75 Tips and Tricks you need for Icarus – First Cohort! **

what's up guys josh here again and today 
we have some icarus tips and tricks for you   uh just over 75 to be precise don't 
forget these are subject to change   but without further ado let's get into it shall we 
you can hold left click to perform actions faster all characters have an oxygen slot you can 
either put a tank or oxide in the oxygen slot   of course you can always right 
click and consume oxide as well   two workshop items is really easy to get and 
highly recommended is the canteen and the oxygen   tank the oxygen tank can be filled up with the 
oxide dissolver and canteen can be filled up   at the rain reservoir or any body of water you 
can unlock both early in the workshop at a cost   275 for the air tank and 250 for the canteen you 
can run and auto gather items that you run past   just hold down e or f whatever your 
default key is for harvesting while you run no need to mash the keys you only get talent 
points up to level 40.

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