2/08/2023 — Seismic Activity Spreading — Turkey, Europe, and East Coast USA VIRGINIA moving now

[Music] thank you [Music] [Applause] hello hello everybody it's 805 p.m Central
Time on the 8th of February 2023 it's halfway through the week it's Wednesday here in the
United States Thursday already internationally and we are recording an update we're gonna
put it out over on YouTube when I'm done here live on Twitch over on the left hand side
of the screen you can see a scrolling chat room that's the twitch chat room that's now
back open for chatting for subscribers it's been shut down for several months due to unforeseen
circumstances but that being said let's get a display capture turned on and we're going
to go over and talk about the seismic events that have taken place and we're going to start
a course over here in Turkey just because they continue to move and we're expecting
aftershocks of course on this but this is more than aftershocks this is about 350 miles
from off the coast of Cyprus all the way back or 500 kilometers all the way back up here
to eastern turkey and a diagonal line of earthquakes making an arc or bending shape going down
as far south as Lebanon and Palestine Israel region Dead Sea to the same-sized earthquakes
4.2 and a 4.1 going down to the South and I'm going to show you the USGS blade boundary
map again I show this in almost all my updates and the reason we show this is this is the
path that the earthquakes are taking so we're going to zoom in on it and you'll see here's
today's earthquakes reported by the USGS and they have the new 4.1 to 4.2 down in Lebanon
but we're talking about the other 4.1 to 4.2 down at the Dead Sea yesterday and that extends
all the way down here so we're talking about going all the way down to Israel and Palestine
all the way up to the plate boundary and today here are the earthquakes of the last day from
the USGS we've now completed all the way across to the other plate boundary with the most
recent earthquake just striking in the past few minutes right next to it and just to the
north of it two 4.4 is 4.5 somewhere in that range this one's a 4.4 this one's a 4.5 it's
a pretty big deal to see this we've connected all the way across back to it and down out
from it down to the South and out to the West now how far is it from the Dead Sea all the
way back up to here well here's our key down here in the corner and I mean we could just
kind of eyeball it we're looking at 100 200 300 400 500 600 about five to six hundred
miles just from Lebanon if we go from the Dead Sea down here we're looking at 100 200
300 400 500 600 maybe 700 miles and more like 1200 kilometers moving in the last two days
since the big earthquake all along in the same area all with the same size Quakes pretty
much spreading out in all directions mid-range fours going south mid-range fours going back
up to the west north or I'm sorry East Northeast and the west southwest towards here so one
more time we're going to turn off the Rings now so you can see this this is now the earthquakes
for the last two days as reported from the USGS combined with the MSC European Agency
for the smaller earthquakes in here and you can see it it's a huge spread of a plate boundary
breaking and now connecting all the way across to the spot that I proposed if it did it would
be a big deal and now it has so the big deal has now happened mid-range fours connecting
all the way across two plate boundaries connecting them proof that there now is most likely a
physical connection between the two and we're gonna probably have to update the plate boundary
map to include a new line that goes across defining all of Saudi Arabia and the other
adjacent countries the whole plate and from the north now clearly we have not escaped
out over to the West yet with any significance other than 4.0 and 5.0 levels so we got a
4.9 right at the border of Albania Greece Bulgaria Montenegro which is what we were
looking for and then a new swarm broke out up here in North Italy however you don't see
it on this feed let me go see if we even still have access to the Italian feed I don't know
if this is going to work I haven't tried it in years at least a year we'll see if it populates well looks like we got it okay so you see
this stack of earthquakes that's developed here it's marked as 3.5 well it came in at
4.0 got screenshots of it shared it over on social media but when we go look up these
locations so we got to pay attention to what's around the earthquake epicenter here is the
map from the Italians and our worn spot is right here in the Adriatic so the earthquake
can swarm for and swarm struck over here on land what is there is there anything there
nearby the only way to find out is to look it up that's why I've got you on here so let's
go take a quick gander that's U.S rural American for a quick look and we just need to back it out see if there's
any volcanic features nearby that's what I'm looking for mainly are volcanic features down
to the South we have our marked craters and calderas you see these these are all marked
we don't have one marked here but volcini is just to the South it is I don't know why
