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so ladies and Gentlemen we are here
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Andreas what I talk to you a bit about the casting first of all because this is
the first glimpse that okay obviously everybody here the side of Alex will
Auto as Alex can you talk to us a bit about the casting call the process they
went through to find the fabled Alex Rider guys for this part and people and
we had one day where you know it came down to a think six or eight and this
poor guy had to you know play the scenes over and over and over again not just in
front of me in front of this gentleman here in front of I don't know five
executive pretty I was a lot of people in the room yes and in the end there
could only be one guy playing a Detroiter
this is this gentleman here what was it about also that the the career I made
that decision for you I mean you've seen him on the screen and it's kind of
awkward to talk about human is sitting right next to me but he had I mean first
of all you needed somebody who's looking like he's sixteen or some
and who is not 16 because otherwise you get in trouble here with the working
hours and all this kind of thing yeah who has lately yes and who has the
ability to you know be a real person and not just an actor who is able to
transform his personality to the screen and who has also the stamina to you know
work for what hundred and whatever shooting days we have and I think he has
the potential to be the big star I agree with you and what about the rest
of the cast that obviously you know Matthews talked about people that you're
sat next to Sherry's got caught it's a national fail you know it feels very big
vicious yeah very international I'm from Austria what was it was it difficult was
it difficult policing everybody together you know you I mean we didn't see too
much every within the trailer you know Stevens delay in is there you know
they've got Vicki there's there's a mixture of kind of well-known faces and
new people was that was to be a good good fun flirty I mean first of all we
needed to you know find the right actress for Jack who's sitting right
next to me because this kind of families is strange because there's this uncle
and then there's and so she's kind of the heart of the
whole story where to find the best friend Tom and I
don't want to talk about Anthony let's talk about Otto and Veronica's Otto is
Alexandre Lacazette Tom how is it for you having spent so much time inside the
heads of all these characters sat at your presumably typewriter his tiny
little cabin in the woods where you sit there writing all your books how is it
seeing them transform locks the screen it's sort of extraordinary I've still
got like over there fact I am now sitting next to alex writer a character
I've lived with for 20 years and now something here is made by Otto and
played to perfection I could not be happier as to Brenner to me so briefly
on the video arm in the book is anybody who's read them knows Tom is a tiny
character but brennick is so spectacularly good in the part that the
character is almost equal to Alex are in the scenes where the two were together
as such fun there's so much energy that now when I'm running the books actually
Tom is almost as big a character as Isaac's and if there are you when you
first saw Otto was that was there a bit of a moment where you're so fast that's
the guy Alex anytime in that you know you put try the casting process I
remember that all these amenities were finally down to about 18 or 20 people
who were doing Jack and and Tom and Alex and different versions of them and the
moment that Ron T and Greenwich and Alex came together every single person in the
room every suit every person there of knew we had our caste was that
something magic happened and you'll see it on the screen
Ontario suppose we're gonna talk to you mr.

