i don't know if you guys are 
nfl fans well i certainly am   and this past week week 18 
of the nfl season it was just   the best game of the year between the la chargers 
and the las vegas raiders and it was just such a   phenomenal game and i wanted to give you four tips 
that i learned about day trading from this game hey everyone welcome back to the channel i'm 
dd and today we're gonna go off on a little   bit of a tangent i love the nfl i love 
trading so let's put these two together   four tips that i learned from the nfl and 
specifically from this game and sometimes   when you you know have an analogy and you can 
understand it in the perspective of football it   just becomes all the more clear so tip number one 
stay with what you're good at go with a hot hand   you always want to make sure that 
you're doing what you do best   and if something's working keep at it here we go 
let's go to the video and take last night's game 31 jacobs frankie's big time run susan again weaving his way great run inside the 30-yard 
line so jacob's looking like he did as a rookie   okay tip number two tip number two is do not 
make rash decisions every decision that we   make when it comes to the market needs to 
be premeditated if it's coming too close   and there's too much adversity just stay out it's 
better to just stay out do not make rash decisions   and we see over here when it comes 
to the chargers quarterback herbert   he was just under the fire he was 
getting rushed he was about to go down   it was third down he felt like he needed it and he 
just threw it up and the ball was intercepted do   not make rash decisions i'm sure he wanted 
that back so we always got to be sure that   we're making a premeditated decision here we 
go turn five crowd and full throat right now escaping throwing downfield and it's 
gonna be picked off casey hayward   with the interception okay so tip number three 
this one is super important we need to protect   our money that is our ultimate goal and therefore 
we don't do anything that is statistically   not to our edge if we see something and it 
looks great but that's not part of our edge   stay out we need to protect our 
money and as you'll see in this play   the chargers coach went for a very unorthodox 
really dumb decision in my mind when he went for   it on fourth down at his own 18-yard line when 
he was down by three points like dude what do   you need this fourth down right now you still have 
the whole field to go you're down by three points   it's a game that's going to get you into the 
playoffs i don't know what he was thinking   but it's definitely unorthodox and we don't want 
to be unorthodox we need to protect ourselves   from any losses and as you'll see over here it 
basically did not work for him and eventually   he gave points to the other team really easily 
and that's not what we want to do we don't want   to give the money back to the market here we go 
from their own 18-yard line in a three-point game   or they're just trying to draw them offside 
no they are going for it and he gets stuck   accurate can't even get back to the line of 
scrimmage and the fourth tip that i want to go   through from this amazing game is that we need to 
stay conservative sometimes we find ourselves that   we're in third and long if you guys don't know 
what third and long is i don't know why you're   watching this video because you need to know 
football and 30 long is a big part of football   third and long you know we feel the market is 
against us we're in third and long we didn't   have a good day we haven't been trading well we 
didn't have a good week and we need to make up   all this yardage all this money so that's third 
and long in trading and when it's third and long   you'll find very interestingly that most plays 
on third and long are just like a handoff to   the running back and like the running back is not 
going to get 23 yards in one play so why do they   even do that because you just got to stick to 
it and just keep going and just you're not all   going to make it up in one play and that's third 
and long and goku is back in the game third and   23 a little jump off here to ecuador and ecuador 
will take it to the 33 yard line and sometimes in   third and long you might just break one off and 
get lucky three timeouts third down and 23 here   keep it on the ground then pick up a lot almost 
the first down is jalen richard maybe a first well   close to it okay guys amazing i really love 
this video because i just love football and   love trading and when it comes together it's 
just like okay so just to review these are   the big tips that i'm giving you over here and 
they're great tips one stay with what's working   go with a hot hand number two don't make any rash 
decisions number three protect your money at all   costs and number four when it comes to third and 
long just stay conservative go with what you know   and you might break one off and just to finish 
with the video let's go to that amazing play   at the end of regulation where the chargers 
scored on a fourth down and it's just like wow pervert firing and it is going to be caught 
in the end zone by the big body mike williams insanity this is just insane taiwan puts 
it down and we are going to overtime anyways guys this is amazing i love giving 
this over to you and um these are the types   of things that i teach in my channel these are 
types of things i teach in my course check it   out and subscribe to the 
channel if you like this type of stuff and keep   on following me and we'll have more of these 
fun videos in the future all right guys dd out

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