this one isn't quite frankly but this one Whatever the name of this place is let me
turn on my borders and labels and we'll see if we can get a Lago trans Amino not marked
by the Smithsonian however all the others are anyway okay so our earthquake is striking
over just to The West by Northwest at C and ah and I don't know if there's anything else
here worth mentioning I not familiar with the area anyway I just have to go check it
out see if there's anything of significance there other than volcanoes right next to it
this is a huge volcanic complex to the North by Northwest as yet I don't know of any names
that are assigned to these but this is something that I noticed previously and for those of
my viewers who have been paying attention with me on certain shape things that we see
that this is one of them but anyway that's a volcanic complex if I've ever seen one just
undocumented and unmarked anyway we're right next to it with a new swarm we have a new
foreign swarm in Italy that's about a magnitude and a half under what we're expecting same
for down here in the Aegean Sea 4.9 about a magnitude and a half under what we're looking
for same for the four over and swarm in Italy about a magnitude and a half under what we're
looking for so far now a new swarm is broken out and that's just to the north that's up
here at the France Germany border region now before we go any further I think we should
probably pull the coordinates on this just because it's a new swarm in Italy and we haven't
or I'm sorry in Europe north of Italy so anytime I see swarms in Europe we have to pay attention
to them because we don't normally see them don't normally see swarms up here in Germany
so what's here well we're right along the river what is this the Rhine the the Rhine
River well okay anything else of any significance nearby I wonder if there's any kind of power
generation here hold on some kind of sweetener Factory that's wonderful
what's this oh Central hydroelectric EDF D rhino we a central hydroelectric DDF let's do what
I know [Music] how do you say it in German earthquake the electric okay sorry how could I have known
that there would be a hydroelectric power generation station here I got my crystal ball
out or my Terra famine telling me what it is all right isn't that what it is so kind
of a cult no here's the deal guys very low frequency is created Naturally by
Mother Nature deep down in the crust it's an electric frequency that passes through
the crust traveling across the place and it flows like a river no pun intended since we're
along a river but now the electricity that humans make also is on low is a low frequency
electricity of course and it's passing from those stations out to the transmission lines
and what we tend to see over and over again all around the world next to these hydroelectric
dams next to solar generation stations wind farms nuclear power plants coal-fired power
plants natural gas power plants next to all these locations we tend to see significant
earthquake activity swarms and somewhat large earthquakes sometimes as the vlf wave from
Mother Nature that's either bigger or smaller is passing through an area and these electrical
stations precipitate or bring that wave to it it's not that the electrical station is
causing the Quake it's bringing the very low frequency that's in the plate to it so it's
attracting it in my estimation that's what I think is going on okay so let's recap that
was just wild right like I mean come on how could I have known right it's proof that this
was all denied by professionals that electrical stations and so forth could somehow be attracting
earthquakes to them or so forth well it is what it is now a line of quakes going across
turkey means that energy is not gone out of Europe yet it's still trapped in here and
there's new pushes coming in from back behind it C over to the east we're going to go open
another earthquake we're going to get the USGS plate boundary map open here there we
go and we'll go back over to the east you see Iran well are earthquakes coming from
the East are also going to be feeding into this this is like a flowing river that's been
backed up it's damned up right there a little trickleout has gone over to Italy a little
trickleout has gone over to Greece 4.9 and a four and some swarms but that's not even
sufficient at all this is blocked still there it's locked and broken and still breaking
all the way back to the plate boundary it's feeding in from over here in Iran and it's
coming in this way going over to the west but it's being blocked right there so there's
a new push coming in on top of everything else and the new push is equal to 4.5 how
do I know 4.5s came across over the past two days coming out of Europe let's see if the
USGS is there out of Asia going over to Europe see if USGS season yeah yeah they'll at least
have one of them so 4.6 a day and a half ago 4.5's worth of energy is now feeding in so
if it's a flood it's like another storm dropping a little bit of rain not a crazy amount also
we know it's about 4.5 to 4.7 because of what's going into Africa as well it's kind of inundating
