2022 Makeup Favourites | Best of Beauty, Part 1

Hello there! Welcome to 2022 Favourites season,   the most wonderful time of the year. 
Mixing things up slightly for my sixth   annual Makeup Favourites and giving you two 
parts over two weeks, like an extended cut. Partly because it’s the most intimidatingly long   filming and production process of the 
year and my arm and shoulder are just   about ready to fall off after all the 
swatching so it’s nice to break it up,   but I also asked about your viewing preferences 
on my Instagram @matildaonvideo and two parts won! Separate videos on Skincare and Hair 
& Body Favourites still to come too.   Many items you’ll already be familiar 
with here but that’s what these lists   are about – looking back over products I 
favoured therefore probably already featured,   but also some new faces I 
enjoyed using off-camera. I’ll be covering Concealer, Base, Brows, 
Bronze, Glow and Blush.

Eyes and Lips next time,   and I’ll leave discount codes 
in the description box below. My top two concealers never change 
but I do have a new one for you! Chanel Éclat Lumière is still my 
favourite under-eye brightener,   light and thin. Hard to find in 
some regions, even Australia now,   so I’ll be searching for substitutes next year 
beyond my usual YSL Touche Éclat suggestion. No substitute needed in the spot 
concealing category.

Clé de Peau is   my forever favourite high coverage but 
super creamy concealer. Seamless when   you pat it in. Serious splurge 
but it lasts for years luckily. A third concealer? What is happening? I 
really enjoyed Charlotte Tilbury’s new   Beautiful Skin Radiant Concealer when I was 
running out of Clé de Peau. Long-wearing,   medium coverage. Similarly sort of 
disappears if you softly tap it onto   spots. And there's a Charlotte 
Tilbury discount code below! A gloriously glowy base product family here.

The Gucci Silk Priming Serum is back again 
this year. I wore this on top of moisturiser   and SPF of course, to several weddings when 
I wanted my makeup to last all day and night,   and this softly blurs texture and pores, 
smooths skin and feels light, soft and silky. Fancy seeing you here, BY TERRY Brightening CC 
Serum. My go-to glowy base to mix into makeup   or wear alone. Rosy champagne Starlight Rose was 
an ancient limited-edition colour but four new   shades launched this year, so Peach Glow seems 
fairly close when I finally finish this one. Best base? No.1 de Chanel Revitalising Foundation. 
My obsession this year.

A stunning lightweight,   silky smooth fluid with red camellia oil. 
Buildable but sheer coverage. Doesn’t settle   in pores. Looks good for hours. Great dewy glow. 
Might be my favourite Chanel base ever. Big call! Faster, all-over-skin-fix favourite? MERIT’s 
The Minimalist Perfecting Complexion Stick.   Light-to-medium creamy coverage. Stroke it on like 
whiskers to even out redness around my nose, chin,   forehead. Blend with their brilliant dense but 
soft No.1 Brush for a skin-like, natural finish. No-Makeup Makeup bit of a boost? Trinny London BFF 
Cream, third year in a row on my favourites list.   This is less about tint, more about a feel-good 

The greyish colour transforms into a very   sheer touch of tint as you rub it in. Barely-there 
coverage but a fantastic fresh, dewy finish. Quick powder shoutout to the mini BY TERRY 
Hyaluronic Pressed Hydra-Powder. I usually prefer   their loose tinted Hydra-Powder but for touch ups 
on the go, the slim compact is so much easier.   Mirror inside, little sponge included that I pat 
on to set any spot concealer or softly blur pores. Quite a few repeat customers in the brow area. I’m not worried about greener brow 
pencil pastures.

Very happy to stick   to Charlotte Tilbury Brow Lift in Dark 
Brown year after year. Creamy formula,   wide tip. I use it to lightly 
shade all over or fill in any gaps. Last year I was into Patrick 
Ta’s Brow Wax. This year,   it was the Major Brow Lamination 
Gel. The spoolie is the best bit,   it brushes each brow hair. Bit of a spider 
webby clear gel, it can get piecey and crunchy,   but if you stick with it and leave it alone 
once it sets, I love the definition it creates.

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