2022 – 2024 Honda Civic Hatchback Tips and Tricks | 2023

Let's select 
that then we're going to scroll right down here   to Traffic sign recognization system display 
you turn it on or off I can't think of a   reason why to turn that off but you know what 
let's keep it on now from there you can also have the vehicle let you know   that you're exceeding the speed limit so let's 
say hey 45 miles an hour oh holy but jeepers   batman you're going 46 it's gonna warn you if you 
don't want it to warn you if you're going above   you know from that point maybe you want to adjust 
or fine tune that you can you can set the setting   right here for the threshold when you go above 
you can do it at speed limit you can do it at 3 5   or 10 miles an hour faster than the speed limit 
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