🤔Where is Beesmas Part 2 UPDATE… [EXPLAINED] | Bee Swarm Simulator Roblox

Hello again everyone!  I'm Zap, and today we're talking 
about the new part 2 Beesmas update.  Why don't we have the second part?
We will find out.  But, make sure to Like and make 
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Thanks and let's move on to today's things.  As we all see, the update is late a lot.
If we remember, Onett told us that the   update will arrive in a few weeks.
And that was almost a month ago.  The catalog ends soon, 26 days left.
I am very sure that there will   be an update expansion.
Many things have been leaked.  For example, Coconut belt, Honey, 
Gummy and Spirit Beesmas Quests   and Rewards, Lag Fixes and much more.
As Onett also said, he will fix the lag in part 2.  He also said that he wants to 
forget about Roblox Physics.  Literally, this is the main cause of the lag.
Everything is based on Roblox Physics   which makes everything worse.
To solve this, he has to check   everything from the beginning.
Basically, lag fixes means   enough for part 2 Beesmas.
We don't have to worry about the update.  It will definitely arrive soon.
Onett will not leave an update   unfinished, he has never done that.
I'm waiting for the second part so much.  Let me know in the comments if you too are 
waiting for the update or have given up.  I recently started doing Puffshroom runs 
and RBC because I get extremely bored.  A very big tip for you guys.
Try to save materials for part 2 Beesmas,   because it will catch well in boosts.
It sounds too funny,   we have Beesmas in March maybe in April.
It's better called Springmas or Spreemas.  If the update appears soon, it will 
be extended by a maximum of one month.  Until this update arrives, you can advance 
more in the game and prepare for it.  Get a better mask, some boots, a more advanced 
tool, mythical bees, maybe a good planter.  You can take care of what's left in the catalog.
Do something until it arrives.  We don't have to worry 
because the update will come.  That's all I had to tell you.
Please, press that Like button and   Subscribe to my channel too.
It was me Zap PLAYER,   your favorite Bee Swarm Troll.
Stay Safe, Stay Strong and Stay Cool.  Bye!

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