So, hello guys, now when I want to load
Jawir's motorbike again because we wanted both of them, but Jagur just changed the oil and now we're
going to change Jawir's oil first because there are a lot of people asking if the oil is Jagur and Jaguar,
what do you usually use? Now, while it's right to change the oil and I remember when I remember it,
let's share it because it was also just done cleaning Jawir so that it becomes more shiny with time

This top one action matic is perfect for the
liter, 0.8 liter or 800 ML, this is the most suitable because usually there is 1 liter or under 800 milliliter
according to the wattage, if it's under 800 ML, it's over 8 liters, it's heavy. the motor even objected.
That's why the 800 ML is better and when you are going to use it on this 800 ML Jawir motorbike, the
top one action matic variant because it's really good to make your motorcycle pull so smooth
, so on the engine the sound will be smoother when riding it will be more comfortable and it won't
make the inside of your motorcycle parts rub more friction because with Top One oil
this matic action will create friction your engine is smoother again so it's very safe for
daily motorbikes and bore ups, because now you use fat which is unfortunately 10w 40 Why because the
mechanical recommendation is that the average fat is 10w40 if not 5W 40 it's for motorbikes but depending on your taste,
your motorbike again wants it to be more watery or thicker, it depends on your mechanic,
so just believe in your workshop, now we will immediately
try this Top One oil because uh, what is it?
the pull becomes
lighter and more comfortable and now we will continue to change the motor eh
Change the motor, change the oil, because Jawir is going to NR tonight guys so the bike will be
even better and this is for those of you who want to see the packaging from the Top One action matic, which
is orange in color, it fits really well, anyway.

your social media content because now there are
so many children with vintage C6 motorbikes, so it has to be aesthetic, now this is perfect
for changing oil and adding to the aesthetics of your videos. Now we will immediately change the oil. This
Top One action matic is here Jawir's motorbike is okay Now, we want to replace the motorbike,
it's already very shiny, it's been washed, using a product from Bubble Auto Science, so it's
really good. Now we want to change the oil, but first, let's take out the oil
that has been settling for how many months, maybe it's been 4-5 months. never
changed the oil again so it's really suitable for us to change to the Top One action matic oil
that we used 10-40 just changed guys Now, it's been replaced with
old garage, we're going to try a full start, guys, so the sound was smoother and smoother because this makes your motor
friction smoother so it's good for trading, anyway, it's really suitable to
use this Top One action matic so for those of you who want to replace it, it's really suitable
for matic, there are lots of matic for Yamaha Honda .

And all of his friends, all matic in various
brands are really suitable for using Top One action matic. I recommend the 10w40 one suitable
for standard motorbikes and also suitable for bore up motorbikes guys, and I've tried turning it on before, the
full start immediately turns on and it's really good for daily use, I think because the motor
is smoother and the dose is 800 millimetres, not one liter or the one below,
so there's not too little oil and not too much because if a lot, usually the
motor pulls are heavier guys, well, j Adi was really good for the oil earlier,
we've tried starting the engine, it sounds like how and we've also tried it for acceleration, it's
definitely better because the oil is new, that's why for those of you who haven't changed the market oil, it's
really helpful to use this Typhoon with automatic action .

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