2022 Midterms: John Fetterman discusses his run for U.S. Senate, fitness to serve

picture. He's also wanted for murder. You decide now with exactly one week until Election Day and the close race for Pennsylvania's Open Senate seat is one of several being watched very closely by people all across the country. The outcome here could have a direct impact on whether Democrats or Republicans control the chamber today are Mike Jerrick spoke extensively with Democratic candidate lieutenant governor John Fetterman. First of all. Welcome, Lieutenant Governor. Thanks for doing this. It's a pleasure to be here. Thank you very much going to start this debate. Well, I'm going to start this interview about the debate when you said this about the elephant in the room, Listen to this. And let's also talk about the elephant in the room. I had a stroke. He's never let me forget that. And I might miss some words during this debate Mush two words together, but it knocked me down and I'm going to keep coming back up.

Odd supporters. Dr Oz supporters have taken those moments in that debate where you were struggling and put it in a political ad. Have you seen any of those ads? I have not. Have you watched the debate again? Did you go back and look at it? No I haven't rewatched it or anything. Well, the moment that stands out that they keep using over and over again. Is your comment about fracking your answer to the fracking question. Here it is there. Is that 2018 interview that you said quote. I don't support fracking at all. So how do you square the two. I do support fracking. And I don't I don't. I support fracking and I stand and I do support fracking. Do you understand why people Are now questioning your ability to be our senator from the state of Pennsylvania because of moments like that. I believe that that my support of fracking has always been been one that in the past was some of the environmental concerns and after Pennsylvania enacted, some of them the strongest environmental regulations, then it became really easy to fully support fracking.

And based on where I live right now I live right across the street from the steel mill, you know, even back in 2017. I supported they wanted to frack their own energy, and I support that to make them more competitive. So I support fracking, and now that there's environmental regulations were enacted, then I fully support fracking. Um back to the original question about when you struggle to answer the question during the debate, Do you understand why people are concerned about your ability to be our senator? I believe. I mean, I certainly during during the debate. I mean, I was very much aware that I had a stroke and I was in the position to show up and I did, and you know it did get knocked down by the stroke, but got back up and just showed up. It seems to me, though, that you still have a it seems like the elephant in the room is even bigger.

Now, You know after that debate, and with only a week to go before the election, it seems like you have a high hill decline with such a short amount of time before the election to prove that you can be the senator from the state of Pennsylvania. How are you going to prove it? To all of us, Uh, in the next few days.

Well we're going to be spending. You know this. The day's going all across Pennsylvania, Uh and we're having events. You know whether it's an eerie whether it's in and state college or whether it's in Philadelphia, whether it's on Pittsburgh going out and making, making our argument all across Pennsylvania, one of the ads that, uh The support of Dr Oz put out Was there was a woman right at the end of one of the ads that says That she had supported you in the past, but she thinks maybe it's time to take a step back.

Take time to heal. And maybe make a run for the Senate in six years. What do you say to that? I would just say that I am all my doctors believe that there were fit to serve and we are, uh, ready to serve and we've been having events all across Pennsylvania in front of thousands of people and have been very transparent. I'm not using a teleprompter having interviews all across. The media look in Pennsylvania.

Is that why you want to do this interview with us is to maybe counteract what happened during the debate. No, I just believe in showing up and having interviews that the have conversations with Pennsylvania voters. Does it hurt to hear all this concentration on your health and your ability to serve? Oh I actually I'm just grateful to be well enough to be running and again our doctors support and believe that we're fit to serve to yourself.

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