我发现了免费版的ChatGPT-4! 无对话数限制,非噱头,完全可用!

Many people don’t know that Microsoft built a free GPT-4 Bing chatbot in Skype chat software. If you think it’s the same as New Bing in Edge browser, you’re wrong. It’s a lot stronger than Edge browser. The effect is similar to GPT4, and the most important thing is that it does not have GPT-4's annoying usage limit of 25 messages per 3 hours! And it's completely free, and even some of its functions surpass ChatGPT-4. There are many novel uses. Hello everyone, welcome to Moneyxyz. Most of these are exaggerated gimmicks. They are either not easy to use, unstable or poor. GPT-4 is far away. The Skype built-in chatbot that I will introduce today is the tool I use every day for more than a month. My tips and conclusions It is also the real experience after long-term use. It is not exaggerated. It is not a gimmick.

If you have a limited budget and do not want to spend money on ChatGPT-4 or your GPT-4 conversations are always not enough, then this video is definitely suitable for you. In this video I am I will first introduce the basic usage of the Skype chatbot; then compare it with the Edge browser and ChatGPT-4 from four aspects, and introduce some specific usage methods and skills. Okay, let’s start the Skype chatbot on the mobile terminal now. It can be used on both APP and webpage and can be used across platforms; There are two ways to use this chatbot: Method 1: Create a one-to-one conversational search Bing robot, and you can chat with each other Method 2: Create a multi-person conversational search Bing chat The bot adds it to the group chat and you can choose just you and Bing in this group chat or choose to add more friends to collaborate together. When you want Bing to participate, you can @bing. There are important differences between the two methods We will talk about that in a while, and then I will sort out its advantages and disadvantages compared with Edge browser and GPT-4, as well as some usage skills.

First, Skype’s Bing chatbot has no limit on the number of conversations. We know that Edge browser is 30 each time. ChatGPT 4 is 25 messages every 3 hours, but Skype has no limit, you can use it casually. Moreover, after my test, the total amount of text that can be input each time, that is, the so-called Token number, is much larger than Edge browser and similar to or even larger than GPT-4 GPT-4 is flexible. Look at this example: I took the script of one of my previous videos to Skype and ChatGPT-4 at the same time to make a summary. This manuscript is 3800 words and ChatGPT hangs up directly. It shows that there are too many words, but the magic is in Skype. There is no problem and it sums up the general idea of ​​my script, but this can at most prove that the character limit in Skype is not less than ChatGPT4, but it cannot prove that it can accept more tokens than ChatGPT-4 because I have repeatedly tested and found that it is not suitable for long The summary of the text is relatively simple and unstable.

If you want it to give a more detailed summary, it will start to make up. So when using it, don’t think that it has no character limit. At this time, you may suspect that it will not use GPT3. .5 right? After a long time of use and a lot of comparison tests, I can confidently tell you that it should use the specially adjusted ChatGPT-4 model, and its effect is better than GPT3.5 and Edge browser. The effect is comparable to GPT-4 But there are two important differences: 1.

It currently does not support plug-in functions, but it can search the Internet to find information by itself, similar to Edge. It should be noted that it cannot directly access the URL you give. It will lie to you that it can, but it actually does after testing. The content that is not given is either searched from the Internet based on the title or made up by myself. Compared with GPT-4, Bing in Skype is too individual and easy to be excited, more sensitive and occasionally refuses some tasks inexplicably.

. This may be related to Microsoft’s training, similar to Bing in the Edge browser, but these problems can be solved through Prompt Engineering. For example, I suddenly forgot the English expression of “imperative sentence” and I asked it how to say it, but it rejected me inexplicably and then I said I wanted to understand this grammatical entry, and it told me the answer. When using it, you need to use more brains to adjust its tone with Prompt. It’s better to praise it for more systematic identity settings and express yourself clearly. The real purpose is good. Now let’s explain the difference between the two usage methods just mentioned.

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