1 Day in Naples, Italy | Travel Guide

Hello Explorers! Greetings from 
Napoli, the tastiest city in the world. We are so excited to be in this 
incredible city and to take you along. Our time here is limited, unfortunately,   so we made ourselves a list of all 
the things we don’t want to miss. Our goal today is to tackle every single 
item from this list. Will we make it? First things first, we need to try a 
neapolitan breakfast.

We came to Scaturchio,   one of the establishment pastries in Napoli. Honestly, the amount and variety of food in 
Naples is overwhelming. We didn’t know what   to choose because we wanted to try everything! 
Just look how perfect these pastries look. What would you have chosen? In the end, we went for the classics. *italian* "As always, I thank you and I wish you a beautiful day. Mind you, mind you, have a nice Sunday :)" "Let's have breakfast!" "Perfect!" "So good!" "I'm gonna start with an empty Cornetto, which is the italian version of a croissant." "I will start with this one, I don't know how it's callled, but it looks very good". "This is called rustico, it has ricotta cheese inside." "It's good." "This one is next, it's a typical Sfogliatella… the typical sweet of Naples" "It is full with ricotta inside, it's very crunchy…

We are gonna try it now". "So good!" "Strong?" "Yes, you feel the rum. It's sweet. It's a good one." "Breakfast was amazing! We are now ready to explore the city." "We are in Piazza del Gesù Nuovo, lots of churches around us." "The city is getting very busy so we should move on." "Yes, we have a big day ahead." From Piazza del Gesu Nuovo, 
we headed towards Via Toledo,   one of the busiest roads in Naples. There are food stands everywhere you look : pastries,   pizzas, fried buns called graffe. With a 
heavy heart, we didn’t try any,   because we had to build ourselves an appetite 
for an INCREDIBLE lunch… stay tuned! The street is buzzing with life and 
activities, and a variety of shopping options. "In via Toledo you can shop in traditional shops, Or you can shop neapolitan style, right on the street!" "Even though Via Toledo is a very diverse street, what amazed us are the side streets.

Very narrow streets, with different shops and local vendors on the sides… different pizzerias and bars. You definitely have to check them out." Next stop is Galleria Umberto I, a 
magnificent shopping gallery. It was built in the   1890s as part of a rehabilitation project of an 
area that was home to decaying narrow streets.   The visual centre of this architectural masterpiece is 
the dome, that brings a lot of natural light.   The floors are embelishd with mosaics that represent 
the zodiac signs. What a venue to do a bit of shopping! It reminds me of another similar italian gallery. Can you guess in what city? "This place is breathtaking!" "It's a wonderful venue to do some shopping." "It's a pity that most of the shops are closed.

We don't know why." Right outside the gallery is Naples' central 
square, called the Plebiscite square. "We've arrived in Piazza del Plebiscito and there's a marathon happening here. People are now getting to the finish line and everyone is cheering them up." Here you can admire the church of San Francesco 
di Paola,    a beautiful example of neoclassical architecture. We felt like the main feature 
of this church was the twin colonnade, which extends way beyond the church and 
seems to be a meeting point for the local youth. We walked inside the portico 
and we where sad to see that most   of the pillars are vandalised. Other 
that that, the place is spectacular. On the opposite side of Piazza 
del Plebiscito there’s the Royal Palace. The facade features the 
statues of some of Naple’s rulers.  Although Naples was never the capital of Italy, 
it has been the Capital of the Kingdom of Naples.  The Palace has a nice garden where you 
can rest, and soak in all the beauty. "We took a break in the garden of the Royal Palace.

Our next stop is this magnificent castle. I, myself, am a big fan of medieval castles." Let’s go have a closer look at Castel Nuovo,   which was the royal residence back in the 
medieval times. It now serves as a museum and a library. To visit you need to book 
your time slot online. Which we didn’t 🙁 "Naples certainly has some amazing places for sightseeing." "If you've been following us before, you already know that we like to explore the local food as well. What can be better, than a local pizza? :)" Not just any Pizza, but Pizza margherita 
in the very place where it was invented! In 1889 The pizza chef of this pizzeria was asked   to cook pizza in honour of 
the king’s and queen’s visit. He made one to represent the flag of 
the newly born italian state. The queen   was so delighted by that pizza that he 
decided to name it after her… margherita.

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