😱2-0! RED STAR vs LIVERPOOL!😱 ARGH! LAME! ARGH! LAME! ARGH! LAME! (Champions League Highlights)

We smelled all over Europe worse than Mother Teresa Sturridge was doing stupid things REPLACE HIM!!! Lama wasn't playing well REPLACE HIM AS WELL Our defense froze BOOM Bob Paisley and Bill Shankly Get at him!!! Turning in coffins EVEN THEY WOULD KEEP!!! Salah was a statue Oooooh! Send on loan to West Brom!!! You're weak, you're weak, you're weak, oh You won't play either You're weak, you're weak, you're weak Why did I play him You 're weak, the llama is weak Sold to the RSPCA!! I will never forget you. What was I thinking? If you had KANE! Kane equalizes Harry Harry Kane Kane scores the winner. Harry Harry Kane He just can't finish the stadium Harry Harry Kane. Why not buy Dembele? No, he is worse than our second uniform. How about a substitution with Origi? Of course? Give 1 pound and that's it. Subtitles by the community.

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