Adsterra Vast Ads CPM Trick ” Adsterra High Earning Tricks 2023 ” Adsterra Video Ads CPM Tricks 2023

Assalam Valekum Friends, you must have often seen here that you show a lot of Adsense video ads on your website, whenever you put Adsense ads, okay like, now here you also see a like. In the same way, you are seeing all these video ads here too, now have you ever thought that in what way we can add video ads of Ad 13, in the last video of the video, I told you that you have also done drama. If you upload seven, now you do not need to upload the drama, I will show you the demo, which method you will have, okay, this is my website, I copy the link here, then I take it here inside the cognitive window.

After pasting, I go to it, okay, now you guys check here, I have put an option here for video add, for automatic, as if a person comes over your website, then this video will be played. And this ad of yours will auto start running, now you yourself have gone to Deendayal if you go on the left side, on the right side outside Everywhere if you put this good 25 30 code then in which way you people will be earning ok so today with this video I am going to tell you that you can earn money from any website or YouTube But there is no need to upload the video to upload it on any kind of Google drive, our purpose is to put our ads etc., okay, so we have to put our ads, okay on top of that means that when What will we put here, then we will put an ad on the bottom , like if any person clicks even one, whether he belongs to any country, then show our video ad to him there, you know that the video will be good.

Adsense is also in the same way, so here we also have to install our video ads and no video will be played, just the ads that we have here will be played, we do not even need to install our videos, so here I am I am going to tell you in today's video, how you have reduced everything, nothing is difficult, just two to three less things you have to do. I will tell you inside this video and in the last one we have implemented one thing, if any of you know this thing, then tell me inside the comment section, message me, email me on WhatsApp, I will do the same on this. I will make a video , I have not yet found the solution for the thing, I want you, I want that this ad that was played once, it is okay, it means that once and dog again, it should be played once and Do phir se yeh play ho jaye yeh wali jo scheme hai woh hum log chat gupt ke se likhwani hai, I had told you guys in one of my videos that in what way you guys get chat GP chat gupt programming done and Ca n't do that you guys got the code done from the chair, got the coding done and you guys can't do it here, okay so this one I think video which was uploaded by me four weeks ago, so watch this video too We also want to see whether this chat TPT gives this less by doing it for us or not means it is not our loop that seems to be ad, they talk later but video yaar b Very interesting video will be watched if you guys want to earn in real or again, ok then what you guys have to do is to do cricket here, where people who don't know, see here even while sitting Some of the dated people do not even have the option of Bastar, here we add code, so if you do not know here, then how I took it, I told you in the last video, how you After talking with the customer support, you people have uploaded this video, in which I have written the issue fix, I think 19 hours ago, I have uploaded this video, in this video, I have told you how you took the clothes.

It's okay to come and after that what you guys have to do is that this last date is its code, simply you have to click on the pay gate code here and copy this code from here it's okay after copying this code and you After that fluid it 's okay to go to the top of the website, I refresh it once, okay so what did you guys do? There is nothing to do, if you do not have to put the link of the video, we have simply clicked on auto play and click on it above the auto hide control, it is okay, here playback animation etc playback speed etc okay The download is left, you people want to do all the buttons from here and after that simply click on the Rising here and select your prior from here for free It is okay to paste the link which is inside the roll, after pasting it here, after topping the text position here, here you people have given the one which you are concerned about.

People paste it here, here you click once, copy the code, click it and let it go on top of your website and whatever your layout will be capable of, its right side bar above one first I have posted this video ad and its brother is here, the previous one is posted with me, I simply click here and remove it, so that you people do not get any kind of confusion, it is okay now your See, where there is no ad etc., I simply refresh here once and show it, here it will also disappear, okay, it has disappeared here, and after that what will I do? You have to click on the top of the html chanting script and here you have typed it and we have copied it from the video player It was this one, I copied it here and the ball went here, I pasted it and clicked on the buta, now we have to implement one thing here, just implement that thing, Kamal dhamaal bhai dhamaal ho jaye Ok just see here as I have refreshed this page once and its brother here your ad etc.

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