AI Forced Me To Do THIS in Kerbal Space Program 2

so this will be an interesting video in Kerbal Space Program too today what I'm going to do is I'm going to try to get an AI to come up with an idea so I'm going to call this whatever the AI comes up with and I always like that logo so we're gonna use that one now as this is generating the world we're going to open up the chat GTP which is one of those like chat generator idea things and I've got a prompt here that could be interesting I want to generate some ideas of a video game called Kerbal Space Program 2.

The idea should be interesting like breaking records soon doing something unexpected or using mass amounts of Rockets or explosives the videos will be in about 15 minutes of length so if I hit enter the game's gonna come up with some ideas oh interesting attempting the lawn in every planet and moon in the game with a single playthrough that would be interesting setting a record for most kerbals launch into space at once uh that sounds fun attempting to launch several hundred or even thousands of kerbils into orbit all right build a rocket with maximum number of stages exploring the challenges uh wow that sounds painful my my computer would straight up cry a rocket car that could travel across the surface a planet at high speeds I literally did that with the high speed challenge interesting Madison wants explosive to create a spectacular launch pad explosion that's like every single day in Kerbal uh Deputy build a rock and travel you you literally did this this is number this is number one it's the same one you think about modified Rock to explore the depths of a gas giant planet shows gaze and unique challenges and discoveries that come with exploring such Planet interesting so that sounds kind of cool because there are gas planets in the game so we're gonna name this instead mission of the gas giant all right so if I pull open here here's all of the planets that we have Jewel where are you I want to focus on you Jewel where'd you go oh wow that's uh that's a gas giant that looks cool so I guess we're doing a mission to Jewel because that planet looks kind of cool I'm not gonna lie I like that all right so this thing doesn't have to be incredibly large let's go with the standard Gumball I kind of like that idea we'll give it a regular Mainsail engine just like we'd always use and that's gonna be our Jewel Explorer right there now instead of having a parachute on the top I'm going to want to put a giant heat shield on this thing is that the right way flip over yeah that looks cool but this one can inflate so oh yeah yeah yeah yeah hey that's kind of neat I like that so I'm gonna ask the AI one additional thing how many stages should I have on a rocket for a trip to the planet Jewel in Kerbal Space Program 2.

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