A.I. is Finally in Adobe Illustrator! – Generative Recolor

Hey all! Adobe just released an exciting new update
for Illustrator called “Generative Color”. Over the past few weeks the internet has gone
crazy over the new Generative Fill in the Beta version of Photoshop, in which you can
just make a selection and type a prompt and Adobe Sensei, which is Adobe’s artificial
intelligence will generate an image to fill the selected area with whatever you typed
in the prompt. It’s basically Dall-E inside Photoshop,
and some of the results are really, really impressive. Now, a somewhat similar feature is coming
to Illustrator, which uses A.I. to recolor your vectors. The new feature can be opened through the
Edit Menu, under Edit Colors, and it’s currently in Beta and available on the latest public
version of Illustrator.

On the background you’re seeing some footage
of me messing around and testing this new feature and right now I have mixed feelings
about it, but then again, it’s a feature that’s in beta, so it’s likely that it
will improve over time. And actually, it’s not that I don’t think
it’s good, it’s just not good at following your prompts sometimes, but I guess that’s
an issue with all artificial intelligence generators at this point. And still, for large and complex illustrations
like the ones I was editing in the background footage, it is still faster to generate 10
or 20 color variations until you get the colors close to what you want, than to manually edit
each color one at a time. I had some good results using simple and objective
prompts like “winter”, “autumn”, “soft pastel” or “vibrant colors” but sometimes
it’s also cool to use more nonsense prompts like “trippy disco lights”. The new feature also seems to somewhat identify
what the illustration is about, I don’t know if that’s just something I felt or
if that is in fact true, but when you had something like a landscape it was kinda harder
to generate completely crazy or super vibrant colors, it felt like the A.I.

Tried to somewhat make more sensible color
choices and pick something that made sense to the illustration. That’s not necessarily bad, but it is something
that I’d like to be able to choose somehow in the future, whether I want Generative Color
to be more realistic or just be allowed to go bonkers. Perhaps we could even have some sliders to
guide Adobe Sensei somehow, like do we want our colors to be soft or saturated, light
or dark, do we want low contrast or high contrast, things like that.

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