the whole area from Asia 4.6 up in Asia 4.7 Down in Africa and in the middle of 4.5 a
4.1 and a 4.3 if you add those together guess what it equals 4.7 4.5 plus 4.1 is a 4.6 adding
in another 4.3 is a 4.73 so 4.73 is worth of energy in the middle 4.7's worth of energy
to the South and a 4.6 and a 4.0 add them together equals 4.7 right on the money a 4.6 to 4.7 also struck up here in Russia
that I talked about yesterday now you can see the spread heading across it's like a
diagonal line of 4.6 and 4.7 but the spread is going from the North Pole all the way down
to Africa that's the last day that's the new wave going to the West okay [Music] hopefully
you can see that right like even new people should be able to understand what I'm talking
about here from this earthquake all the way up here at the North Pole to this earthquake
all the way down here in Africa and then connecting between them and it's like a wave spreading
to the West worth equal 4.6 to 4.7 total all the way across it so like a giant ocean wave
going across a whole plate following the edges of the plate whatever way it can easy path
of least resistance and that's the red lines hence the earthquakes going across the red
lines but it's getting to this spot where it's damned up in Turkey and the problem I'm
seeing with this is that the longer we break in Turkey the more potential there is for
another large Quake I want the energy to escape out and go across Europe like normal right
now it's all in the two and three and near 4.0 range they downgraded this 3.5 to a four
so speaking of that let's turn off the Italian feed now and go over and look at Alaska also
look at Hawaii and the West Pacific so to get into Alaska first I have to talk about
the deep earthquakes raised high up the globe these were subject of my discussion last night
in my video from yesterday so really we could get them out of here I just want you to see
them where they're raised off the globe we have letter D's so you can remember where
those deep earthquakes are you see that now here's today here's yesterday pink here's
today notice anything the three same spots are moving with new deep earthquakes letter
D at Fiji Tonga letter D over at Indonesia and letter D up at Japan the D's don't move
we everything on this map stays the same it's been the way for this way for eight or nine
years now with the arrows this is the way the flow normally goes now do you see this
L-shaped Bend IN earthquakes see how it's 5.4 5.0 5.0 5.2 we're gonna go back a day
I'll be darn 5.4 5.0 5.0 5.2 and another 5.5 but difference is literally a hair of a point
5.4 and 5.5 yesterday in pink today in white so what's going on it's a spread of the same
sized earthquakes two days in a row yesterday pink today White it's bouncing around in here
yesterday today you see which way it's bouncing it's going from there over to the East and
it's going to bounce back up to the West Northwest and what did we get yesterday 5.3 to 5.4 like
a sloshing tank I would imagine this to go up a notch from where we are now and I have
a warning going right in the middle of the whole hot mess if this is a giant triangle
of earthquakes do you see it now that giant triangle of earthquakes is on all perimeters
of it bordered by deep earthquakes down below it so think of this like three sets of people
lifting on a triangular shaped piece of stone but this triangular shaped piece of stone
is really all of this so it's multiple plates something's Lifting
Up From Below Fiji Indonesia and Japan Japanese of course up to the north on an entirely different
plate than the indo-australian plate down to the South so what's going on deep earthquake
here here and here means something's getting ready to happen right in the middle of the
whole hot mess and in the middle of the whole hot mess is where my warning is going for
a large earthquake to strike could go up in the 7.0 range in the next five days six days
at the most we have a separate warning going in the silent Zone down to the South this
is just based solely upon the antipode the antipode is just a complex word to describe
the opposite side of something so the opposite side of the planet is where our big earthquake
is over in Turkey and the antipode actually is I want to say right somewhere right in
here there we go so right out here Point Nemo and we have a warning going from everywhere
from north New Zealand up at the kermadak islands up to Fiji and out to point Nemo it's
a huge area I normally only worn 200 miles I'm trying to get it down to 200 miles but
because it's out there in the middle of nowhere in the ocean and it's the antipode where I
don't normally issue antipode earthquake warnings it's just something we watch for it's a scientific
fact that's proved already so we don't even have to forecast for it it's just expected
that there's going to be an antipode Quake within a few days after a big Quake on the
opposite side of the planet okay that's not my take on it that's the studies five thousand
different or more earthquake studied 6.0 Plus and the professionals found that in a majority
