2022 – 2024 Honda Civic Hatchback Tips and Tricks | 2023

hey guys it's me crazy honda chris and the sales 
department at randy Kuehl honda in cedar rapids   iowa, and here behind us we're gonna have a 2022 
honda civic hatchback i'm going to be sharing some   tips and tricks about this vehicle you guys may 
not know about so when you guys have the vehicle   you pick it up you'll be in the no you won't be 
like three years down the road like i didn't know   that right if you guys have any questions drop 
them down below in the comments i'll do my best to   answer those questions you guys are in the market 
here's my number give me a call i'll show you   guys how easy it is to join the crazy honda chris 
family here at randy kalhanda all right now let's   get you guys information should you be in the know 
now all right so here i am out running errands   right now i finally arrived at the dealership 
because i have a question or i want to check out a   new car but it doesn't matter let's talk about the 
electrical parking brakes i have a habit of that   right now so i got to where i'm going i'm in park 
i'm going to enable this by pushing my foot down   on the brake and pulling that up red light to let 
me know it's on they also have a red brake light   right up here so say hey it's on it's enabled all 
right shop the car i get out do my stuff i come   back into the car i turn the car on parking brakes 
still enabled i don't have my seat belt buckled in   i shift your park i'm like ah i'm just one of 
those guys i want to put my seat belt on as i'm   pulling out the parking lot right well it won't 
release your parking brake you actually have to   put your foot down on the brake push that in and 
then it's off all right but now did you know all   i have to do is buckle up got my seatbelt on 
put the vehicle to drive except step on the gas   and it automatically releases there's the 
automatic release with an electrical parking brake all right so here's another good one here 
for you guys let's see you guys out there   at the drive-in theaters maybe sitting in the 
car in the dark waiting for someone you don't   want people like hey what's that guy doing out 
there in the car because you know his lights are   on and not moving right or enjoying the holiday 
lights you want to do the course to have your   lights off right all the exterior lights well you 
got your daytime running lights on right now as   you guys can clearly see right over here is hey 
can you turn those off can you turn off all the   exterior lights and the answer is yes you can 
let me show you guys how to do that right now   so the first thing we're going to be doing is 
going to have the vehicle on at the moment all   right we're going to come right down here to the 
electrical parking brake once again we're going to   turn that on by simply put your foot down on the 
brake pull that up you're going to know it's on   from that point because you got the little brake 
light right on here a little like down below okay   now what we're going to do is shut off the 
vehicle put your foot down back on the brake   start it right back up parking brake is still 
enabled we're going to turn this to off then   we're going to walk right out here you guys will 
see that all of your exterior lights are off there we go no longer daytime running lights 
headlights or anything on now simply just   release your parking brake from there then 
headlights will come right back on from there   all right so this one's gonna be for the trunk 
here for you folks let's say i got some supplies   out on the trunk i'm like hey cameron zoey let's 
get out there get the groceries as i put them away   i just want to unlock the tailgate that's it i 
want rest of the doors to remain locked for any   particular reason so everything's all locked up 
right now as you guys can see you have a little   button right here on the fob let's go select 
that bad boy it's just gonna unlock the tailgate   the rest of the doors will remain locked so the 
kids can get out here open that up mix it nice   and easy as you can see this is all locked 
in there so another say for another scenario   everything's locked too as well i got 
the key fob with me i come out here   put my hand right back here push that button 
right in it's going to allow me to release to   get in and out rest of the drawers will remain 
locked too as well now i'm all done from here   you have a little additional button right up 
there you see this little button right here   let's close this let's say the car is 
all unlocked right now let's get that   key fob out unlocked as you guys can see 
everyone got out i grabbed our supplies as   a family because we're happy we got our 
groceries our ice cream hit this button there we go now it's all locked up again just from 
right there don't have to worry about hitting the   lock button on the fob or anything all right 
guys let's talk about the smart entry system   now which is going to be available here for the 
sport package and hire with the walkway out of   lock all right so i got my key fob here 
in my pocket we're running out to the car   maybe i got friends and family with me i 
