10 Minute vs 1 Hour Build Challenge in The Sims 4

I do a lot of build challenges in The Sims 
4, as I'm sure you've probably noticed.   One of those being the 10 minute build challenge. 
The idea is that you try and build a house in just   10 minutes. Oftentimes, it's not very good 
because you know, you only have 10 minutes,   but I was thinking, what if you had an hour? 
So if we try to build the same house in just   10 minutes and then in an hour, how much better 
could it be with like, significantly more time? So that's what we're gonna try and do today, 
the 10 minute versus one-hour build challenge,   but first, we got new merch! We have 
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I'm so excited about this, it's 
a little embroidered ghost,   isn't it so cute? Genuinely, I am obsessed 
with this, so if you want to get one too,   I'll have a link down below. How could 
you pass this up? Look at that little guy. Anyway, let's sim. Okay, so I'm thinking 
we should try and do a two-story house,   small lot though because we only have 10 minutes. 
I know this picture is not very good, but I feel   like it encompasses the idea.

It's not a very 
big house, but it's kind of challenging to build.   Sort of has like, a hidden second story, 
so it won't be easy to do in 10 minutes.   Big porch, kind of farmhouse-y almost, 
I don't know. This is my concept. Now let's see if we can pull it off. 
Okay, we got 10 minutes on the clock,   go — oh no, I didn't really think this through. 
No, there's literally no way that I can pull this   off in just 10 minutes. I — it's a good thing 
we're going to do it again with an hour because   this was probably a mistake.

I shoulda like, 
had myself test it out more or something for   a second before I started building. Oh, big 
mistake, big mistakes were made my friends. Okay, so here's the problem, and this is why 
I was kind of worried. Because we want to   basically hide the house in the roof, 
right? We want to have a nice second story,   but we want it to be in the roof. Now, that's good 
and all, that's super fun, we love it, however,   when you only have 10 minutes, doing a complicated 
roof is not a good idea. Who woulda thought,   right? I mean, never saw that one coming. 
Yeah, so this may have been a mistake,   but we'll figure it out, it'll be fun. Okay, so 
there's the front, I kind of wish that the roof   was a little bit different, but it's done 
now, so nothing more could be done there.

Oh my god, we also have like, no 
time to make adjustments like,   if we decide we don't like it, well, too bad. Oh,   and I didn't even put my cheats on! Shoot. Shoot, 
shoot, shoot. Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay. I shoulda just had the base game installed or 
something, that's the other thing I should have   done. If I was thinking, I would have done that 
because then um, this would be easier. It's like,   having too many things to scroll past is 
a problem, does that make sense? I mean,   yes it does. Okay, um, that should be 

We need to make sure we get like,   a fully functional house. I should stop worrying 
about how the outside looks, and spend more time   trying to make sure the house functions 
on the inside because that's what matters,   when it comes to a 10 minute build challenge. 
I say that, and now I'm putting down like,   stuff on the outside again. Well, we need 
to have a front door, so that's fine. Why   can't I find one that I want to use? Oh my god, 
mistake, mistake, mistakes were made, mistakes — Um. Please help. Oh no, I don't even know what 
I've done. I can't find a door to use,   okay, that's fine. So here's what I'm 
thinking, maybe the kitchen can be in there,   upstairs we could have like, a bedroom, 
a bathroom, a bedroom, a bathroom? Ooh, that's fine. One can have an 
ensuite, okay. I kind of wish that uh,   it wasn't a three-bedroom, two-bathroom 
house, but what are you gonna do, you know?   What's done is done, we only have six minutes, so. Possibly in the future when 
we redo this with more time,   we can change our minds, but for now — 
why did I put that in the wrong spot?   I feel like I can't even move the windows, 
like I don't have time to move the windows.

Okay, I don't have a door to the back of the house 
either, that's fine. Alright, let's make sure we   get all the functional things, at least one of the 
bathrooms needs to — oh no, the window is in the   wall! At least one of the bathrooms needs to have 
everything, maybe that could be a half bathroom. And d'you know what else? Both of the rooms 
with the nicest windows are bathrooms,   very poorly done layout on 
this one. Very poorly done. Okay, bathroom, bathroom, double bed — ohp,   picked a big one. I feel like I made a 
big mistake. Okay, the bedroom's done,   the bedroom — the bedroom works. Let's just make 
sure like, all the rooms have stuff. Like I said,   we're just making sure all the rooms have 
stuff, it's all that matters right now. Uh, kid's room. Okay, that's good, 
that works. Bathroom tile, sure,   sure. We'll want to have like, a fence 
and probably a railing on the stairs.

