AVATAR: THE WAY OF WATER TRAILER REACTION!! (Avatar 2 Official Trailer #2)

what is going on there citizens of the reject
Nation we are going to watch the official trailer or trailer two or whatever the heck
you were supposed to be called for Avatar the way of what her John how are you I'm I'm
very curious and excited I am very curious too you didn't ask me but yeah all right sir
I'm doing I'm very good I'm very curious excited to see this guys please go ahead leave a like
that'd be extremely appreciated also do want to give a mention that today's video is sponsored
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yeah we got more on them after the after we do the trailer reaction for Avatar but please
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because it does it's just a fact let's watch this trailer [Music] God damn oh wow little one dad I know you think I'm crazy [Music] but I feel her [Music] I hear her heartbeat [Music] oh wow
so close the luminescence what does her heartbeat sound like wow oh my goodness mighty [Music] damn that was unexpected we cannot let you bring
your War here cast that's all they see I see you I see you wave water connects all things that's the
title of the move hey before your birth and after your death the circle of life oh my
God those underwater fights are gonna be nuts did you with me and I need you to be strong
wow jeez foreign [Music] [Music] that looks amazing that looks absolutely gorgeous
and stunning and I know James Horner is no longer with us but man that music who's taking
over oh I forget the guy's name but it's one of his assistants one of the guys who worked
closely with him it's doing an amazing job so far and it feels like a dream come true
and you know I kept hearing about how they developed that you know technology just so
they could do the underwater sequences I didn't expect fight scenes underneath that for some
reason my mind didn't go there but when you are seeing the Machinery like wow this looks
crazy a lot of this looks straight up like an anime at times yeah like brought to life
in the most complementary ways that the connection to life connection to life and the elements
in general the amount of you know culture and and sort of tribal beauty that the first
movie had is just like all over this but like times 10 because it's that much more immersive
I feel like that we have something perhaps pretty special on our hands that could be
very powerful because this looks very gut wrenching as well harrowing like there are
parts of it that felt so much darker than I expected it to be I feel like this will
be like 10 times more emotional than the first one the first one was pretty emotional for
people I really liked the first one a lot I wouldn't say I'm like super emotional when
I watch it this feels like it could go into some pretty dark territory dark Waters it
looks like it goes some pretty dark territory that I'm personally pretty excited for there's
such a great sense of wonder to it all and uh speaking of wonder thanks to wondery for
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was introduced in Supernatural where I thought she was great in it on this podcast It Go
episode by episode through the whole season and they interview Talon from in front of
the camera to behind the scenes for example the first episode is with I don't know you've
probably got very much Clark I believe the actress who plays Galadriel she always pronounces
the correct two on the podcast yes while listening to it I was like wow you know what I I liked
this first episode that much more ready and I like Galadriel that much more ready because
I started to understand a lot more of the insight and the approach due to the fact that
Felicia Day from both just being a fantasy nerd but also being an actress as well just
gets the best questions in there yeah I really loved it you're talking to me about the finale
recently yeah they also had JD Payne and Patrick McKay who are the show Runners on to break
down the finale and then they talk about other episodes as well across the series it's fascinating
to know because there's been so much made out of what they have access to and what they
have to work with you know hearing what their reasoning was for why they guided the season
the way they did and just the human elements of being there day to day and you know making
this insurmountably big production is fascinating stuff really I would say that if you enjoyed
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you wondering for working with a loyal customer I mean I feel like the word epic is used tossed
around so like casually it's like no other word that really comes to mind for me when
I see this trailer is that it does feel epic it feels cinematically sweeping like a true
spectacle of sorts thinking about you know thematically what they might be dealing with
and story wise seems to deal so much with Legacy and generations you know saying like
the way of water and and how it tells a story of before your birth and after your death
spending this much time and then in this trailer you know it starts off where you see natiri
she's pregnant and then you're watching soon like you're seeing the children and you're
seeing parts of the home being destroyed and devastated you've seen them having to start
a new you know there's so many different qualities that you're seeing here of things ending things
beginning things ending things beginning to have it be called the way of water or what
they're talking about what the water can represent you're seeing that just with the generational
Lifestyles or know what the child's name is but the child at the beginning of this trailer
I imagine that because it was in in the first movie it was thinking how you pronounce it that's kind
of the sense of what I get she's talking about feeling her heartbeat and such so you're seeing
in the first movie again a generational handoff in a way not saying like this movie's like
maybe it is I don't know but in terms of legacy and life and death for the new life to be
experiencing this connection the way how their father had to deal with it within the first
film and then getting messages about what to do and then feeling mighty they've inherited
this war with the RDA you know as opposed to the navi before them their children are
born into this war and to be talking about feeling mighty it's like they have to be born
with a certain sense of strength they're already born with strength and now I can imagine just
how much more Mighty that strength ought to be yeah absolutely it feels like everything
is at stake and I think it's really smart to lead with just the tone and the lifestyle
the richness of the world more so I mean like you get a sense for the plot and certainly
in this trailer you get a sense for What conflict is arising and perhaps returning from the
past but I appreciate that even still there's a good amount more focus on just what this
movie is going to feel like as an experience rather than like oh what's the plot and everything
like that because we know certain people they've said or returning who perished last time and
even home tree was destroyed and now here to see it you know to see part of it being
that we're sort of reconnecting to that energy and maybe perhaps finding a new you know home
tree for them to you know Center their entire tribe and culture around you know after the
events of the first movie it's been so long after I I feel like it makes this feeling
of return and this feeling of rediscovery of something truly special feel palpable and
that's lovely because it takes into account sort of the real life circumstances and all
the time that it's taken to get here but it puts it out there in a way that's really beautiful
and that hones in on what I liked most about the original movie which is again just the
realization and the the real attention to detail and to just the life that is this world
and yeah all these talk about heartbeats and Cycles going you know I thought that was really
beautifully represented by this trailer and oftentimes you know trailers are meant to
do a certain thing give you the Flash and the sizzle and sell you a movie but this just
really felt like the spirit of what I loved most about the first Avatar and what I hope
that they can make even more beautiful and affecting here basically all right well that
was beautiful that was absolutely gorgeous thank you guys for being here and I thank
you to wondery for sponsoring this video and yeah we will uh we'll catch you all soon foreign

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