5 Tips for Mafia 1 players

hey noughty boys and girls here's 5 tips for playing Mafia 1 number 5 this physical copy is v1.0 and is considered the best by many fans because a lot of good things
were later patched out such as animated eyeballs,
which made many scenes feel more alive the Steam version is free right now for a few days but also goes on sale
for a few dollars very often if you own Steam version
you can easily "downgrade" it to v1.0 to do that just visit the speedrun website
(link in description) then use both of these patches then all you have to do is
open your game directory then drag and drop the files to Mafia folder also make sure to set the Game Exe
to "Run as Administrator" if you have a physical copy you can also use this game exe file to launch without a CD inserted this will also solve the launch error on modern systems this is known as a "NoCD Fix" number 4 Mafia is a low spec game
that even runs on Windows 98 so you can see it has this
Nintendo 64 draw distance fog and the FPS is capped at 60 this mod fixes all of that in one go
(link in description) again, just drag and drop but don't use this Exe file then use this one to set values 3900 is close to maximum
but you can set it however you want and set the FPS a bit higher than 60 but if it's set too high you may enounter bugs number 3 all digital versions (and some mods)
remove all licensed music downgrading to v1.0
should automatically restore it but it's good to know this
extra step just in case again it's as easy as
dragging and dropping (link in description) number 2 flickering textures like shadows and blood
are a common issue on modern systems but is easily patched with a DirectX Converter again it's just drag and drop (link in description) number 1 and fixing lag make sure to run Mafia on a good hard drive I used to play on an external drive
but when I reinstalled it to my internal drive that completely eliminated frame skipping on low/HD resolutions this
game has a lot of jagged edges I reccomend turning DSR on in Nvidia control panel just go to DSR and check every box this will let you run any game you want in 4K
on a smaller monitor if you don't want to do that,
you can at least turn on extra Antialiasing
for smoother edges I made this list so you can
pick and choose what you want but if you want everything on this list,
I've compiled it all into one package called "b0ys essential fixes" (link in description) Mafia 1 really is a hidden gem
that gets discarded by many people
for having some rough edges but I believe it's brilliance
more than makes up for it and I hope these tips will help
you to fully enjoy the Mafia 1 experience make sure to check out my range of Mafia content
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