Португалия – Уругвай, прогноз 28 ноября (ЧМ-2022)

Hi all. Uncle Yura shares his thoughts on the 2022
World Cup Group Round 2 match between Portugal and Uruguay. The information will be useful to listeners
who are used to thinking with their own heads, and not blindly following the advice of others. Uruguay 0-0 South Korea
In the match of the first round, Uruguay failed to break the defense of South Korea. The goal post played for the Koreans twice,
but they don't give points for hitting the posts. Portugal – Ghana 3:2
Portugal beat Ghana with great difficulty in one of the most interesting matches of
the first round.

The scoring extravaganza began with a spectacular
fall of Ronaldo in the opponent's penalty area. The referee "bought" this trick of the Portuguese,
even VAR did not help. Ronaldo scored a penalty, but soon Ghana bounced
back. After that, the game went on a collision course. With the score 1:3, Ghana managed to score
the second goal and at the end of the match could equalize the score, but at the most
crucial moment, the Ghanaian player slipped and was unable to convert the advantageous
moment, lying in wait for the goalkeeper on a child's mistake. Last team matches
Portugal have won three of their last four matches, all of which have been in high-scoring
matches where at least four goals have been scored. Uruguay are on a long streak of 8 matches
in a row. In the last ten matches, Uruguay won seven
victories and lost only once.

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