50 *Best* AMAZON PRIME DAY Deals of 2022!

– Hello everyone. Today is
the day Amazon Prime day. Today and tomorrow, July 12th
and 13th, Tuesday, Wednesday. And let me just tell you, I am prepared. I have been planning this video for weeks and weeks and weeks. Truly narrowing the best
of the best deals down. I've got 50 items for you today in fashion, beauty and home categories. I am covering so many good deals.

You can save so much
money today and tomorrow, and I don't know how long
these deals are going to last, but as always, everything
will be linked down below in the description box,
according to the number that you see on screen. So I really recommend that as
you're watching this video, write down your favorite numbers of the products you're interested in and then check my description box. And it'll all be linked
according to the number. So it's really easy to shop.
Really, really organized. And I will also be including,
in the description box, kind of like last minute deals that they're keeping a
secret until prime day. So just check the description box, you can find so many good things and I will also link my Amazon storefront and I'll be updating my
storefront with deals hourly. So you can follow me there as well, but we have so much to
cover, so let's get started.

All right, so I'm starting
with the fashion category and up first we just have the brand Levi. 40% off, basically across the board. And I'm talking like everything. I'm talking like the Levi ribcage jeans that I've been raving about forever. 40% off the Levi 501
jeans, the wedgie jeans, the 301 skinny jeans, the denim shorts. Oh my gosh, the denim shorts guys. I'm wearing them right now. You're probably seeing me wear them here. I love Levi jeans. They're
absolutely true to size. They're really good quality,
but you can save so much money. So I will be linking the best
sellers under number one. Next we have the Amazon essentials, basic tank tops and t-shirts. And these both come in a two pack and you get to pick
whatever colors you want. So you could get like black
and white, navy and green. Like you could really just pick
whatever basics you're kind of missing or what you need
to fill in for your wardrobe. So they're 30% off, the tank
tops are 10 bucks for two.

And I think the t-shirts
are like 11 bucks for two. And again, you can pick
whatever colors you want. Next, we have this
blazer. It is beautiful. It comes in so many different
colors and the price, $37. It's 47% off. It is a
stunning high quality blazer. Blazers are so expensive and I cannot believe
how good this is priced. So yeah, check it out. This
is an extra, extra small.

So keep that in mind. I wanted mine to be fitted, but there's so many to choose from. And then if you noticed that lace cami, that's also majorly on
sale, very high quality. Again, many colors. I went with black and I believe it is, it's 33% off, making
it just over 20 bucks. Such a good price. Next, we have this crop top
that I wear in so many videos. I have it in white. I just recently got it
in this Barbie pink, little did I know that it was going to be majorly on for prime day. So if you've liked it, you
can save some money now.

So with this white crop top,
I love wearing sheer kimonos. I just really like kimonos.
This one I believe is 33% off. And it comes in so many
different floral patterns. So you can really find the
color and kind of the pattern that speaks to you. But this is the one that I
got. And it's just so pretty. Now I talk about nipple covers. I call them sticky boobies
a lot on my channel. But, I saw that these were going to be on sale for prime day. And so I ordered them and I feel like they are another level of sticky booby, okay? And that is because they are so, so sticky and they're so
like the way they're made, they just like blend. You can get different colors
to fit your skin tone, but then even just like the edges they're, it's so thin around the edges, but like high quality that it just like molds into your body. And these are just awesome.

So if you've been wanting
them, snag them up. So speaking of this area on a woman, let's talk about the
True&Co seamless bras. They're 30% off, like everything. And these are really high
quality seamless bras. They're usually pretty expensive.
So this is my latest one. I actually got a racerback one because I have been wearing
a lot of racerback tank tops, but you can get again,
so many different styles and so many different colors.

They're extremely stretchy and seamless. And then this one, this is a Calvin Klein, kinda like it's more of like a casual bra, like a t-shirt bra, but there's a lot of good
padding says, Calvin Klein. It's super cute. It's 51% off. I only ordered it because I
knew it was gonna be on sale. I wanted to kind of review
it. It's so comfortable. And I like, honestly, the price, it's like 18 bucks, but so good. Continuing right along
with the undergarments. Let's talk about the Amazon essentials, it's actually a six pack
of cotton underwear.

So many different colors to
choose from and patterns. They're beautiful. They're so
comfortable and breathable. They're already like even just
normally a really good price, but they're 30% off now. Quick disclaimer here, I am
throwing out a lot of prices, a lot of percentage discounts, but I am filming this video
before prime day is live. So, things are subject to change. Things might fluctuate a bit. So if you're looking at a product and it's not exactly what I am quoting, that just might happen. But, all of these are really good deals. I also love these peds, no-show socks. They just feel so nice.
They're really thin. Almost like you're not
even wearing anything and other no-show socks
sometimes slip off, but, they're in like the entire edge. Like even up here, all along the sides, they're all lined with
like this jelly material.

So it slips onto your
foot and really stays put. Now this deal, like, I can't even believe people need to scoop these up while they can. They're the Adidas cloud foam sneakers. And they come in so many different colors. I just went with white
and black, just classic, but, they are so incredibly comfortable, really, really lightweight. They're true to size. And they're 45% off. Like they're under 40 bucks for like an Adidas pair of sneakers. Oh. And then these heels,
these are best selling, like so best selling on Amazon.