Oh,   I only have four minutes, this was a big mistake. No, why did I pick that color counter? 
Oh, it's too late to change it as well,   there's — with a challenge like this, there's 
no time for adjustments. What's done is done.   I need a kitchen sink, I need a microwave, 
maybe a plant. Okay, this is so unbelievably   ugly. It's almost like I didn't try, like I feel 
like if you looked at this, you'd be like, oh,   she didn't — she was pretending to try, but I am 
trying! It's just hard.

Ah, I can't pick anything,   oh my god, okay, I need to get that, I need to 
get a coffee table, I need to get a couch. Oh, I   should have moved them. Okay, and then put a TV on 
that, and then do you want to get a dining table.   Probably just a small one in the corner. Oh my 
god, why is the chair — why did I do that? Stop. Okay, maybe like, that? That's 
fine. If we could just get a rug,   that would be really good too because then there 
would be something in the living room to like,   sort of organize it. Sure, maybe a big 
plant. Two and a half minutes, oh my god,   the house functions, however, there's nothing on 
the outside, so let's spend some time doing that.

Okay, porch. This is so bad, it's 
so bad. Okay, can I maybe get like,   some paint? Roof trim's a good touch. Roof 
color, good touch, don't forget a piece.   Paint the whole house a color, like 
um, green. Make it green. Panic, panic. Okay, that's getting somewhere. Possibly 
maybe some trees? I still have two minutes.   Tree. Tree. Why did I put them like that? 
Oh, fail. That was — that — oh no.   Okay, it's actually kind of funny, let's 
be honest, this is kind of funny. I mean,   it's real bad, but it's kind 
of funny that it's this bad. Oh, we forgot about the necessities, we 
need a trash can, there's not one inside,   so we need to put one outside, and then a mailbox,   and then perhaps, porch lights. 
Other necessities, chess table.

Uh, if we could just line up some pretty 
flowers that would be so nice. Okay,   and then terrain paint. Uh, I didn't 
put like, anything else in the rooms,   so maybe if I could find a couple extra 
decorations, that would be really nice. Books,   lamps, ah! I don't know what to put, I'm like, 
panicking, do I have time to get a dresser? No,   it doesn't fit! Oh, shoot, shoot, shoot, 
shoot, shoot. Do I — can I — ahh.   No! Oh, that's horrible and loud, okay, it's 
fine. That's clipping a little bit, but it's fine. 10 minutes. This could be better. Well besties, 
let's see if we can do better than that. Because   I don't even want to look at it up close, 
we just gotta do a redo on the next lot   because I'm embarrassed. I also — I forgot 
that I was gonna try and make it have a white   siding somehow. How I forgot 
that, I'm not sure, but whatever. Let's try and build this again, but with 
an hour because we will not have to rush   at all if we have more time, so let's just begin.

Okay, so everything that we did before was 
bad. I think the house could probably even   be a little bit smaller this time around. I would 
be totally fine with that because I would like to   have a bit of a backyard, but maybe we can 
just have it be farther forward on the lot,   like a really small front yard? And then upstairs,   that's really small. Maybe I should make it like, 
one tile bigger. I think that'll be good, okay. Now, all things considered, I don't 
think we did so bad with the roof.   Like, that could have been a lot worse. I'm 
honestly like, a little bit impressed with myself   for what we managed to pull off with the 
roof there in such a short amount of time. I think I might make the house a little bit 
skinnier, here's what I'm thinking, I think I'd   rather the front door space be two-wide instead of 
three-wide, so like, when we pick the porch stuff,   you'll walk up in like a little two-wide space 
instead of a three-wide one.

Because it's a small   house, like I kind of want to embrace that, and 
then we could have like, a four-wide thing-y in   the front here. I just feel like that would be 
better, plus the wider thing in the front means   that like, this could probably be a bigger space 
for a bedroom or something, which we kind of need. Okay, I might scoot it over on the lot kind 
of far, and then put on the side over here   some sort of bump-out.

