looking for the iconic classes you   can always play portal in battlefield 2042 as 
well portal in battlefield lets you experience   basically everything that battlefield has to offer 
from the past the present and the future obviously   right now we're just doing some classic rush 
from bad company oh boy what obviously right now   we're basically doing bad company 2 remastered but 
there's so many other things you can do in portal   there we go there's a double rpg i myself have 
actually gone on to the battlefield builder   website like where you can actually create portal 
game modes i haven't hosted this game mode yet   but i basically created like hardcore 32 versus 32 
team deathmatch with weapons from battlefield 2042   on all kinds of like smaller sized maps it feels 
so weird playing bad company too like i've been   playing so much battlefield 2042 i'm so used to 
sliding but you can't slide in bad company too   it actually has the classic movement from the 
game there's no extra fast sprints there's no   sliding kind of stuck with the old movement 
but i mean hey that's how it is i know they   brought the uav back look how high up it is 
oh there we go hopefully that'll take it out   there we go they brought the uav back oh we 
got it there we go i am not over confident you know we've got to look for another one 
that went by way too fast and if i'm playing   bad company 2 i need to at least one sneak behind 
someone and kill them with repair tools that's a   personal requirement for me if i don't do that 
at least once i haven't really played the game   oh it's the start of the game too we're still 
defending i'm gonna sneak up on them right at   the start oh boy hold up okay that's gone i 
will get someone with this repair tool fire gonna get this flank come on oh 
you're done nope oh oh i'm so close oh how'd that miss new how is that a miss boy 
if you don't slow down okay that was terrible   oh my shots are on point i'm 
gonna wait for someone to come   in here and then they're gonna get the repair tool i can hear it they're coming in i'm ready i'm not close enough now lord duck afford   oh there we go ow what i died i didn't know you 
could die from that thing i thought i was shielded   i'm gonna repair tool someone i'm gonna do it i'm 
gonna sneak around yo we have so many people just   watching the spawn up they're gonna sneak behind 
us and then they're gonna get the objective what oh my god let's go yeah you guys have to drop 
a like for that i mean i am slaying these vehicles   right now and they lost just like that that was 
their last push that was our last chance to get   the objective that's insane man uh whenever the 
song comes on man there was a snow map from bad   company too that used this song i really do hope 
that dice is planning to bring back more content   from the past like battlefield games and bring it 
into portal because that would be amazing okay i   really want to check this one out though we have 
bad company 2 vs battlefield 3 team deathmatch and   it's played on battlefield 2042 maps i'm really 
curious to see how this one's going to play out   because you know we don't have team deathmatch 
officially in the game i definitely would like to   see it be added officially into like the regular 
multiplayer but this is exactly why portal in   battlefield is so awesome i mean there's so many 
different game modes and custom things you can   create you can create a custom game mode where 
it's like just repair tools in bad company too   versus the repair tools in battlefield 2042.

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