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One is an undercover cop: if the group discovers who the liar is they’ll split a cash prize. If the liar survives, they win the entire prize. Who is the odd one out Music? So what is everybody’s name, and why are you guys here? My name is trina and i’m here because i have duis um. I also have a lot of traffic tickets. I’m jeremiah. My convictions are receiving stolen goods, possession of paraphernalia drunk in public and disturbing the peace. I’m andrew when i was 15, which is four years ago. I was arrested for tagging on someone’s walls. My name was tequila and one time as a juvenile. I did a run out in a store with a group of fans and it led to an arrest. My name is ricky uh racing, reckless striving and evading okay. My name is kenya and my last conviction was intended to fraud amisa. I also got some got in some trouble with the law for street racing. In the beginning he was sketchy like his mannerisms. He seemed a bit nervous. What’s everyone?’s profession, i wrap cars. I do vinyl wraps yeah for sure yeah. I’m. Sorry, you’re a cute yeah. What’s your profession i’m curious. I write books, write books, okay, okay, a second yeah okay. I’m just trying to look because a lot of cops have conservative like style, and i agree. When did you get your gta or whatever gta gta? It was actually this year, didn’t you say it was gta. I noticed that trinach is kind of accusing everybody else just the way he was standing really straight his build. You know all cubs got to be big Music. I think, because me being the only african american player, it would be like. Maybe he’s the one, maybe that’s the throw off. We were going to say like what everybody does for their profession. Well, i work at the california science center. I’ve been there for about two months. I’m a therapist. I’m a barista. I’m curious that that when you stole the car first of all my mama watching days – sorry, no allegedly allegedly, i apologize not for sure, but i was doing some street racing cops are pretty conservative and i’m curious because you guys straight race. How come you guys don’t have any tattoos i do? I have mine are all anime related, so i got shenron right here. The anime checks out yeah. What about chores yeah, i don’t have tattoos because of religious reasons. Eastside didn’t have any tattoos it didn’t seem like he had much of a criminal history that seemed like it was really legitimate. Are those real plugs or those are the ones that are magnet? They’re magnets, bro, yeah, good question, good question. I had my suspicion like why would someone want to wear fake earrings so stretching your ears hurts and afterwards they smell, and i’m very sensitive to smell, so i gag did anybody do like any gel time? Yeah? I did three months three months. I was supposed to do tears, but i had a kid that was really young and the judge kind of felt bad with my health problems at the time, and so he went ahead and gave me a weekend and i had to do that weekend and then i Was released, i did the two days went to court. What about you? No, i never had to do jail. I personally didn’t do any jail time, because the cop that pulled me over he literally like is a regular at my job and this dude like he was like bro and i was like i’m. So sorry dude, like they impound your car. Oh so he didn’t he’d. Even give you a conviction. He didn’t he didn’t take me in, though shout out Music. I was so suspicious of eastside because he was just two goody goody, Music. We have a three way tie. The tie is between isai andrew and kenya. I looked at myself in the mirror when i got here – and i was like – oh probably, not the right outfit – for what i’m, trying to portray. Each person will get 20 seconds to state your case february. I was racing, got pulled over march. Had court three months license suspended one of my record. All that i mean that’s. The only thing i’ve ever done, though, that’s. Why, like the cop didn’t take my car, i’ve been driving seven years prior to that and had no tickets, so my criminal record is pretty extensive, but let’s just start from my last and final arrest. I was arrested at the bank and i was cashing a check. It was all bad. I did three and a half years. It was not my first conviction. I had plenty of priors. I was just a tiger when i was like 15, so my freshman year, i tagged someone’s house the cops caught me because it was by my school. Luckily, i didn’t go to jail because it was my first time being arrested as a minor. So all they did was write me a ticket for sure. Good luck, guys. I don’t have any tattoos and no piercings, so i guess they just don’t put it together. Please raise your hand if you still have doubt and want to continue playing the game. You guys were on the chopping block, so i’m curious like why? Do you think that we would think that would be? You too, i think i look too proper. I don’t dress like this ever because i’m a stay at home. Mom. Usually you’ll find me in sweats and like a t, shirt, i think i’m also dressed a little proper. I have the brogues. You know. I think that’s the most expensive piece i

