🏆Champions League Final 2020🏆PSG vs Bayern Munich! Neymar Cries!😭 Song Goals Highlights Coman 0-1

Bayern Munich win the Champions League (They are very,very happy.) Oh,look! (Neymar singing in opera.) It*s all too much for Neymar. Too much for Neymar? Just like his transfer fee in 2017. What?! Classic! F*** you, sons of b******! I look, at you all, see the cup, and your goalkeeping. Hi-Five! Neymar gently weeps! He looks, at the floor, you can see, he*s been weeping! I*d be weeping too, if I*d bought those shoes. Hi-Five! Neymar gently weeps! (Neymar gets burned like hell.) I, don*t know why, P-S-G sold you. Or why they bought YOU! Screw you,big-nose. Ohuhuhuhu. Touchy!Touchy! I, don*t know why, Klyian just rolled you. I*d have controlled you then smash you like I smash my mommy! I look, at the world, and I notice it*s Turninininig Hi-Five! Neymar gently weeps. GET THEM! Aaaaaaaaaaaa! With every mistake, we must,surely be learning.

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