don't even think about extroverted deep   in conversation right i put my hand in the 
handle and it locks the driver's side door   but the back door over here the side doors will 
not unlock wouldn't it be cool if i could change   that setting so all the doors automatically 
unlocked you can let me show you right now   all right so we got the vehicle on right now 
we're over here on the driver's interface at   the moment on the left hand side now to navigate 
through this you get your little home menu right   here is i'm going to select you guys know what 
at home then you get the little wheel right here   scroll up and down and push that into select all 
right so we're going to get up here to settings   select settings scroll down until 
you get to keyless access setup   first thing is going to pop right up 
there is going to be door unlock mode   let's select that right now set to driver door 
only select all doors and now when you put your   hand in the handle boom all doors automatically 
unlocked for you guys all right so let's say i   got the key fob here with me it has a dead battery 
in it which you know on the driver's interface is   going to warn you when your battery's getting 
low but for example battery's dead i can't get   into the car so i can't hit unlock i can't walk 
up to the car with the key fob here put my hand   in the handle it's not going to sense that key 5 
close by well what you're going to have to do is   right here on the fob as you guys see there's a 
bun right there you can simply pull that out by   pushing that button in then the key comes out now 
you can come right down here to the driver's side   door you don't see a keyhole or anything but you 
open up that handle right there down under below   you can simply put your key right in there you can 
get in and out of your car just like that hey guys   this is the courtesy tip here for you guys with 
a remote start as you already know to use remote   start all you have to do is hit lock here hold 
this button down here for a few seconds right   the remote starts going to come right on but let's 
say with winter coming up i'm out there running   errands or hanging out with missus or whoever's 
been tagged along that has that second key fob   with me maybe we leave our key fob in there in 
that car right and i got it here and we're like oh   we're all done doing our errands stuff like that 
let's use the remote start to warm it up for a go   well as long as you have that second key 
fob in that car you cannot activate remote   start so keep that in mind plan ahead for 
this winter okay let's get to the next tip   all right so let's say it's really hot outside 
we just got done doing what we're doing about to   run out to the car you know what i'm saying but 
it's going to be really hot and stuffy inside   it would be nice to let it just sit there for a 
few minutes air out well you can do that right   here with the key fob all you have to do is hit 
lock double tap unlock and hold that bad boy down   for a few seconds you'll see the windows the moon 
roof if you have it will all open up just hold on   to that the longer you hold on the more it opens 
up right there nice and easy okay now let's say   if you want to shut off this feature you can 
check out my video right up here it's going to   show you how to deactivate that just in case you 
hold that button down all right there we go so   i'm out there driving around today i had to go 
make multiple stops running some errands i got   some supplies in the back seat right now i'm at 
my second location right i shot the car got the   key fob still in my pocket i get out i shut the 
door i run all the way inside then it hits me   hits me all the time when i get inside like did i 
lock the doors did i not lock the dirties i don't   know so now i'm running back out the door trying 
to dig in my pocket and get the key fob and find   the car hit the lock button but wouldn't it be 
nice to save you guys time to have that peace of   mind knowing once you get 10 feet away from the 
car boom all the doors locked you can set it up   let me show you the walkway auto lock feature here 
right now for the sport and above all right so if   you guys guess we have to be right here at the 
driver's interface you guessed correctly we're   going to go to settings from settings we're going 
to select scroll down until your door is set up there it is select that then we're 
going to go down to walk away auto lock   there we are now you can turn it on or off from 
this point there we go now did you guys also know   that you had the traffic sign recognization system 
right in here so as you're driving down the road   right it catches the speed limit I don't know 45 
miles an hour it throws it right up there for you   to let you guys know and then there's more on top 
of that you can turn that on or off but let's talk   about it's going to warn you too as well so if 
you end up speeding you know what let's just dive   right in and show you so we're going to go down 
there to settings as you get to settings you get   your drivers assist system setup.

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