We're gonna fill up the 
entire lot. These houses are so close together.   But something to make it bigger, and then we 
could totally have a chimney or something. I mean,   that's the perk of this, we have a lot more time, 
we can do a lot more stuff to make more details.   It already looks like a completely different 
house. Okay, let's do some brick. Wait,   I like this house. Okay, I know I build this sort 
of shape of house a lot, I think it's because   I long to live in a house like this. I like, 
daydream about it, okay? I just think that these   kind of craftsman houses are so pretty, so I will 
keep building them in The Sims, you can't stop me. Yeah, I think I might scoot it back one more, I'm 
not sure about the like, super tiny front yard.   Three tiles is better than two. Something else 
that I've noticed I do a lot when I'm making super   fast houses, like those 10-minute build 
challenges, is that they end up being   really expensive, and I think it's because 
when I'm trying to make the house so fast,   there's just like, not time to care about budget. 
I'm just like, panic building, so just whatever,   grab whatever works, and then it ends up 
being, a lot of times, really expensive,   which is weird because you'd think that these 
like, little tiny houses would be cheap, but no,   sometimes they're like, 30,000 
simoleons and one bedroom.

But   then when you actually have time to like, 
dig through the catalog and pick stuff,   it's a lot easier to make a budget house because 
you know, you can think about the budget. Okay. I feel like we should use a similar 
front door sort of vibe to the other one,   maybe I'll pick different windows though 
because I wasn't a big fan of the ones that   I ended up with before. No, I think that's so 
cute. Alright, and then say I wanted to have a   bathroom, like here behind the staircase… 
mm, that's way bigger than I want it to be,   maybe I should try and make the 
staircase like, a wraparound one. Should there be like, a special entryway into 
the house? I mean, that's pretty realistic. A   lot of times when I'm making small houses, I 
try to not put like, a little entryway, I'll   often have the door open straight into the living 
room because when the house is so small, I feel   like it's nice to prioritize like, spacious rooms 
over like, formal entries, but this could be cute.

Okay, this is a little bit weird, but hear 
me out. I'm thinking that we could do like,   a living room in here, this becomes a 
kitchen, this is a dining room, this is like,   a little — I guess just a hallway, it's just 
part of the entry. Bathroom, let me grab some   counters so I can think about this more. But 
like, imagine the kitchen counters are like this. Hm. Umm, let me use the same flooring we had before. 
So, maybe I'll just put down some more furniture,   so I can think about the layout. I'm kind 
of avoiding thinking about this back patio   because it's stressing me out. I would really 
like to use this, I think I really want to have   a fireplace. I don't know which fireplace, 
but I think I want to have a fireplace. Isn't that pretty though? Just 
the problem that I'm facing is   where do you put the door to the outside? I feel 
as though it would make sense if there was like,   two doors, but then I feel like this is sad 

I don't know what to do with this.   I feel like we should prioritize the interior over 
the exterior and like, the doors being even. Well,   we could also have the stairs down the side 
of this? It doesn't have to be centered in the   middle. And that original photo we looked at had 
the entrance like that, so that could make sense.   You know, it's a good thing I have an hour because 
I got no idea what I'm trying to do with this.

Um, maybe I'll do it like that and 
we'll just have the little door like,   to the side. I wish the door was taller, I'm 
so annoyed that it's not. There is a door   that I use a lot for this purpose, it's from 
University, it's a medium wall height door,   but it looks like it could be a short wall 
height door. It's like, just a tiny smidge   above short wall height, sometimes I use that 
even though it clips a little bit. I mean,   you can't see it upstairs anyway, but sometimes 
I feel like that's worth it because it works.

Why — why is it like that? Why isn't 
it just a smidge smaller? No sense. Oh,   the stairs! The stairs disappeared. Okay. Well and then upstairs, I'm not really 
sure what the best way to do this is.   This house is not laid out very well. So 
here's kind of what I'm picturing right now,   and well, we can change the roof 
so it doesn't clip at all, as well. To do this, you're gonna want to make the 
roof in quite a few pieces, but it makes a   big difference when it doesn't have that like, 
line over it. And it's not like we're in a rush   so. Alright, here's what I'm thinking though. 
It's two bedrooms upstairs, and the bedrooms   are on like, either corner of this wall.

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