Apple Watch Ultra In-Depth Review: The Right Tool?

So I set out to answer the one question 
that everyone has the most about the   Apple Watch Ultra edition: How long 
does a battery actually last in real life GPS mode? So to answer that question 
yesterday I embarked on a 70-kilometer, 13,000ft   elevation gain, trail run…hike…whatever 
you want to call it, through the Alps! [Shouting in high winds]: …Italy….France…. to figure out whether or not this thing could 
actually last that distance. And then, whether   or not it's suited for it. And in doing so 
I discovered a lot of interesting things.   Some good, and some…not so good. Now fear not 
though, I'm still going to talk about all like the   normal stuff as well. Like running, and cycling, and 
swimming. And all the kind of things that you do   with this watch that's not like just purely up in 
the Alps and stuff like that.

Now first up though   is the price. The Apple Watch Ultra Edition is $799USD,
though it's 999EUR. So just be aware   of that. Those prices are basically double what the 
Apple Watch Series 8 prices are, which is $399   for the base edition, and then if you drop down to 
the SE that's $249. So just kind of put things in   context. There are a number of hardware differences 
we'll start off with the very first one the case   is larger on the ultra it's a 49 millimeter case 
compared to the 45 millimeter on the series eight   however the display is actually just a tiny bit 
bigger than the series 8 it's really not that   much bigger instead it's a lot brighter it's 2 000 
nits versus 1000 nits on the series eight the next   change you'll probably have noticed is of course 
the case itself is designed quite a bit different   on the right hand side there are larger buttons 
and larger digital craft the reason for those is   more easy access with gloves and then around that 
is what's called a button guard that's designed   to go ahead and prevent accident on button presses 
of those buttons especially if you have gloves on   or a coat jacket Etc on the other side is the 
new action button on that button is designed   to basically like instantly trigger a certain 
action so you can customize it to for example   if you press it once it opens up the workout 
mode but in particular you can choose what   exactly to do in the workout mode you can say I 
want to start a run or a particular run workout   whatever activity and then once in that activity 
or in that particular app you can go and customize   what happens within the app next note that all 
models of the ultra do have cellular or LTE built   into them there's no like two-tier system where 
there is with for example the series eight next   there's a different band or strap options you've 
got the Alpine Loop which is this orange one that   you've seen probably all the ads it looks amazing 
it really is amazing for the most part and then   you've got the Trail Loop which is like a velcroy 
sort of one and then the ocean Loop which is   design more for the scuba ROM but you can use 
it as you see fit and speaking of like fabricy   sort of things for a lack of anywhere else to 
stick it in this review the Apple watch Ultra   Edition actually comes with like a braided cable 
a braided charging cable starts it looks nice oh   and a quick note if you're finding this video 
interesting useful if you give it a like at the   bottom it really does help with this video and the 
channel quite a bit now let's start talking about   the software features and how this all works of 
course the ultra runs watch OS 9 that's what it's   pre-loaded with out of the box and so there's a 
bunch of features there some of them depend on   hardware and some of them are software across all 
watches starting with some of the hardware ones   there's new vehicle or crash detection as well as 
wrist night temperature those are ones that depend   on Hardware on the series 8 and the ultra and then 
for wrist based temperature it'll go ahead and   basically take the temperature at your wrist each 
night primarily used for female Health tracking   meanwhile then you've got watch OS nine features 
that are applicable across the board to watch OS 9   watches that includes a multi-sport triathlon mode 
includes heart rate zones includes the ability   to edit and create structured workouts includes 
running power and running efficiency metrics and   then there are two different pieces of software 
that are just on the ultra itself the first one is   a new dive app called depth that app is certified 
to 40 meters so the app itself is certified at 40   meters but the watch Hardware is certified to 100 
meters I've seen a lot of confusion about that   and they've listed all these waterproofing dive 
certifications then there's also a third-party app   as well that apple is like super tightly partnered 
with that has much more features in the depth app   for example multi-gas support Etc I didn't have 
a chance to fit in diving in this time frame but   I do plan a dive trip to be able to test all this 
out and compare it against some of the other smart   watches out there that do diving I dive myself 
so something I definitely want to dive into a   bit more get that dive into I didn't mean to do 
that by the way that was just completely like   slip of the tongue so let's talk about some of 
the Apple watch Basics from an activity tracking   first and then we'll get into the sports and just 
keep on like diving deeper and deeper and deeper   into this first off from an activity tracking 
standpoint apple has a concept called Rings   there's these three rings they basically track 
move standing and your exercise for the day as   you go through your day you're basically trying to 
complete that circle on the Rings now just check   out this animation last night after my hike just 
watch it so I keep on talking this is absolutely   insane and so there's an entire cult around like 
closing your rings and I get it like it reminds   you kind of constantly to close the Rings at the 
end of the day it's like hey you've got an eight   minute walk and you'll finish this ring out and 
you're like I will do this eight minute walk right   now but all this data is shown not just on the 
watch itself but also on the fitness app which   is a companion app on your iPhone and you can see 
data for just that day as well as historical data   how it Compares you can compete against friends 
again all this stuff hasn't really changed in   the Apple landscape in quite a number of years so 
if you're familiar with an Apple Watch it's the   same here as well what has changed though is the 
sleep tracking and watch OS 9.

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