0 Se 1000 Views Badhaye Ye tricks // How To Increase View video YouTube

Friends, I have posted 50-60 videos on my channel,
but no video is going viral and I am worried that my video should go
viral and watch time and subscribe on my channel when it is complete, which I can get from YouTube. Kuch paise kam paunga to
friends, my name is Current Pratap, I welcome you all to the channel, at this time I keep providing videos in YouTube cost,
so friends, without wasting any time, let's start the video,
friends, to become a YouTuber. The way is very easy, you can become on YouTube, absolutely you
can become YouTube characters, someone asks for a degree, how much to study, how much is
needed, you have learned to speak well on YouTube, well, you have fast knowledge and art. You can become on
YouTube and the matter is that you are tired of posting videos
on YouTube, but your video is not being promoted
; I am not able to vote for you in today's video I will tell you how to bring a video, if you do not get views on the channel,
I will tell you how to get views, if you do not see a video
at all, then friends, see first of all, you made the video good on the first number.

After making second
video then video is ready and second relief Thane to thamnel also you make good thamnel it took time to
make tamil make it good then both my video and front both are complete after that
you have to upload video when to upload it I will tell you in the next video that
when to upload the video, if you have not seen the video, then you will find the link of the video in the eye button or in the description.
You have also made a video, you have to upload the video.
Not sharing the link URL, like what happens in many WhatsApp groups, but
you do not share it in the WhatsApp group at all
. Permission has been given, you can share your video in this Facebook group
and after that you will upload the video as you like, what you have to do is to take phone calls from friends,
as if there are at least 5-6 phones in a house. Less remains, take anyone's phone and complete the video from the phone,
first of all, make it special by accompanying the video,
then watch the video completely, then what will YouTube do when they put a new video, then they initiate the video.

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