6 WhatsApp Tricks and Tips for iPhone You Should Know in 2023

Oh, damn. Sorry, I completely forgot I had started the video. Well, that's because I was busy with WhatsApp I'll explain why – I have found the perfect set of tips and tricks that you can use to make your WhatsApp experience even better. Welcome, geeks. My name is Lakshay. You're watching iGeeksBlog. Let's get started with today's video. WhatsApp is incredibly popular all over the world, which is exactly why you need this set of tips and tricks to really make your user experience better. On WhatsApp. Now, I know some of you are really experienced with WhatsApp, you really know your way around the app. Which is exactly why I have divided these six tips into two sets of three each. So one set is a basic tips and the other set is advanced, God level tips and tricks.

Let's start with the basic ones first. And this is if you really want to add some flavor, some emphasis to the words you're sending on WhatsApp. So you can make them bold. You can make the text italicized, and you can also strike through the text. How exactly can you do this? Well, for bold, all you have to do is write the words in between asterisks. If you want to italicize your text, All you have to do is add a pair of underscores and write your words in between, which will italicize them. And if you want to make a strike through word, then all you have to do is add these curly dashes all around the world. So a pair of those, write the word in between.

You can even see the preview of the strike through in the chat box. Basic tip number 2: this is all about storage. Now, WhatsApp is very popular around the world, which means everyone uses it, which means every one of your relatives sends you that good morning message with a flower in the morning. That takes up a lot of storage. What to do? How can you stop this? Well, chances are you've turned on the auto download option in your WhatsApp settings. Well, you can turn it off, which means none of the photos, none of the videos, none of the documents, none of the audio gets downloaded automatically. How? Just open WhatsApp, head into the settings, go to Storage and Data. Now here you'll see a couple of options for auto download. Turn everything to Never. WiFi, not WiFi and cellular, just never. This means none of the media that's being sent to you in any of your chats will be auto downloaded. None of them will be downloaded ever again without your consent. Which means no more storage issues. You can only download what you choose to download.

Nothing gets downloaded automatically. Isn't that brilliant? Basic tip number 3: You can reply to specific people from inside a group and enter the private chat directly. What do I exactly mean by that? Let me explain. Imagine you're in a group chat. Someone sends a message, but you don't want to reply to that person in the group. You want to reply to them individually without them losing sight of the context of the message. So all you have to do is press and hold on that person's message and you'll see an option saying Reply privately. Tap on this. You enter the private chat with that person and you can reply to that specific individual message individually. In the private chat, not on the group. Looks pretty cool. Works really well. Now let's move on to the more advanced stuff, the Godlike stuff that you really need to make yourself into a WhatsApp legend.

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