Alex Rider everyone in October classic filter to finally be unveiled as
such an iconic character first grade it's kind of strange I've never been in
a room with this many people before what were those final auditions like did
you did you know that you've got the giggles it was it – they keep me
guessing no I know I did I knew that when I was in the room with Ron K and
brennick guy I really I was really having fun with them and I knew that I
even said brennick if we both did this it would be a real laugh and I know we
would have six months and just just enjoying ourselves and that's what we
did so when I got the job I was like over
the moon I mean presumably you grew up really yeah and reading the books as
well so you in your head had already played up to try the ready – yes yes
really I wasn't I wasn't a big read that when I was a kid I was kind of worried –
like Madison it was tough and then at the end the only books I was
my my sibling Wrentham was that's right oh and and funnily enough point-blank
was my favorite of the Alex Roy the books this here we are reading the point
I can't scream which is it's cool let's have another clip shall we this next
clip should give everybody a bit of an insight into Alex's ordinary teenage
life it's him at the top as we mentioned navigating through schools girls and
parties so we're gonna see eclipses of his unique skills when he retrieves his
phone we get a little sense of the kind of distant relationship between him and
his uncle and this kind of more caring relationship with Jack Jack represents I
guess the stability they took – sighs – it's a historian and if you're your the
grounding influence on the body what was your experience working kind of
without it without a with Braddock and all those kind of guys how was it for
you it was such a pleasure he had such a good time and it was so easy to kind of
enter into that space of best friends big sister kind of homebody so I hadn't
any the family was wonderful did you did you click straightaway take
a while a new addition a new addition I guess that's why you got the game yeah
the head stylist I guess that's the to bring you in as well going it was
there's a lot of kind of humor and Walt we saw it in that clip there how is it
balanced all of the high-octane kind of action
and I guess telling a story about it about a guard has been through a lot as
well we wanted to give him it comes across at the beginning that someone is
just one of the very consistent how does it work between the between the
two but those we don't understand nor have we told mother I didn't write them
the screenplay to this series I was busy working on the next attics rather novel
nightshade out next year just don't mention it I par surprising
duty though as a guy and he took over and I can't tell you how excited I by
the fact that he's been so true to the spirit of Point Blank one of the
characters and the plot and everything but hasn't really made it his own and
expanded the world and made it more adult and darker and in some ways even I
think more intense in the book he just did a great job I didn't it's not not
all thank you well I would say that would not if I'd always people did you
do find it easy to hand over your your characters for someone else to to kind
of run away about collaboration if you don't trust
the team and I was lucky because their level powerfulness gave me the you know
the dream team if you don't trust a team Eunice minions you know you're gonna do
yourself no good so I always had to take a back seat I kept watch on everything
but I didn't really get involved I didn't need to
so guy was it like when he got given a gig of kind of taking taking a character
like Alex of the novels and kind of moment very conservative like a TV for
them a lot of the heavy lifting has been done already winners look look it's
there you've got the plot it's all worked out does it a big a big directive
sorry healthy so from my point of view it's
really lovely to be able to take something that's there's already a
cracking story and they're very thrilling story and look at how we can
expand it what other characters can bring in how we can dig into this an
emotional side that's worth doing especially women
seeking to reach an older audience it's worth looking at how these characters
might feel about what's happening to them it's been a lot of time thinking
about Alex had the impact on him that would come from really been thrown into
the he never even dreamed existed he had no
idea it was a spy he had no idea that his uncle was killed in the line of duty
and technical comes crashing down also who that clip otto we saw some pretty
good Parker going on there so there's some good stuff skills rumor has it you
were pretty you're the young Daniel great you insist on doing your own you
are a Tom Cruise without the broken thought I tried to do as much as they
with lemon as that there's a read the books you'll know that there's a big
snowboarding sequence at the end of the book which I actually shot people before
anything else and I wasn't allowed to do that because if I had broken my leg I
probably would inhale expire them so I didn't get to do that but mostly like I
tried to do as much so I was allowed to and the semester dream come true that's
get to do about yeah yeah it's really cool to see it all come to life on
screen as well because it's very technical you know the stunt is is it's
quite hard thing to achieve and then you see on screen it looks so cool like
there's some great fights and this is a great fight in Episode eight which most
Oilers witnesses I think we're gonna go let's point out a little bit more about
the department shall we this next clip gives an introduction to
that we see Alex who against all the ups has managed to sneak in which gives
blunt the idea of music head was a spy about that Steve interrogating Alex
oblivious to rec suppose shared allows me to choose the mysterious mrs.

well I don't want to spoil too much and I think that scene explains well what
our department is the great thing about the series is you're in lots of
different locations at different times of when you're in the department you
know it's great for Alex and to sort of discover what his new wrongly as as mrs.
Jones she has sort of an energy with him and then like a relationship with blunt
and the relationship with trolley and yet she's quite a parenting with Alex as
well so I got to pay lots of different to firstly things in it which was which
was nice rather than just being solved a direct spy so to speak to first say her
moral compass this is kind of his cops boyfriend
yes exactly I should have said that I know you as long as Mexico what appeal
to about that about mr.

Jones and the show the style and stuff well I was
honest from the start I not heard or read the books because I'm a bit older
but not saying you're not but I asked my nephew who's 12 years old and said oh
yeah they have a book called Alex Rider have I got a responsive yeah like I was
stupid so I want to say I want to do my research
and it's great it's it's an amazing job to be part of
something that is pure adventure you know there's so much action and then and
yeah I didn't even really considered not doing it because it was a great part
what are we got to look forward to mrs.

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