People buy these like hot
cakes and they're 30% off. So they're by the drop. So they're Amazon's own
brand and they're called, the Avery heel and you can get them in maybe like 20 different colors. And they're so wearable. Like, that's why I love them so much. They can be really dressy.
You can wear them with jeans. Like everything in between, but again, just a really
wearable go-to pair of heels. Now, here is a great example
of me wearing those heels. It's this spaghetti strap fern dress. This I think is 50% off. I think this dress is under
20 bucks. It is so beautiful. And depending on how you style it, it could be super casual or it could be more of a dressy dress, but I love the pattern and the colors.

And then another dress option
is this ribbed tank dress, which just, let me tell you the quality
of this dress is insane. Like it really impresses
me. It's so thick. I have it in this camel color, but you could get it in black and just a lot of different options, but it's really comfortable,
again, very wearable. And I believe it's 21% off. This backpack is also on sale. I believe this is the big size, so there's a big and a small size, but wow, is this functional? So, there's a lot of
different compartments on the front and the back. I love how there's a
secret back compartment so that you can hide like your wallet and things that you don't ever
wanna have stolen back here.

And then there is kind
of like one strap that if you just wanna wear it
over one shoulder, you can, or you can unzip that and
it easily creates two straps to wear as a normal backpack. But, oh my gosh, I love this one. My favorite leggings are
on sale for prime day. I was really crossing my
fingers, they would be. So here is your chance. If you have not purchased these leggings or if you're obsessed with them like me, now's your time to get another pair, okay? Like get them in a few
other colors.

I have them. They're the only leggings that I love. They're actually one
size or one size plus. So they're really stretchy. They're just like, unlike
any other leggings I have, they're really buttery soft
and stretchy and comfortable. So, you can get them with
pockets or without pockets, but they're unbelievably well priced. Like I'm talking like under 15 bucks. Next we have the Amazon
Essentials joggers. These are so good. They're under 20 bucks, shocking to me. People, pay 50 or 60 bucks for joggers that literally look exactly like this. And the quality of
these are like the same, like these feel so nice. So I keep saying this about everything, but you can get them in
so many different colors. I really like this gray and black. There's pockets, it's so soft. And again, you can't beat the price. I'm also kind of hesitant
to say this, but the, okay. These are also by Amazon essentials. A very similar material, but they're shorts kind of like athletic looking shorts really comfy and stretchy, also have pockets, but they're, I think, like $11.

They're 30% off, making
them just over $11. I have so many black pairs of shorts. So I didn't go with black. I decided to go with
like this maroon color, but again, many options. Now since we're kind of in
the athletic world right now, I wanted to quickly talk about this, two-piece matching workout set. And I know it's discounted.
I don't know how much. But normally, this set is already, just like a really good price. You get two pieces for the price of one. A lot of times, for
something of this quality, you would have to pay for them separately. But wow, are these nice? I mean, this is thick and not see through.

And the padding is so nice.
Like it's so comfortable. It really does just look very expensive. Now we're moving into the beauty category and I am just as excited
because these items are so good. These brands are so popular. A lot of times, when you
think of beauty products, you think of Sephora, Ulta,
maybe a department store. But you can get those same
brands here on Amazon. And some of these items never go on sale. Up first, we have this Conair
all in one styling brush and it's actually called, the not doctor. So, it's really customizable and I'll show you why it's very different than the other round brushes
that you may have seen. But, it's a really good price, but let me just show you,
here's the round brush. It easily comes on and off, but it though the bristles are great. Like it doesn't get stuck in your hair.

It like goes through your
hair really, really well. It's very powerful. But when you take it off, this is actually just like a hair dryer. Because a lot of times when
you're styling your hair with something like this,
you do want it to be like, at least halfway dry. So you can use this to
dry your hair, partly, and then snap on whatever heads you want. So, this particular option
comes with this head as well, which is actually kind
of like a volumizer. So it just snaps in like that. And then you can actually
like lift your hair and it gives you so much volume. And then there's other heads
that you can buy separately and really customize this. Now, if you are a T3 fan,
it is your lucky day.

You can get like $75 off these hot tools. Like these are their best sellers. So this is their straightener. This is their curling iron. I believe it's like a one or 1.25 barrel. It's just like the popular size. And then this is their styling brush. So this comes with this head. And one more that– Like all of these tools
are just so powerful and they're just beautiful. And then we have the color WOW Dream Coat, supernatural spray. This is such a best
seller. Doesn't go on sale. It is 30% off. You need to buy this. It is actually one of
the only sprays I love to actually put in my hair
and it's heat activated. So, you put this on wet hair and it dramatically cuts down
on humidity like frizziness. Like it you'll night and day difference. So you spray this on your
hair, blow dry your hair. It's heat activated, and it actually lasts
three to four washes, but it doesn't make your
hair gross or sticky, but it really tames your
hair down in a good way.

Olaplex also rarely goes on sale, but it is 20% off today and tomorrow. So it's the shampoo and conditioner. And I have the conditioner
around here somewhere. I literally lost it. But anyway, it does apply to
the shampoo and conditioner. It's the bond maintenance.
It like love it. And then this is like the
holy grail of their line. This is the number three
hair perfector, 20% off.

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