of the instances within a few days after one big earthquake on the opposite side of the
planet you get another big earthquake so here's our big earthquake on one side of the planet
then we wow we're chopping out here got a lot of earthquakes on the feed right now we
get down to the South and we look for a big earthquake on the opposite side of the planet
okay now let's talk about Hawaii and Alaska because the reason I had to bring up all these
Quakes over here in the West Pacific dang look at this hold on why are we chomping out
so hard [Music] [ __ ] no way hold on we have 4032 hold on did I we have 4032 earthquakes
on the feed for the week hold on is this right hold on seven day okay I got the feeds on
look guys they've updated the feeds we've got 4032 earthquakes on the feed for the week
now that's the combined feed but in the past I've
seen this go as high as 5 000 and 5000 was the most that I've seen in a week and it shut
down earthquake 3D it literally couldn't handle the number of earthquakes and pointed plots
on the screen at once um it reaches a limit I suppose not my Graphics either literally
earthquake 3D reaches the limit when it gets to five thousand we're at 4032 for the week
which is a dramatic step up now yes we have a lot of earthquakes over at Turkey with a
big earthquake we got a lot of aftershocks but it's filling up the fee and I've told
you guys this several times in the past whenever we start to see stuff like this when you start
seeing you know we're getting maxing out the feed with number of earthquakes that's a big
deal so I just want to again make sure I've got I've got USGS seven day USGS seven day
um twice let me hit refresh again I just can't believe it I hold on sorry guys I'm recording live and I want you
to see what we have to go through so here we are thank God oh God this is live I'm not cutting this out I want
you to see what I have to do live to verify okay so USGS feed was double populating we
have 2042 earthquakes for the week thank God I was like how did we just jump literally
I was mind blown I was like how did we just jump to 4 000 quakes the USGS feed was double
populating face palm let me get to sip my coffee while you guys all just sit there and
Snicker it's all right it's all right let me follow
up that failure with this success Virginia just got hit with a new earthquake right off
the coast of Delaware now for my viewers who are not aware about two hours ago I got on
and showed everybody Delaware right here and I showed you the Dover Air Force Base which
is right here now the reason I showed you all the Dover Air Force Base is because something
happened on radar that I have to absolutely positively show you now that an earthquake
has struck right along the coast this ties in with what I showed you no more than a few
hours ago we're going over to satellite radar we're going to go over and select Mosaic Radar
first we're going to go to a sub-regional sector and we're going to go over to the east
coast this plays in with earthquakes so what I'm going to show you is what I showed my
viewers two hours ago now we have an earthquake here guys just struck in the past 30 minutes
so let's hit play what I want you to see is something that happens and it shoots down shoots down over the uh earthquake zone where
I issued the warning so there we go let's just bring It Forward all the way and show
you what the radar started doing earlier that got me to get on and show you what was going
on with the radar this now if you look really close you're going to be able to see a stripe-like
signature in here the stripe-like signature is actually a rotation this is three-dimensional
so think of this like a cone and that it's a rotating Vortex cone that goes back to the
radar station so when I saw this and I saw that it was exciting over the area where I
issued the earthquake forecast for yesterday yesterday this again I issued a warning for
this spot where it's pointing to right down here at the border hopefully you can see all
this so when this happened a few hours ago I got on and told my viewers about it and
told you about the earthquake warning for Virginia and brought up what station this
was happening from right there the beams are overlapping one station coming out of North
Carolina the other station coming out of Dover Delaware so let's go forward a little bit
more and excites again right there and there and there but let's
go back and just go over to the actual Nexrad radar station because that's the Mosaic I
want to see what the actual radar station is showing from Dover Delaware here's Dover
Air Force Base let's go look at the last 200 images now I already did this with my viewers
two hours ago three hours ago we're gonna bring It Forward we're gonna watch this thing
go and shoot out if there it is okay so this thing starts shooting out down to the Southwest
right there and we looked at this on hydrometer classification we looked at it on differential
reflectivity correlation coefficient and what it shows is a beam a very powerful microwave
beam looking out at something down to the Southwest now what that does is that actually can strip