have on me – i’m. Sorry, i’m going to bring it back to the earrings yeah. If you’re, not a cop, why can’t you just get the real plug? I’ve tried it and stretching your ears hurts, but not not at that gauge it doesn’t i just feel, like i didn’t, think it was too suspicious. I thought maybe he just liked the look. What kind of drugs have you done in your past, maybe might still be using, and i’ll go first dxm weed alcohol? Basically, i’ve tried almost everything i don’t like weed. I don’t like the smell, gives me a headache, but i do drink so in high school i started drinking alcohol. I became an alcoholic with my friends, so i overcame my addiction but every now and then, when i’m with my family, i might have the occasional drink. He said he was an alcoholic at such a young age. I thought that was a little weird. I was going to say even the street racing. I could see. People still probably hiring someone that, because it’s not like right, it’s like a crime like there’s, no one that gets hurt right. So mine was on the 210 freeway going past pasadena. I was going like 110. I didn’t see the cop. He was parked on the side, so you guys caught speeding. No, but there was another. It was an audi a4 yeah when i passed by it, took him a while to catch up because he started from nothing. So they said i was evading so that’s. That was like an additional thing, and that was like two thousand dollars in fines. My car got impounded for 30 days and my license suspended was for a year. I’m thinking that the record could still be looked good for the cops, though i think Music. He seemed a little more quiet, Music, goodbye y 39, all bye. Now i’m kind of bummed out cause. My mom was rooting for me, so i told her, like i’m a win for you and all that, but i mean it’s cool. Please raise your hand if you want to continue playing the game in three two one. How do you guys feel about police? Oh good, so i was gon na say what do you? What do you? How do you guys feel about a cab? Oh a cab. Do you know what that means? What does it stand for? All cops are bad. I thought it was bastards. Yeah, uh, trina and jeremiah were partnered up. She got it wrong so as soon as i saw that she got it wrong, i kind of just try to scoot over and be a part of their group. I get anxiety just riding in the car when a cop gets smaller right. Really i i start sweating. I forgot i started like looking for my cigarette. I don’t smoke. It’s crazy. I don’t, like i’m, so annoyed right. I know that there are good cops out there, but i think that we just see because i mean if we’re gon na be realistic. They’re qualified, but i think that we see so many in the media and stuff like that. There are bad abuse of power. I’m, not even comfortable with like military people. I’m a military brat. Are you i feel like they’re different than cops, a lot of them come from war and then they turn into police and there i’m not really too sure where you stand now, because where i stand no, no them in general. Oh, i have a question: how do your parents feel about that? Considering that you are a military brat, i grew up in a family, so they kind of like expected us to kind of went astray gotcha when she came at me. I thought that was odd because it wanted to divert attention away from her. How about you yeah so like the street racing was expected Music, he could have been the one that was the cop you know being that he was a military, brat Music. I knew it. You guys up like hard. You guys up. Good luck, though. Please raise your hand if you still want to continue playing the game in three two one. So why didn’t you hit, raise your hand when you said continue to play. You think you already got that uh yeah, i feel like you, guys, are kind of like straightforward for you. I kind of felt like the tattoos kind of like just automatically ruled you out, because i feel like you can’t have anything showing. I think what’s alarming for me with you is the fake yeah. I feel you that was the main thing yeah. If someone really wanted it and the style, it would be real right, because then you, don’t have to always have the magnet. Are you technically in the medical field? I’m in the i’m a therapist. Is that considered like the medical field? Psychology is about the brain, okay, so because i know that takes like a a kind of clean record, i mean i can’t really think of anything other than that at least my board of behavioral sciences is very forgiving with things like that, i’m. Just thinking like because nurses can’t be a nurse if you have like a dui so like, but nurses are administering medicine that’s dangerous, they could be stealing the medicine right they can’t believe you can’t do that. Then i’m a therapist, not a psychiatrist: oh okay, okay, okay, that’s where the mix up was trying to throw me off Music. All right, i’m surprised. I didn’t get voted out sooner because the whole earrings thing if the light turns green. That means you have voted out the mole and you win. If the light turns red. That means the undercover cop is still in the box and you lose yes. Music will the undercover cop please step forward and reveal yourself in three two one go. I was definitely surprised. That was the only person that i trusted, mainly because of the similar crime been a cop for like two years. I love my job. I get to help a lot of people. Unfortunately, when i do get called, i do see people on their worst days. I want to help people, but not everybody’s. Accepting that help. You can’t really judge a book by its cover, but i mean for them. I would have never if i’d seen them working, never would have thought that any of them had either been arrested. Anyone is capable of committing a crime, but you have to learn from those things and you have to try to be the better person after you,’ve made those mistakes. It took me to really sit down and look at myself and where i didn’t want to be in life to pretty much change everything up once you have a record or once you’ve been to jail. You know it’s almost kind of like once a cheater, always a cheater that’s not the case hours. Music,

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