10 Practical Uses of AI Photoshop Tool – Generative Fill in ACTION!

I’ve been playing a lot with the new 
Photoshop AI features and today I will   present the 10 useful actions you 
can use in your work right now. Let’s jump right into it! We can simply add something to an 
image, I think my place lacks greenery. Let’s add a plant here. Click “Generate Fill” The more descriptive you will 
be with the prompt the better. Once you are done, just hit enter. Here you can choose 1 of 3 versions. I will go with this option. Also, I really wish I have 1 million subscribers,   so I will replace my 100K award with the 
gold creator Award for 1 million subs. Hmmm… A.I. is not there yet, 
so I think it will be easier   if you guys just click the subscribe button 😉 We can also remove stuff from an image. Let’s say you have to photo-match 
a building into the photo,   but you have some distracting elements there.

By the way, I made a pack with all 
the images I will be using today,   which you can download from my website. Link 
in the corner and description below the video. Not a problem. Simply select all the elements 
and click “Generate Fill”. I am using the lasso tool. Let’s skip this process. We don’t need to use any prompt in this case. And here we go, almost perfect. I probably didn’t do a great 
job with the selection. Let’s select the best option. We can select imperfections, 
and generate them again. This time we don’t need a prompt either. Way better. Here is before and after. A.I. is perfect for things like that. Let me quickly show you how 
hard it used to be before.

I am using a content-aware fill 
which used to be the quickest way. Terrible job, it would 
require a lot of manual work. Even the sky is not matching well. Again, here is the A.I. result. Have you got too narrow a view and 
you need a little extra context? Not a problem, you can expand images. Add a space where you need to add to an image. Use a crop tool, hold ALT to expand 
it in all directions at once. Select all using CTRL + A shortcut and 
remove an image from the selection. Hold ALT to do so. Leave a little bit of the image 
selected, so the blend is nice. Just click generate, again without prompt. Wait for it. WOW, that’s really impressive. Here are our 3 options. I like option 1 the most, but also 
really like the sun glare from option 2. It’s also super impressive,   in that it can figure out the sun's 
position based on the original image. I will just duplicate it, change it to 1 
and mask out the area where the sun is.

Awesome, I really like that. We can add reflection to the existing photography. 
It used to be a really hard thing to do. Here I have quickly added the house to the main 
photograph with the mountain in the background. All is more or less fine, but the 
reflection in the river is not accurate. Let’s add it using the Generative Fill. Let’s select the area using the lasso tool, 
and click “Generate fill”, same as before. I will try without any prompt. Not great, I think we need to write something. Still not, let’s try again. A bit better, but we definitely 
don’t need the ice cubes. Sometimes you need to generate a 
lot of times to get a good result.

Here is the best option I got. I think we need to mask it out a bit here though. As I said it would be really hard to do manually. Look well, there is potential for even 
better results if I generate more options. Here is a before and after. Really like this effect here. Next, let’s replace the sky. Here I have a photo with the overexposed sky. It’s white and boring, let’s 
see if we can improve it. I will select the sky. We have reflections too, let’s 
see how it does with that. I will type “Sky with clouds” 
in the prompt section. No, no, no. We have to try without the reflections. That one is good. I will make it more subtle though. Let’s lower the opacity. I will mask it out from here 
and I think it’s pretty good.

Let’s stay with this photo for a bit longer. Next,   I will show you how to add 
shadows to cutout people. Here I have a photo with the person I want to add. Let’s select it and make a mask. I will select her using the select subject tool. Use the “Q” key to enter into quick mask mode. Red parts are unselected. Use a white brush to add to the 
selection and a black to subtract. We can just paint out the 
parts we don’t want to include. Click “Q” again to exit this mode. As you can see the selection is here. We need to place her in the right place. I will place it here over this 
line so it’s more challenging. Doing overcast shadows it’s very challenging 
and it takes time to do it right. I will make a selection so 
part of the shoe is included. We don’t need to use any prompt in this case. Wow, look at that, option 1 is amazing.

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