electrons in the atmosphere scuffing your feet across the carpet if you will you know
how you scuff your feet across the carpet and it can build up a charge in you well this
will build up a charge in the atmosphere and then be deposited along the electromagnetic
field this is like a big dome or a bubble around the radar station they zap on one side
and it can deposit anywhere around the outside edge of the 50 or 100 nautical mile or 200
nautical miles this views out to so our view here only goes out 100 nautical miles but
why am I taking the time to show this to you an earthquake just struck right next to the
spot that I was showing you and I talked about how the electrons strip from the atmosphere
can go down to ground and cause earthquakes now a quake struck this just struck at 121
UTC it is now 229 UDC it struck one hour and nine minutes ago one hour and eight minutes
ago or an hour and 28 minutes ago whatever no an hour and eight minutes ago one hour
ago this struck three hours ago I showed you this yesterday I issued the warning for an earthquake
in Virginia at the border so I'm not bragging or anything but what this is this is a basically
a weather modification that also strips electrons and can cause smaller earthquakes one hour
storm total precipitation let's go see if it actually generated any kind of precipitation
off that beam sure did right in here it generated a tenth of an inch of rain a fifth two at
a tenth of an inch of rain just a small little stripping now the way that works is when you
scuff your feet across the carpet of the atmosphere with the powerful radio waves those free electrons
actually strip and build up in a charge in a pocket in the layer in the atmosphere that's
already been found that it attracts water molecules and forms Cloud condensation nuclei
the precursor to rain and it becomes reflective and radar reflects itself when it strips electrons
so the beam is reflecting itself there's no storm there it's reflecting itself back to
itself high power microwave stripping anyway the earthquake that struck next to it cannot
be ignored and I'm glad I'm documenting this live here it is on the USGS feed here Virginia
now where do we issue the warning in Virginia right here where they were beaming down to
from the radar station that beamed down to the Southwest okay so back to it one more time new earthquake
struck on the East Coast right next to our Ward area check it off the list however this
is less than I'm what I'm looking for by about a magnitude I was looking for about the same
size Quake that struck up on the northeast now this is all on the edge of the North American
Craton take a look at this Craton graphic let me get it a little bit bigger here on
the screen and then we'll get over here and take a look at it compared to the North American
continent and you'll see that the earthquakes match going down through Texas back up the
East Coast so we're on the edge of the Craton they just created an electron Cascade Event
by pulsing the radar looking at something or doing something projecting the beam over
the area where I issued the warning and brought the earthquake over to it where they were
beaming to are from or two because it's going back to it that electromagnetic energy will
stay in that radar Dome bubble for several days and resonate and severe weather could
even go there wow so back to it deep earthquakes we're expecting the potential of a large earthquake
7.0 in the middle of all this and we're watching down by New Zealand for a potential seven
based upon the antipode I'm iffy on that but I'm still telling you about it there's the
potential for an additional seven over in Turkey if the energy does not Escape out over
across Europe we have warnings going in the Adriatic Sea here for Italy another warning
going here for Albania we may check Albania off the list after a few days if we see North
Italy and all this move up here then it'll look more like Albania is kind of getting
a close shave and might get missed but right now I'm not going to say that at all 4.9 struck
right on your doorstep we're looking for near 6.0 level activity to go across Europe in
the next few days Romania stands as well Romania we're also looking for up to 5.9 let's go
over here along the west coast of the United States really quick and just take a look looks
like an arrow pointing to the West Coast but really think of this like a mouth spreading
out right like a letter C or a letter V with two directions of quakes going into the edge
of the North American Craton once again let's turn actually let's leave the rings on and
turn off the magnitudes turn down the ring size two days worth of quakes shows us pointing
do you see it like a big Arrow here pointing to the Southwest right down to the Arizona
border and over to Texas compare this the line of quakes coming out of Yellowstone going
down through Utah two this the Craton diagram once again there we go so the deformed edge
of the crate on the purple part now look down at Texas the rusty brownish car part so both
sections are moving over to the east all the way up the East Coast and pointing across
the deformed Edge pointing us down to the South down to the spot that's moving in Texas
now along the west coast you see we're built up along the Creationary belt right so that
this graphic really matters I just want you to remember it look at the Quakes over the
last two days it's defined perfectly it really is my biggest Discovery guys that there's
a seismic wave that flows across things and drops off the earthquakes along the way professionals
said it was impossible that you could see it right here before your eyes we got the
same size Quakes again going across the plate they're all twos and threes at this point
we're expecting this to take the next step up including a new five down in Southern California
4.9 look at this line of quakes going out following where our arrow is you know why
I have an arrow there because I observed this first happening over and over again this goes
from our nuke test sites which I will show you in a second all the way over here next
to a volcano and a volcanic field uh the volcano is called Dutchman's draw believe it or not
but let's go pull the Quakes from in the middle of this at Indian Springs Nevada and we'll
put it in and see what's on Google Earth we're going I'm already telling you it's a nuke
test site we're going out of the nuke test site and we're going to spread over two a
volcano that sounds like my name but here we are again inside of the nuke test well
what do you want to call this the valley Doom Valley Doom towns down at the south end of
it so I wouldn't be surprised if it was called that but anyway right in here here's all our
creators and we'll just get a nearest test site here this one is U.S nuke operation haddock
August 28 1964 undisclosed kilotons on the haddock interesting the one next to it U.S
nuke operation Bill b is not classified or at least the kelotons 210 to 249 kilotons
September 13 1963.

But all of these are craters from underground nuke tests so why do we keep
getting earthquakes here over and over again they're not doing nukes there now those are
man-made faults that become excited as Energy's coming in feeding the area this wave that
I'm talking about the seismic wave it comes down the California Nevada border hits the
volcanoes first then spreads and goes this way right over to the east and it goes over
to the east like I said over to next to what I would consider to be Dutchman's draw not
what I ever next to what I consider to be because it's it's a few miles it's close there we go here's our earthquake epicenter
and Dutchman's draw is over here oh wait there it is here is Dutchman's draw so I'll say
it's next to Dutchman's draw it's not exactly at Dutchman's draw you see the volcanic field
that goes to the north to the mark agunt Plateau which is a giant volcanic field in South Utah
that extends these are old lava flows believe it or not here here's some of the younger
ones they go back to older Buttes that are covered
in trees but younger lava flows broke out on the sides of those Buttes it's pretty cool
looking anyway so the lava flows go out and then the old Plateau you can see it here this
is the old volcanic field it goes out around the edges where the old volcanoes are they're
weathered and they kind of like left pillars of old volcanoes that go out to the desert
there okay now you get the picture of where the Quakes are spreading from the nuke test
sites over to the volcanoes and there's just nothing but volcanoes I just showed them to
you but there's just nothing but that connect in between if we go look them up it's again
yeah you guys can go fact check me on this if you need to go pull the next earthquake
it brings you like right in here next to Crater Hill gotta zoom in on Crater Hill it's so old I
I would say this will never erupt again I don't think but greater Hill Butte for instance
and so forth then we go back up to the West Northwest up to here next to Santa Clara cone
ah okay Santa Clara cone is actually one that's marked let's wait for it really cool looking look
at that and the lava flow right along the highway there okay anyway back to it so our
line of quakes from the nuke sites over to the volcanoes what do they have in common
both are punch points humans have punched from up above created fractures that go down
a few kilometers and mother nature is punch from down below and created fractures that
come up a few kilometers either way the seismic wave that's going through the plate vibrates
into these spots and they're predisposed they're like wave guides they're guiding the wave
over to the edge of the North American Craton let's talk about the Northwest anything changed
since yesterday well the swarmint Yellowstone carries on we were looking for this looking
for a swarm big stack of earthquakes there now all the way around the park including
Lake Yellowstone out of the park down by the Tetons and further to the South guess what's
down here to the South Wyoming schmoot like to hear people up in Scotland say this schmote
let's go to shmoot go see what's going on what would you do if I told you they drilled
out the area right around down south of Yellowstone let me show you see the earthquake right here
you see the North and South Teton range that goes up here here's the Tetons Grand Tetons
here's Yellowstone National Park it extends all the way around here right to the Border
and here's Jackson Hole right there where you go stay but when you go into Yellowstone
now all of this is drilled all of it do you need me to show it to you a picture speaks
a thousand words does it not my dear friend whoever you are take a look Wastewater disposal
too they're putting the toxic chemicals down into the ground to dispose of them it breaks
apart the Shale and releases oil and gas which they then collect it's a form of fracking
and it just goes on and on and on and on and on you see it just goes through the Foothills
over the hills through the woods so there's no woods but Frack mother's house is where
we're going yeah I know I've cracked that joke far too many times but Frack mother's
house that's where we're going all across look at it look how many there are looks like
a grid on the ground actually not even a grid it's just haphazardly done all over the place oil and gas anyway the whole valley is done
this way on both sides all the way down let's keep going rolling rolling rolling we just
keep going and you see how many there are are you mind blown yet ah what's it hurt to
drill out around Yellowstone no biggie it's not related at all the Royal Society of oil
petroleum specialist says uh-huh what's cooking all that oil down there man it's like some
kind of giant natural cracker do you guys know how they make how they make petroleum
products you know how Mother Nature makes petroleum products first of all it's not from
dinosaurs but the way we refine it is we heat it from
down below and it goes up a big stack or series of stacks called crackers where they crack
the petroleum they heat it from down below first thing that comes out is tar then up
come fumes they're rising up alcohols terpenes turpentines terpenes yes terpenes yes I said
the t word a bunch of Stoners just loosened up now couldn't they make that crack weed
man yes you could I suppose but hey isn't that how they make wax and distill it okay
apply heat and out comes the oil in also the alcohols the alcohols are the terpenes anyway
turpentine comes from petroleum products in the cracker now guess what else it can do
that down on the ground heat from down below heat from down below applied to things can
cause the same kind of cracking effect that petroleum does but if you do it to rock guess
what it Cooks The Rock itself and if you apply enough heat and enough pressure it squeezes
it out just like you would squeeze out a wax or a terpene okay and that is 101 for why we have a bunch of
oil around a bunch of old volcanic locations and it's not dinosaurs that's coming up from
down below it's compressed Rock abiotic oil minerals heat it transmutation some would
call it Alchemy let's go up to the West by Northwest oh anyway I got sidetracked a bunch
of earthquake striking here as opposed to Tremors Yellowstone has earthquakes and Tremors
you've got to understand the difference to understand what's going on here Yellowstone
with tremors hundreds to thousands of them every day the Tremors they get assigned magnitude
sometimes but these are not Tremors these are actual earthquakes fracturing that's going
on in the surface up above the magma chamber now this happens when Yellowstone starts to
rise and shift down to the east Southeast they've found that Yellowstone is slowly shifting
to the east Southeast following the direction of the arrow you like that I have to put emphasis
on it because seriously the volcano itself and the whole area around it shifting due
to GPS measurements to the east Southeast and it goes by either centimeters or millimeters
depending on or inches or half inches and it does it yearly or semi-early other times
it deflates we'll see it go down and slow down in movement other times it inflates and
starts moving more when it inflates guess what happens this when it deflates guess what
happens this swarms it's being pumped up right now we know it's being pumped up because we
can look to the other volcanoes that we're pumping just the other day so we had Mount
Rainier Mount Saint Helens they were all showing a little bit of activity I told you doesn't
mean it's going to erupt it's a sign that there's a perturbing wave that's coming in
well guess where the wave's gone to now it's gone over to the east but it's going to be
refilled we're going to refill from up in Alaska now if you're in Alaska listen up there's
the potential for the area south of Anchorage to get hit and on magnitude I'm going to lean
on the side of smaller I hope I got this right I'm going to lean on the side of five-ish
around the Anchorage area just to the South right in the middle of all these earthquakes
so if we go and if we kind of Drew a big circle around the whole area or is that well no that's
not south of Anchorage that's directly in the middle just north of Anchorage okay so
if we look at all these earthquakes here and we just draw a big circle around it we looked
at the middle of it it's just north of Anchorage next to harp watch it up to 5.9 just like the rest of the
planet right now if it looks like it's going to be bigger I'll let you know but right now
it looks like it's in the mid-range five level all the way across so as high as 5.9 off the
west coast of the United States I don't think I'm getting a good earthquake picture I don't
think we're getting the reports that we would expect I don't think we're seeing earthquakes
get reported out here unless they're small but even then so we don't have anything to
go on out off the coast that's okay we know what's going around the rest of the plate
so we know what to expect down in Southern California down in Southern California I'm
looking for 4.9 to 5.0 to strike down by Sultan C we have a few more days to go in the warning
all the small earthquakes believe it or not started to die out in the number of earthquakes
look at this there were huge stacks of earthquakes going up off the screen now there's just clusters
one cluster on the creeping section one cluster down next to Park field one lone earthquake
out front of Park field and then we go over to the valley down south same thing the number
of earthquakes died out look at it last day it's a handful compared to where we've been
so this is a noticeable drop off in the number of earthquakes down south that's usually a
sign that we're building into that normal four to five point nine range when I say normal
I mean it's not huge we're not talking about a seven right now I don't think knock on wood actually apparently that's an occult thing
so let's just hope I'm wrong on that right like or write that it's just in the 4.9 range
but the number of earthquakes dying out is letting us know something's getting ready
to build and break clusters let us know we had big lines of earthquakes now we have clusters
so the flow has gone down to the South we also know that a flow is going over to the
east which is good news and that can relieve some of the tension off the West Coast if
it flows over to the east that we've seen that in the past fives and so forth striking
on the west coast then we see a five strike over in the Midwest and the east coast and
the activity on the west coast goes poof and then it gets refilled again from up North
the whole process starts over again okay Hawaii Volcanoes National Park no more earthquake
activity out in Hawaii that's pretty interesting or over at the national park now we are solely
down along the coast of pahala one lone earthquake out to the West though I wonder what's out
there I don't know Hawaii region it says on the USGS side okay well well that really helps
yeah I know Hawaii region how about that earthquake over at Delaware man seriously I'm still mind
blown Dover Delaware Air Force Base zap zap zap I could tell you a story about that Dover
Delaware Air Force Base I'll tell it right at the end of this broadcast if I remember
okay over here on the West side of Hawaii's Big Island we have multiple under water volcanic
fields that are not marked by the Smithsonian and all look at that jeez look at some of
these okay yeah these are Under yeah there's your under sea volcanic field unmarked it's
got big cone in the middle a thousand smaller cones around and Maybe not maybe 150 200 smaller
cones around it here's low ehi and the comma comma comma is what it was called up until last year they
changed a name on it but low ehi is made up of thousands of smaller Buttes this one's
spread out this one's huge next to it and this one looks like a moderate size one right
here so it's we're definitely in a giant underwater volcanic field to the West same with over
here down south of Hawaii you see how the earthquakes go down here to the South you
they extend off the peninsula that's this down here so earthquakes here earthquakes
here volcanic field volcanic field we stopped with any seismic over here at pool I'm watching
for seismic to go over here to poohoo and we're looking for a new five to strike on
the big island in the next day two days my warning goes maybe two days at most from now
and expires the warning for Hawaii 5.0 look where we are now look at the magnitudes now
let's see where we are twos seriously a three we're gonna take we should take a step up
big time a five as opposed to a three is a hundred times more power so we're gonna go
up about 100 times in power usually when that happens it's accompanied by new volcanic either
a new surge at the crater uh at Kilauea or like in the past we've also seen that's why
I'm watching for seismic just in case but that's all taking place now Okay the reason
we're warning you for a five is the same reason we've talked about fives around the rest of
the planet right now 4.95 is going around the rest of the plate I will remember to tell you the story about
what happened at Dover Delaware Air Force Base previously at the end of this broadcast
Central America South America guess what we're dealing with the same sized earthquakes as
we are on the opposite side of the planet 5.5 and fives and what size in Central America
5.5 and a 4.9 5.

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